First refusenik in current war: Armored Corps officer
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 30.07.06, 23:57
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1. traitor
2. Treator
Francois ,   Paris & MontrĂ©al   (07.31.06)
This guy must face the following choice: proving on a battlefield that he is an honest Jew or being sent to jail for the next 20 years.
4. BRAVE DECISION... True Principles
Billy ,   Beirut   (07.31.06)
Everyone who attacks and steps into a foreign country.. is considered an AGGRESSOR!!! Isreal is attacking our country, in the context of pushing back the Hizbullah. But let me tell u something... Hizbullah is a NORMAL FORM OF RESITANCE... u may call it , terrorist group... fanatic group.... we dont care!! Yes , they are an organized militia group, that will regain the pride of all ARABS!!!! Remember my words...Time will tell soon!!! PS: GOOD WORK: Captain Amir Pastar
5. But he wouldn't refuse
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.31.06)
If he was ordered to expel and beat up Jews at Amona and Gush Katif
6. Kick him out the country
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.31.06)
I wish I could defend my country! It is an honour, if he doesn't wish to defend his family and brethren, he doesn't deserve to be here. Why should other soldiers fall in battle and this guy just won't go and perform his duty ki lo ba lo.
7. 28 days he should get life in jail COWARD
Mike ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
8. Praise of terrorists
Jason ,   Wilmington   (07.31.06)
From the comments already posted this traitor has earned the praise of terrorists. He and others like him should simply be exiled from Israel and forgotten.
9. First refusenik in current war: Armored Corps officer
Alex ,   Cologne/Germany   (07.31.06)
Neither am i jewish nor an israeli, but this stunnes me into silence! I accept fearing for ones live, especially if it is - at the first look - not a struggle on life and death,but wouldn'z it be more consistent to give back the Isreali citicenship and emigrate!
10. Brave man... want to distinct himself from another Qana!
Moe ,   Qatar   (07.31.06)
At least some jews still feel sorry for killing civilians. God bless you. It is people like you who will bring peace for all of us, jews and non-jews. God help us all...
11. put This Into Context
Edith Higgins ,   Dallas, USA   (07.31.06)
You've to put this desertion into context. This fella heard what Hizbullah is doing to IDF soldiers in Lebanon, made wee wee in his pants and flew the coo. He's the first of thousands to come. When he joined with his friends, they joined to play Pack Man. His desertion has nothing to do with conscientious objection, the entire IDF is ridden with paralysing fear and cowardice. Booh!
12. Look at yourself
Ehud ,   Spain   (07.31.06)
This guy is a Hearo! But hey, the best thing is to kill his kids! Isnt that what you are good at
13. Some respect
Angry Jack ,   France   (07.31.06)
I respect the courage of officer Pastar. To have peace Israel needs people like him. Blood thirthty people should be sent to jail, they are a shame for humanity and civilization.
14. 28 days in military prison?
Jorge Banner ,   BsAs, Argentina   (07.31.06)
Put him against a wall and shoot him. What do people think this is, a game? Have you given any consideration as to what's going to happen to Israelis once the arabs win the war?
15. israel
Thewdor hertzel ,   Rome/ Italy   (07.31.06)
your end is soon .
16. As I said, what a timing...
Ofrah ,   EC   (07.31.06)
What a timing to do this now!! Is it so easy to forget who started this? Is it so easy to forget three of your fellow IDF soldiers are in captivity, glad it is not you, huh. When you refuse to serve your people in a time like this, YOU are actually serving your enemy, out to destroy us. Shame on you! O.
17. maybe if...
Greg ,   New York City   (07.31.06)
Hezbollah stopped hiding in civilian buildings like the cowards that they are, maybe Qana would have never happened. I hope Arabs are proud of their Hezbollah weasels. Come out and play like real men and then we'll see who wins in all out military battle. Gee...i'll mortgage my house on IDF in that one.
18. trade
Ari ,   ny   (07.31.06)
we should trade him for the kidnapped soldiers
19. Amir Pastar Refusenik
Peter ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
Isn't it strange how people like Amir can have a 'selective' loyalty to Israel? They are quite happy to live in this country so long as it does not ask them to do something uncomfortable for their conscience. Apparantly the threat of a terror army on the north to deny Israel's existence is not enough motivation to defend your country. Tell me Captain Amir, what exactly is a good justification for your action? Isn't it lucky that you have brave people who are willing to protect your back, no matter what.
20. failure
We should nt say his name , it's a shame for him. But it's an attemps to crack national unity. I'm standing for israel for ever.
21. Coward. Somebody give that boy a rainbow flag.
Jay N. ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.06)
22. Mohammed ali
Fares ,   Beirut   (07.31.06)
that is exactly what Mohammed ali did for the war in vietnam . couragous man .
23. My kind of hero !!
marina ,   Boston, USA   (07.31.06)
The IDF has showed they are very brave killing children and women, but against the real Hezbollah guerrilla they come out of Bint Jbeil with they ass broken and pulled back in panic. With his decision Captain Pastar has showed what the IDF fanatics can't see : if you use your weapons for assassinating children you are being exactly the same thing as the terrorists, that's why the whole world despise Israel, you had your chance to use those new laser guided bombs provided urgently by US and you drop them on the poor children, there is not a single excuse or justification to that, you lost this war today, period. The US congress wont ever authorize any more war toys for you.
24. Coward???
vasili ,   athens greece   (07.31.06)
I served my time in the horror of Afghanistan, I am Greek born and grown up in the ex Soviet Union. I felt the same as Captain Pastar but I didnt have the guts to do what he did so I became a "hero" on the field and this haunts my nights till now. You can call that man a traitor or whatever you like but surely not a coward. Captain you have all my respect, admiration and sympathy.
25. too light
diggerd ,   Olympia, WA   (07.31.06)
only 28 days?!
26. Less time for refusing to fight then refusing to Evict
Shimmon ,   Ny USA   (07.31.06)
Less time for refusing to fight then refusing to Evict Jews from their homes. How left, how Olmert, how confused. Now it looks like the left have lost the first war In Israels history. Whats next. Oh yes the rest of the west bank. It time for a change.
27. Haha, chikenshiiiit
Alex ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
People like him are just cowards. They mask their cowardice by "peace" motives. I imagine he will have a hard times to look into the eyes of israelis for the rest of his life. He better go to Londonistan or some other place, because his life here is ruined.
28. Please
Alex ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
PLEASE, Send me tzav-8
29. They are not 'refusenicks'
jonathan ,   new york - USA   (07.31.06)
i thought we had to worry about the New York Times and teh Guardian. Do not dishonor the sacrifices of the Soviet 'Refusenicks' by applying the term to people who are at best cowards and at worst vain deserters who REFUSE to honor thier fellow israelis and serve to undermine the cause of freedom everywhere.
30. Terrorism and Fundementalist Hate
Matthew Della Valle ,   St.Johns NL Canada   (07.31.06)
Isreali civilians and soldiers are dying ,civilians and soldiers in lebanon are dying Whats with the term collateral damage anyhow? Well I will tell you, its a term that is used as an excuse for the lazy intelligence and the destruction of innocent lives by all parties involved in a conflict and that is inexcusable. I believe the best way to destroy terrorism is to rid the world of fundementalist hate that is thought in any form, through education and action helping to build better relations with your neighbours. Remember World War II (The facists under the disguise of national unity) well that was a good example of fundementalist hate. Suicide bombers at crowded Markets and bus stops or nightclubs yet another. the systematic destruction of Palestinian people another. Hamas and hezbollah are terrorist groups no matter which way you look at it they teach fundementalist hate against Isreal and the rest of the free world .and they will be accountable in the long run. Whats the difference between a warsaw ghetto and a palestinian refugee camp? Can some one answer that one? because I would like to know. Is this anyway to gain the the respect and the admiration of the palestinian people Isreal. How long must the world deal with the messengers of hate lets not repeat this again or we going to alow it to rear its ugly head again in another form? Shame on the terrorists on all sides of this conflict. I hope forgiveness can found for you all ,for this terrible crisis those of you who chose war over peace, if there is a peaceful way to end or avoid war.
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