Hundreds of anti-war protestors in Haifa and TA
Attila Somflavi
Published: 31.07.06, 00:31
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1. State Terrorism
Observer ,   Canada   (07.31.06)
What hapenned today in Qana proved that Israel is conducting state terrorism. All the lies about Hezb presence are repeating excuses that we have always heard when Israel does such a thing. The truth is that Israel is losing the battle against Hezb and wants any way out. Olmert should be tried for war crimes.
2. Once again
Angry Jack ,   France   (07.31.06)
I thank those people. They give me hope. I now belleive that not all Israelis are blood thirthty and arraogant. I wish i could join them and say: Stop the killing NOW.
4. Hezbollah children
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.31.06)
We have nothing to apologize for. This is war. Crap happens. Considering the education threse children probably got, it was only a matter of time before they were itching to kill us. Since it is glorious to die for Islam, they got an early start. I don't see these people protesting the killing of Jewish children. As for the Arab protesters, feel free to leave anytime. We'll be happy to pay you off. You and your supporters are parasites and traitors.Go live in the glorious lands of your brothers, who are waiting with open arms to greet you and take care of you. Yeah, right !
5. This is beyond all limits!
Ari   (07.31.06)
Targeting civilians is a NO! I do not care if the victim is a Jew or not, those who kill civilians intentionally or by mistake should all be behind bars!
6. Oh, look who is there: Yael, Chomsky's perfect match.
Márcia ,   Brazil   (07.31.06)
The Zionists who came from Orwelland.
7. Could Ynetnews please translate their newspeak? It's
Márcia ,   Brazil   (07.31.06)
a very complex language, very difficult to understand. Sorry, Yael.
8. Olmert and the war
Jorge Banner ,   BsAs, Argentina   (07.31.06)
What Olmert is, is a pussy who works for the arabs. Both Israel and America are falling into the double standard. arabs can commit whatever crime they want and Israel can't defend from them? This cease fire is the beginning of the end for Israel. And Israel has brought it upon herself. Libano should be a smoking hole in the ground, by now. Instead, Israel is loosing the war. Remember: you had a choice. And you failed. Those who founded Israel are surely ashamed of you.
9. Send these traitors to hell where they belong
10. Send them to S. Lebanon
RA   (07.31.06)
Let them clear Hezbollah mines for the goal of peace. It is the only good they serve to Israel and its people
11. #1 What about the IDF video showing Katyushas from Qana???
RA   (07.31.06)
When you answer that, then you will prove that you are not simply a Muslim antisemite.
12. Lefties
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (07.31.06)
Why don't these left-wing morons demonstrate against Hezbollah sending over 100 Katyushas a day directly at Israeli population centers, any of which could easily kill 50 or more people if they were lucky? And Hezbollah would celebrate, not express regret. And who told them to cross the border and kill and capture Israeli soldiers? And why have they been firing Katyushas into israel for years? And why does an extra-governmental militia have the arms that Hezbollah has anyway?
13. # 10
#10 That was great.
14. Israelis
Ahmed   (07.31.06)
Your country needs to stop these collective punishments to Arab communities in ME. Everyone in the world may not accept Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, US or even UK as a legitimate country. Its just difference in opinion amongst people due to various reasons. And it doesn’t mean that they are out to get you. So stop imposing yourselves in ME psyche. With differences in opinion you could still live in peace, that’s why Muslims have Jewish friends and likewise all religions. The current wars and terrorism acts are direct consequences of your occupation of the territories. Withdrawal is the best policy to wards peace, initially it may be a bumpy ride but with time things will be normal.
15. Lebanon
Marc ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (07.31.06)
You have to despair for the survival of Western civilization in a world as disurbed as this one. Israel was attacked by a terrorist group possessing thousands of missiles for no other purpose than to cause Israeli civilian casualties. But most of the world has very little problem with that phenomenon. However, the world is outraged when Israel accidentally kills civilians, even though their adversary launches missiles from civilian areas, mosques, schools, etc. Any loss of life is tragic, but there is a huge moral difference between a democratic country defending itself and a terrorist group intentionally attacking civilians.
16. State Terrorism???
LouK ,   Deal, NJ   (07.31.06)
Israel is not involved in State Terrorism. What would you do if your neighbor kept buying more and more guns, aimed them at you and your family, then kidnapped one of your children. The police said it was wrong but did nothing. They kept buying more guns and using them. Are you supposed to smile?
17. War in the middle east
Jade ,   Canada   (07.31.06)
As much as I feel sorry for the Lebanon innocent people and those life that has been loss. I think we need to look back to the basic..who started this war.. If Hizbullah didn't kill and captured the Israeli soldiers near the border. Israeli would not go this far ..Lebanon people should Thank s Hizbullah because they were the one who start all of this mayhem. If Hizbullah cared about Lebanon, they would not want innocent lifes be destroy because of their need to start war with Israel. Having say that..Israeli government also should get some blame because of their fast reaction to use forces with Hizbullah..Israeli government should at least wait for diplomatic solution. So who is the winner in this situation.."Those who supplied Hisbullazh and Israeli with rockets and other weapons..because they are selling them at the top speed while this two site killing each others and the civilians..
Anjelina Campbell ,   London, UK   (07.31.06)
What did the US, Australia, European Countries etc. to avoid casualties? In the face of the obvious dangers of a war, they made sure their constituants leave Lebanon. Why isn't the governement of Lebanon doing the same thing? Or the Hezbollah? Why don't they make sure that the civilians leave the areas they know will be targeted? It is quite obvious. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T SUIT THEIR PLAN. They want civilians to get killed so they can manipulate the media and public opinion and further their own agenda. They've become masters at being the attackers whilst pretending to be the victims. We, all over the world, need to stop the hypocrisy and the machiavelism of these wrong-doers! "Terrorists and their supporters have lost the right to complain about civilian casualties, since all they have done this entire war is target civilians. Every single one of the more than 2,500 rockets launched into Israel is launched into populated towns filled with women and children. Just today, another suicide belt meant to kill civilians in Israel was detonated harmlessly by our forces in Nablus. "
19. Dayan and her groupies aka Deceived traitors
Lyn ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Are these people deceived or merely stupid??!! When will they get it into their thick heads that there is NO compromise in islam. Perhaps they should just go and hug another tree or whatever they do in their spare time, and stop poking their noses into business they appear to know nothing about!!!
20. More Hez propaganda
Brian Campbell ,   Mississauga,Ontario   (07.31.06)
Right. check this out! All you leftist and Arab apoliigists will only be satisfied until syria Iran extiminate 4 million more Jweish PEOPLE. No mention of millions of Israel Citizens waiting for the breach so hebollah can kill them all. Pigs.,7340,L-3283816,00.html
21. Protest
US Citizen ,   Pittsburgh, PA   (07.31.06)
Mr. Prime Minister, keep up your good work, yes there may have been kids killed, sad and unfortunate, but you have nothing to apologise for, you begged warned and tried so hard to avoid citizens, they the terrorists take the blame 100%. Its hard, but ignore the world media, do what is right (what the IDF, who are the world experts, request) and you will be blessed. We stand behind you in Pittsburgh.
22. The 5th column
Arie   (07.31.06)
Israel has a treason law. ENFORCE IT!
23. Free Speech Zone
Avraham   (07.31.06)
Hey, I have no problem - let them demonstrate. I say impliment a policy as in the US - give them a free speech zone - up in Kiryat Shemoneh or in Nahariya.
24. Too bad a rocket didn't land on them
Lisa ,   New Jersey, USA   (07.31.06)
It would have been pure justice if a rocket had landed right in the middle of their protest! How dare they protest...would they be protesting if it were their brothers who were kidnapped?
25. Speechless
Ricky Bobby ,   Taledega, USA   (07.31.06)
I wanted to say something to these people that would open their eyes and make them see the struggle that they are facing. I'm not Hebrew and I have never been shot at in anger let alone been surrounded by millions of people who want me dead because I am a Jew. I find myself speechless. I can't even begin to imagine turning against my people and defending those that would kill me if they could get close enough to do it. Simply amazing. The people they defend would kill them, rape them, dismember them and the parade their body parts through the streets. Don't they get this??????
26. anti war demonstrators
chaya   (07.31.06)
u could think whnen its their own neighbors getting hit the residents of haifa would fight to protect themselfs but their self hatred knows no bounds. what are the people in tel aviv waiting for ? soon the katyushas will fall on them also while they stand and defend the terrorist.
27. #1
28. #2
None of the Israelis are the things you say. We just want to live quietly in our homeland and be at peace with our neighbors. Since 1948 ALL the wars on Israel were started by the Arabs. For 58 years Israel had to defend itself against them, including the suicide bombers and all the other crimes committed against Israeli civilians on our streets. Somehow this is not being taken into account at all. It's the same old song. The world expects Israel to take all this abuse and show"restraint". France said that if attacked, they will use nukes. Every country has the right to defend itself. Somehow when it comes to Israel, people have to constantly be reminded that this is the case for Israel as well. Why don't you say to Hiz. to stop their criminal actions? They killed 8 soldiers and kidnapped two on our territory with no provocation.If this is not an invitation for war then what is? They asked for this war, they wanted it. They want to destroy Israel. Please try to be unbiased.
29. to 3
30. Every day hundreds of civilains being killed in Iraq
e.m ,   s.f   (07.31.06)
In darfur Sudan a million innocent people have been killed by Muslims. But when it come to Israel to defending her nations against those terrorists groups which they take a shelters in the masque and hospital and residential building, There is not any condemnations from the Arabs world and theirs allays. Israel should ignore that voice and keep continues to finish the job.
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