Netanyahu: Don't stop war
Ilan Marciano
Published: 31.07.06, 13:04
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1. Better to Wait Till After Tisha B'Av
H ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.06)
2. Doing his best
Sidney ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Netanyahu is doing his best to support the war effort. Olmert and Peretz are doing their best, which unfortunately isn't good enough. New leadership is needed. Israel cannot afford to be defeated, which will be the result of a cease-fire. Already the clown president of Lebanon is dictating the terms of an Israeli defeat. A Hezbollah and Iranian victory will harm not only Israel, but many of the countries now denouncing Israel. Israel needs a government that understands that Hezbollah must be defeated.
3. Conclusions
KahvaJ ,   Egypt   (07.31.06)
Israel hits civilians by mistake , well that's a new sentence , i mean all the spying planes that photographed the scene of the crime before the hit , they didnt know there were civilians in there? they knew it , and they did it on purpose , why? so that they represent a pressure tool on Hezbollah , conclusion? popular alignement after Hezballah pulls back , and to Netanyahu i say : if a grandmother and a granddaughter were killed in israel , in lebanon at least 100 grandmother and their grandaughters were killed , in the beginning of this war , u justified it by liberating the two soldiers , so two soldiers were worth destroyin a whole country , well , we have 4 lebanese in your prisons , i think they are worth capturing the 2 soldiers , in the least way
4. Help Israel - Sign the Petition
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.31.06)
The State of Israel is in crisis now and needs your support more than ever before. Help Israel - Sign the Petition
5. Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices"
gerd schulz ,   germany   (07.31.06)
Lebanon's PM thanks Hizbollah for its "sacrifices" Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora thanked Hizbollah on Sunday for its "sacrifices" In its war against Israel. "We are in a strong position and I thank the Sayyed for his efforts," Siniora said when asked about a Saturday statement by Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah calling on the government to take advantage of Hizbollah's steadfastness against Israeli military might. (Reuters)   (07.30.06, 18:10)
6. Here's a question for Mr. Netanyahu...
Stacie ,   Canada   (07.31.06)
How many rockets did Hizbullah fire before Israel started bombing Lebanon with remote controlled missiles? The answer is none, they abducted two soldiers and Israel saw fit to destroy Lebanon over it. Can you imagine any other country doing this over a kidnapping?
7. A few months from now.....
DD   (07.31.06)
Hizbolla will be kidnapping more people and demanding Israel release jailed criminals, sending rockets into civilian populations and seeking bigger rockets from Syria/Iran......why stay in that game? Finish them now.
8. Netanyahu is the man...
Noah ,   Toronto   (07.31.06)
9. YEAAAAH , YOU RIGHT BIBI...........!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVINU   (07.31.06)
10. bibi has some true points
lou ,   israel   (07.31.06)
good on you Bibi, lets just hope someone listens to you..
11. thoughts for war time
buzby ,   isreal   (07.31.06)
if we wondered what would have happened if chamberlain and not churchill would have conducted the war against Germany now we know. Was there ever any chance for israel with our present clowns as leaders?
12. Stacie , Canada
joe   (07.31.06)
I have to add another fact: Where did this socalled "kidnapping" occur?
13. Stacie, Canada
gm ,   south africa   (07.31.06)
Hibullah, did not just abdut 2 soldiers. They (1)crossed Israel's border; (2) killed 8 soldiers and (3) kidnapped 2 soldiers. This was unprovoked. Israel has been out of Lebanon for 6 years. Why the violence all of a sudden? You think Israel wants to conquer Lebanon? get a life. By the way i can imagine any other western country doing this over a kidnapping. Israel asked for the soldiers back and Hizbullah said "no". Israel does not negotiate with terrorists so they went after hizbullah. End of story.
14. Yeah Bibi!
Bambo Wa Bambo   (07.31.06)
You have given those arab MK the real DOSE!
15. #6 Stacie: WW1 started with one bullet...
Logic ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
fired at the Archduke.
16. #3 A question for the Egyptian
Logic ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
Let's take a hypothetical sitation: Libya sends commandos over the border into Egypt, kills a few soldiers on purpose, and kidnaps others in order to extort the government to release Libyan prisoners. Are you going to tell me that Egypt would tolerate such behavior? I think the answer is a resounding "no."
17. Im an ani li me li - IF I AM NOT FOR MYSELF WHO IS?
Sid Emess   (07.31.06)
19. 6 Stacie, Canada: You are terribly wrong
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.31.06)
Lebanon Myth and Facts
20. CNN or Al-Jazeera?
James Reesor ,   Music CIty USA   (07.31.06)
How many people prefer news reports from CNN – the "Al-Jazeera" of America? Do you watch CNN or Al-Jazeera? How many American citizens actually prefer news reports from CNN or Al-Jazeera instead of Fox? Who are these people who are eager to be brainwashed by anti-American, anti-Israel, jihad-boosting "bad-news" evil media networks in America and throughout the world? According to authorities, there are people in Michigan and other places in America who consider Hezbollah, Hamas, and other radical Muslim "terrorist" groups to be "freedom fighters" worthy of admiration. People who practice this kind of treasonous-thinking that threatens our security as a nation are a curse against common sense. The "root cause" for terrorism might be found within the perverted values of those who believe hate for Christians and Jews is acceptable. Have peace-loving people forgotten the 1983 Hezbollah bombings in Beirut that killed 241 US servicemen, 63 U.S. Embassy personnel and 58 French paratroopers? Let's not forget the 1984 Hezbollah torture-murder of CIA station chief in Lebanon William Buckley. Do we still remember the 1985 Hezbollah hijacking of TWA Flight 847 and the torture-murder of Navy diver Robert Stethem? How about the 1988 Hezbollah torture-murder of Col. William Higgins? Who do we find celebrating the Hezbollah bombings of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 that killed 29? What about the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994 where 96 people were killed? Maybe friends of Hezbollah are proud of the 1996 tragedies at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996, killing 19 U.S. servicemen? Any person, nation or political organization currently expressing sympathy for Hezbollah while rebuking Israel is not intelligent, honest, loving, sane -- or a friend worthy of trust! ---
22. #2
nul ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
You are right, Sidney. But we've known much worth governments lately. So I am very grateful for what they are doing.
23. bibi stay away
you are only a showman nothing more , before you became a PM you saying the same things and when you came to power you shaked the hand of Arafat and you almost signed a deal with him ... come on guy .... the world needs more people who knows the way to peace not the way to the wars .... from those bouchers you have enough in the government .... we want to see if you have somthing a bit better .
24. #6 stacie
linda   (07.31.06)
They have been rockets in the last 6 years, so you talk BS!!! and i would like to see what Canada is doing when they have to take all the attacks Israel got the last few years and still do nothing!! first know what you are talking about, the news in Canada does not raport every rocket fired at Israel the last few years. Know the fact!! and one queston for you: Why should hizbollah start a war with israel when israel was NOT in Lebanon?
25. Help Israel Petition
David ,   Boston   (07.31.06)
With this government no petition can help Israel. It's a complete waste of time. Unless Israel wakes up their children will have to follow Olmert's whether they like it or not.
26. # 20
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (07.31.06)
Terrorism is not only the problem of only USA but the rest of the world too , Here you are trying to High light only abt americans .. What abt many muslim countries too , Jordon , Egpyt , Saudi Arabia and many more countries .. These days the problem is state terrorism and i really dont think that without the support and help of governments terrorist can do anything .. First thing stop this saying civilised world and making difference in the name of religion and race . All are facing this threat of terrorism including muslims.
27. #6...get the facts straight...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.31.06)
It wasn't just about two kidnappins, was it? They crossed into Israeli territory, killed nine men, and took two. NOw if I crossed into Canada, killed nine of your mounted patrol, and kidnapped two soldires, you don't think your country would react? Are you that naive??? Get real!!!
28. Netanyjahu said:
Schulz ,   Berlin   (07.31.06)
"The journey of war is like any other journey. It starts easily but midway there's a difficult junction where we must decide whether we continue to climb the mountain or stop, and I call on the government: Don't stop midway. Complete the job." Turning to Arab MKs who earlier referred to the Qana air raid, Netanyahu said: "When missiles were falling, when an (Israeli) grandmother and her granddaughter were murdered, I didn't hear you…" It is easy to understand this.
29. #20..absolutely right....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.31.06)
We are all in danger here, but the thing that bothers me is that we don't see the kind of sense of urgency in the Arab/Muslim world. It is almost as if they are just used to living with terror and don't have the energy to fight it. I hope for all our sakes, that terror will be defeated and it is starting in Lebanon right now.
30. To #20
rich ,   manhattan   (07.31.06)
CNN appears to be the twin sister of Al-Jazeera. Fox is also swinging to the left now also. For every little 10% positive for Israel - the rest of it is anti-Israel. They are owned by huge conglomerates that don't want to disrupt the flow of money by not being nice to everyone. If WW2 was happening now, CNN would be kissing hitler's ass for interviews - and telling everyone how much he loved children, dogs, and how he loved to paint. WW2 would be lost, and we would all be marching to military music, or be lamp shades. American News is all about money - making money and doing the will of it's shareholders. It has no ethics. The sad thing is that the majority of people think it is the news - and will go in whatever direction the "news" wants to take them. Notice there are no images of 911 - just too offensive to the muslims, and foreign interests who hold majority interest in media conglomerates.
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