France: Iran plays stabilizing role in Middle East
Published: 31.07.06, 13:47
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1. Oh No, The French
TD ,   London   (07.31.06)
Sure Iran is respected - by Al-Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas and any other fundamentalist islamic terror group you care to mention. After all, they are the source and inspiration for islamic terror. They set the template. No doubt this is another craven French attempt to curry favour with the mullahs, most likely to win some trade. France will sink as low as it needs to, even exploiting Israel's fight to survive, to win some business. We saw this in Iraq.
2. merde a la france !
albert   (07.31.06)
merde to france and to his government who has sold the atomic bomb to iran . chirac + douste plazy = petain ! merde a la france !
3. The French
eli ,   Raanana, ISRAEL   (07.31.06)
Well at least one thing you can say about the French... from the time they surrendered to the Nazis until today, they'll do anything and say anything to avoid being accused of being Menches.
6. Iran: the truth
Francois ,   Paris   (07.31.06)
Now, the Fwench are showing their cards. The so-called diplomatic process regarding Iran nuclear program was in fact a move to give enough time to Mullahs to achieve their nuclear program.
8. French Foreignminister
Bambo Wa Bambo   (07.31.06)
His comments are as empty as any thing. He is just trying to please Iran. Israel stand up and defend your country. No one will come to defend your existance.
10. What to do? To laugh ot to cry?
Detlef ,   Germany   (07.31.06)
11. It Must be WWIII
Don ,   Missoula, MT, USA   (07.31.06)
When the French show up and make nice about the regional ogre (Ahmadinejad this time, Hitler last time), it's time to put a number on the war. Or maybe he's just trying to conciliate his own uncontrollable Muslim population.
12. B-Lazy = Be lazy with your brain
Logic ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
13. France always collaborates with Jew-haters
15. His words mean nothing but the
beginning of the 3rd world war.
16. This Foreign Minister of France is NUTS
Chana Elkins ,   USA   (07.31.06)
Then again the gov.t in France is NUTS. They would sell there mother for a penny
17. fashion
mike ,   chicago   (07.31.06)
They like to be fashionable, dress well and drink wine. The truth is inconveinient and hard to identify in a drunken haze. May their wine turn to vinegar!
18. stoke their ego - and they may mello out (the theory)
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (07.31.06)
19. I hate to Douse your Blaze, but........
MARY ,   USA   (07.31.06)
If anything the French are responsible for setting blazes underneath their VERY LARGE MUSLIM POPULATION, which in turn set PARIS ABLAZE very recently. So why in the BLOODY BLAZES would this guy imagine that by the use of his BLAZING ANUS of a MOUTH he could put IRAN forth as a RESPECTED PLAYER IN THE MIDDLE EAST?
20. Typical French statement .....( end )
Olek ,   tel aviv   (07.31.06)
21. j'aime le france
ricardo   (07.31.06)
i love france, they are always positive thinking
22. OH MY G-----------------------------D!!!!!!!!
Adam ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.31.06)
We have to recall our ambassador from France immediately. What the hell is he taking.
23. If Israel have had OIL as much as Iran
me   (07.31.06)
Those French would have kiss Israeli bums. Those hypocritic!!! Don't worry France, what goes up must come down.
24. Monseur Blazy, my baguette, com here....
Helga ,   of the Hill people   (07.31.06)
I vant to shove a baguette into your cute pouty mouth, my pet, and vatch as chu chew it up. Chu know vat vould satisfy my, sveet, so hurry to com to me.
25. Dust Blazy
a.f. ,   Hadera   (07.31.06)
It takes a great mind to make such a great comment on the great Iranian atomist-fascist-islamist who is sending great missiles to the great hizzbulla who are willing to make great bangs on the land of little Israel. Monsieur, try better next time ! Even the Iranians DO NOT believe you.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON UK   (07.31.06)
Although most of the readers have expressed resentment to what the French Foreign Minister has said about Iran, but the truth of the matter is apparent.You have the right to disagree out of hatred but common sense should prevail and the USA should do its best to restore relationship with Iran.
27. Now I've said those nice things, please don't attack me
Douste-Blazy ,   Paristan   (07.31.06)
28. some years ago, for another country....
yoel   (07.31.06)
If you remember, official frenchies did more or less the same kind of declarations. It concerned the ex-Yugoslavia republic. Few months later, France participated to Belgrade's bombing with NATO. Don't trust them, but this is true: as written in some of your talkbacks, maybe it announces a new war.
29. I fear
nul ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
that whole generations of courages French soldiers and commanders of the past centuries (let's forget the 20-th for the time being) are turning in their graves listening to today's French leaders who are ready to lick the ass of anybody whom they fear or who can bring them profit forgetting that this is also the future of independent France that is being decided in the Middle East.
30. I shame but not surprised
Bernard ,   Paris - France   (07.31.06)
[1] if US says white, french will say black [2] french should not be allowed to speak in such situation, only Europe. This is a big political fault. [3] Douste-Blazy is known to be stupid, so he is [4] there are more and more muslims people in france and now their children are french and could take part to election [5] left french political wing is openly on the palestinian side, so it could be worse !! [6] only issue is on europe side Conclusion France STINK !!!
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