Most long, medium-range rockets destroyed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 31.07.06, 18:13
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1. crushed ?
ramallah ,   ramallah   (07.31.06)
crushed my foot , still vfable and exist , and soon you will have it in Haifa
2. IDF doing a great job....just wish...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.31.06)
they didn't need to restrain their forces so much. This could have been done in two days. Too bad the world won't let Israel defend itself as it should. Everyone is sorry for civilian losses, but Hezballah brought this onto Lebanon.
3. Thank you IDF!
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.31.06)
Thank you for working to save the Jewish people and the Jewish state from destruction.
4. Hit Beirut. and No Road Map
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.31.06)
Israel has yet to hit Beirut..only the southern suburbs. I ask, why? What are they waiting for, the Messiah to come? Lebanon has yet to feel the warfare..except of course for some Katy launch sites, bridges, and empty buildings. The Qana incident was strickly due to the Hezbollah thugs hiding behind their womans' skirts, and children's bibs. (Typical Arab stuff). Hezbollah killed two Israeli -Arab children and elevated them to some kind of sainthood. Just more Arab thinking...Taking out Beirut, section by section, like a good shot of whiskey, will work wonders. So will a good "Ass-whupping" by Israel, serve many ends...get it. As far as the "Convergence" it's as dead as the Madrid Conference (remember that folly?).
5. did you hear that
Mick ,   Australia   (07.31.06)
it's 7Pm Monday another Israeli boat being hit near the port of Tyre IDF spoksperson deny as always, then they admit.
6. Israeli warship is destroyed in front of the city of Suur
Witness   (07.31.06)
7. Apology
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.31.06)
I would like to be the first Israeli to apologise for the tremendous loss that Hizbala have suffered due to our terorist-like destruction of their rockets. How can the western world not condemn Israel for destroying innocent rockets with no proof that they were going to be fired!
8. Who will trust your numbers any more?
ADDIS   (07.31.06)
Only idiots may be they will think that your sources are trustfulllllllllllllllll!
9. Another Islamic Victory
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.31.06)
They used to be called a Pyrrhic victories. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming non-Jews
10. Recent Headline: Most long, medium-range rockets destroyed
Ron ,   New York, NY   (07.31.06)
From the relative safely of New York City (!), I was very happy to read this headline. I hope there's more good news to come. I wish there was something I could do to help. RON
11. "most" doesn't count
Arie   (07.31.06)
finish it in lebanon, and then move in to take out the missiles still in syria
12. "war efforts" by Ynet, not flying
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus   (07.31.06)
again, Ynet is dishing the same proven lies that the so-called IDF dissemenating to boost the morale in the Jewish "pradise and safe haven"!! two weeks ago, Hizbaullah's capablilty was diminshed to 50% and it is only few days and the rockets will stop flying!! what happened? I leave it to the readers to see who is the liar and who is the trsuted. A for effort, F for result, Ynet
13. Funny Joke!!
Ali ,   Beirut   (07.31.06)
We have a nice Arabic proverb! The rope of Lies is very short. Hezbollah is not firing any missiles against Haifa because he clearly stated that whenever IAF strikes the Southern Suburb of beirut...Haifa will be hit So...not hitting Haifa is not because they are not able to do that, but because they dont want to... Go back to your normal life....maybe when we strike again....we will score some casualties
14. Keep up the good work
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (07.31.06)
16. Than you IDF but the news isnt
mother ,   haifa   (07.31.06)
exactly encouraging, considering it takes only one rocket to lose lives..and since there are 200 left still one third zilzal, and lots of short term rockets..the ingredients to this cake sound kinda explosive. Lets hope that we can reach our goal as best as can be aferwhich the usual attempt at political talks will resume.
17. Good
Alex ,   Israel   (07.31.06)
18. Hezbollah "militarily undefeatable", UNIFIL? No military
Márcia ,   Brazil   (07.31.06)
solution to terror, hezbollaniks? Keep going, IDF!
19. Population Transfer for Gaza & West Bank
Michael S ,   Chicago   (07.31.06)
The time has come for Israel and the West that the only way to solve the crisis in Gaza is to arrange for the entire population to be transplanted to another part of the Arab world. The pyschosis is so deep, no amount of diplomacy will work. Population transfers have worked in positive ways throughout recorded history (with few exceptions) and will serve to stabilize the region once and for all. The same needs to be done with the West Bank.
20. To#2 ,#3, #4 Is this a victory?
Rafi ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.06)
What a victory? Olmert is telling us that he destroyed 2/3 of Hizbullah force.He destroyed nearly all Hizbullah rockets .I think he confused flags with rockets.Because he's right he removed 2/3 of Hizbullah flags from 1 km of Lebanon.What a shame.He is hiding his failure in Lebanon by saying that if you look at our northern border you will see no more Hizbullah flags on the opposite side.We are not so stupid.Olmert is lying.I forget to say that Olmert is suffering from an assache, Peretz from a headache and Halut from a stomachache.This is what we call. LEBANON SYNDROME.Olmert,Halutz and Peretz you should resign.
21. Whip them good, Israel
Steve ,   San Francisco   (07.31.06)
So that they never forget.
22. Ramallah
Jacob ,   Munich   (07.31.06)
tell me, why are you so stupid ? don´t you see the reason why Ramallah is quiet hass to do that there are no rocket fired from your area!. Cause and effect is all!
23. ramallah , ramallah
Hizbullah and Hamas can't help you ONLY ISRAEL CAN first, though you have to liberate yourself from Islamic Zombiedom and start thinking independently if you are able to ????
24. To #19 Michael
Rafi ,   Jerusalem   (07.31.06)
The only way to stabilize the region is to trasfer all jews from where they came from .That is to USA, Ukrania,Russia,Ethyupia, Morocco,France , Poland and other countries where they were born in.This is the solution Michael if you are talking about transfer of population to solve the priblem.
25. Look at yourself America!
Roy ,   Australia   (07.31.06)
To #4 Well, great to see how ignorant arrogant American politicians can influence their brain washed public opinion. Scary, whatever your hatred can say!
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