Probe launched into threats against MK El-Sana
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.06, 00:40
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1. Send the traitor to Syria and Gaza!
Daisy ,   USA   (08.01.06)
2. Those innocent Israeli arabs.
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.01.06)
And of course it wasn't Arab public who always cheers when Israel suffers. Everyone who expresses negative attitude toward a country and its government in general and sympathizes to enemy should be driven out of country to the border with enemy and left on the opposite side. Arabs in Knesset is big mistaken to be proven not once. The only reason they don’t help Israel’s enemies is because they scared to be punished really hard, but believe me they would. And why they always compare Israel and Jews self defense to hitler and nazis? Probably it’s just a slip of the tongue. They must be constantly thinking about Nazis and work they haven’t finish. I have no pity for pure scared to his, in that case, death el-Sana.
3. Protection
Alex ,   Canada   (08.01.06)
No matter what his political ideas are, it is crucial that MK El-Sana gets police protection!! First, because Israel is a democracy and everyone has the right on an opinion. Second, Isreal doesn't need any more bad publicity -- like lynching and Arab MK!!! Whole world is watching BBC and thinks Israel is some kind of a baby killer!
4. Use Traitors and "Peace Activists"
RA   (08.01.06)
To clear Hezbollah mines in S. Lebanon in the name of peace. The sooner they do this, the sooner Israel can have a cease-fire.
5. It was the big bad...
Dr SW ,   Ann Arbor -USA   (08.01.06)
wizard of oz that called him..,,,what a disinigenous Anmius this jolley fellow is
6. Opposition MK's
Aaron   (08.01.06)
If they can't handle their job, they should leave. As the representatives of a small part of the Israeli community, if he chooses to make rascist comments, and to vilify the majority, he must expect a strong response. If he can't handle it, he should either leave or stop making derogatory comments about the majority of Israeli's.
7. But the Arabs ARE a Fifth Column ...
sk ,   USA   (08.01.06)
and their Israeli leadership is in the Knesset. In a time of war, El-Sana supports all of the anti-Israel rhetoric that we hear from his "brotherly Arab" countries. I like this especially: "It must be remembered that we (Israeli Arabs) are victims of Katyushas and of Hizbullah too, but also of Israeli fascism. " Wrong. Israeli Arabs are not victims of Katyushas or Hizbullah, but are instead martyrs for the Arab cause, as they regularly tell us. They also facilitate such attacks and should not play innocent victim in relation to them. In addition, from his position in Knesset, he has commented on Israel's nuclear arsenal, which is itself treasonous. In WW2, the US rounded up American citizens of Japanese origin. That may or may not have been wise, but there can be no doubt that "Israeli Arabs" have, unlike American Japanse, given abundant proof of their enmity toward their country. No doubt there are decent Israeli Arabs, but the majority are not decent or loyal. There can be no doubt that the Arab leadership should be tried for treason.
8. He's lying ...
Marya ,   Sacramento, USA   (08.01.06)
It'd BS -- just like the Muslims in Washington State. A muslim shoots Jews at the Federation, killing one and the Muslims cry they in jeopardy of being discriminated against!! Check the bastards phone records...
9. Send him to where he belongs
wl ,   usa   (08.01.06)
A traitor like him has be sent away.
10. An ABSOLUTE Fifth Column
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (08.01.06)
Where is a rocket when you need one? He should think twice about not being concerned about Nasrallah's intentions. A short trip to Kiryat Shmona can be arranged. And then he will see and hear the rockets.
11. For #6, and the rest of the cowards
Robert Farrell ,   Portland, Oregon   (08.01.06)
Israel has failed as a state, and there is no clearly evidence of the fact that Palestinian MKs, who represent 20% of the citizens (and, indirectly, the majority of the population which is Palestinian) are subject to death threats for their peaceful participation in Israel's "democracy." Bigot fact check: 1. 20% is not "a small part of the Israeli community," it is a community larger, per capita, than America's black population. 2. Anyonomus death threats are not a "strong response." They are cowardly and criminal. I guess that's how Israeli Jews pass their time were they aren't murdering women and children from 10,000 feet up. 3. This MK is responding to the death threats by reporting them to the police and denouncing the bigoted filth to the media. He is "handling it" fine. He doesn't have any reason to be silent in the face of cowardly, terrorist, racist filth -- and, working where he works, he deals with them every day.
12. El-Sana
lynne ,   austin, texas usa   (08.01.06)
I am very disappointed that so many of the Arab-Israelis seem to have no kind regard for their Jewish Israeli neighbors and that they feel a close connection to Hezbollah. I do feel that it is very wrong to threaten El-Sana; he has a right to his opinion. He should not be threatened or harmed. In a democracy, people must be allowed to express their ideas in a healthy manner without fear of retribution.---no matter how much one might not agree with them.
13. What should be done
Robert Tilden ,   Sheriden WY   (08.01.06)
Police should make sure no harm comes to the Arab MK The Arab MKs could learn that their support of terrorists- open support for Hizbollah and Hamas, refuzal to come out and critisize anything the PA or Israel's foes do is straining the democracy. They swore to obay the laws of ISRAEL, not the Palestinian propaganda agenda.
14. Al Sana made threats against Israel
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.01.06)
Why isn't he being investigated?
15. Is him Israeli?
Andre ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
"We didn’t strengthen the organization – Israel did" WTF is this? Ok, he doesn't need to agree but "Israel did"? As far as I know Israel is not a autonomous body but a democracy, therefore he should not address his country as a 3rd party.
16. Arab MKs will sell Israel out in a second
RA   (08.01.06)
Arab MKs dont care about Israel or its people. They will sell them out to their fellow Arabs in a second. The screening process for MKs should be more diligent, so no traitors like Sana are allowed in the government.
17. Arab in Knesset
Tony Morisause ,   Port Moresby, PNG   (08.01.06)
While democracy is what Israel stands for, useless comments from Arab MKs should not be tolerated. They are directly provoking trouble. Why are they in the Knesset at the first place? If they want to help PA or Hizbollah, get out of Knesset. We have enough of these non-sense rhetoric ok!
18. He is NOT Israeli
Betty ,   Tucson USA   (08.01.06)
..."We didn't found Hizbullah--Israel did" ????WTF??? The arabs residing in Israel (by El-Sana's own statements it is obvious he doesn't consider himself an Israeli) have cleverly infiltrated themselves into the Israeli Government...they are the enemy within. His dispicable remarks comparing Israel to the Nazi's is unforgivable.Send him to live with the Hezboz. He is a dangerous man.
20. In any other country....
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
traitors and racists like most of the Arab MK:s would be kicked out of the parliament long time ago and kicked out of the country.
21. el sana
Bachrach Andres ,   Kfar saba   (08.01.06)
The jews not like the arabs,were closed in the ghettos.In hitler time they were closed in concentration camps.Evry jew who could,left germany,if the jew was intercepted on the border he was executed on the placeThe arabs in Israel are free!! if they does'nt like to live in israel the borders are open and they can leave whenever they want,together with their family.They can take all the money they have and live happily in an arab country Andi hakfarsabai.
22. Probe launched into threats against MK El-Sana
Nadja ,   Newark, CA   (08.02.06)
The accusations that Israeli-Arabs are a "fifth column" against Israel sound eerily reminiscent of Hitler's justification for the genocide against the Ashkenazi because Ashkenazic German Jews were allegedly a "fifth column" against Germany.... People, learn from history or repeat it.
23. el sana
erih ,   il   (08.02.06)
there is such a thing called freedom of speech . there is such a thing called democracy . he must have police protection at least till all t his is over . . . and then because there is also such a thing as treason he must be picked up and escorted out , over the border in one of the neighbouring contries of his choise .
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