Lebanese website blames Hizbullah for Qana deaths
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.06, 07:53
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1. something about despiration.
Tunisian   (08.01.06)
Are you this despirate? Pitiful ....than again why should we be surprised?
2. Disgusting jewish propaganda
Shadi ,   Shiraz   (08.01.06)
Jews have no shame???
3. Ha!
Chris   (08.01.06)
No Anti Syrian elements blame Huzb Allah for Qana except the fringe crazies like this site that has no credibility.
4. Is it moral to kill the human shield?
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.01.06)
What is more morally wrong: using children as a human shield or killing the children that are being used a s human shield? What if Nasrallah would have strapped 10 children around his body? Would it be OK to drop a bomb on him? What if the above 10 children were Jewish: would it be OK to drop a bomb on him?
5. to #2, remember Jenin!
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.01.06)
Paliwood fakery. No massacre took place. Should we expect any less cynicism from Hezbollah? We shouldn't. Their lies run deeper than those of the "Palestinians."
6. #4. Is it moral to kill the human shield?
Haim ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
... and what if Nasrallah surrounded by 10 children is shooting on another 100 children? And what if you don't know for sure whether there are children or not, but know they can be there? The answer is clear. MORE IMMORAL IS USING HUMAN SHILEDS BECAUSE YOU NOT JUST ENDANGER THOSE HUMANS, BUT YOU ALSO LEAVING THE OTHER SIDE WITH IMMORAL CHOICE: TO STRIKE ON CRIMANAL THAT USES "HUMAN SHIELD" OR ALLOW HIM TO KILL INNOCENTS ON HIS SIDE.
7. Why Isreal doesn't initiate UN resolutions on Hizbullah?
Haim ,   Isreal   (08.01.06)
I don't understand why Israel doesn't suggest UN resolutions on Hizbullah and Hamas actions and methods of waging war? Targeting civilians, using human shields, etc. I am not naive to expect such resolution been accepted, but the fact of discussion, the fact that terrorists will need to justify their actions by the "right for resistance", "Israeli aggression", etc. will make it clear to many people in the world what this war is about. Most people don't read Israeli press or Ynet, etc. while UN discussions are officially spread and widely available. As in real war, in information war the best defense is offensive.
8. "Photos that damn Hezbollah," Link, Chris, Herald Sun,
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
"Photos that damn Hezbollah," Link, Chris, Herald Sun, July 30, 2006,,,19955774-5007220,00.html
Ertok   (08.01.06)
Its not surprising ANYONE , is it? This disgusting collective of human refuse, using religion as their excuse to persue their evil ambitions - is now about to see unravelling of not Israel's - but of THEIR behaviour. The Qana incident was orchestrated from beginning to end. Its is sickening, beyond belief that anyone would go so low. ISRAEL MUST WIPE OUT THIS SCOURGE.
10. #4 - not a proper question
Anne ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.01.06)
You are assuming in your question that the bomber *knows* there are children there. Nasrallah might have 10 children strapped around him, he might have 100, or he might have none. Of course, if Israel knew there were children in those buildings they would have held back from bombing them. They did not know. They know that there is always a *chance* of civilian casualties. If you ask them to cease firing on a mere chance, then you ask way too much. You attempt to grant far too much efficacy to the inhuman practise of using human shields in combat. On D-day the Allied forces *knew* that the local French citizenry would pay dearly for the massive military campaign. And indeed they did, to the tune of some 20 thousand. That was the price that had to be paid to rid the world of Nazis. I'm prepared to watch quite a few civilian casualties knowing what is currently at stake. I'm not prepared to watch Holocaust #2 under Iran's prompting.
11. Why is it...
Neil Kuchinsky ,   Colonial Heights, US   (08.01.06)
That in Iraq, Sunnis intentionally massacre dozens of Shiites (or vice-versa) on a nearly daily basis, but only when Israel accidentally kills some innocents, Arab mobs are scratching their faces in the streets?
12. that's bool shitt
Hussein   (08.01.06)
13. Bull S....t lies ...again !
Samir ,   Lebanon   (08.01.06)
Your Lebanese allies are always ready to Fabricate lies to support you...Remember the Explosion in The (Saydit Al Najat )Church just after your Hebron Mosque Massacre in which several lebanese christians where killed inside the church...later the criminals where captured (Lebanese Forces ) and admitted working for you to deter attention on your massacres ...History repeats itself...soon they will accuse Hizbollah in loading your jet fighters with real Bombs instead of the Flowers you wanted to throw on Civilians !!!...
14. Lebanese website blames Hizbullah for Qana deaths
Blueye ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
15. Christians in Lebanon - Hisbollah to blame
Sheila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.01.06)
Unlike the former talkbackers I know Christians in Lebanon, Syria and the PA and know how they are despised and used. Of course Hisbollah used human beings and even threatened those who wished to leave at gunpoint. Of course theyir launch sites are in built up areas. The difference between them and us is that we are saddened by innocent deaths and they rejoice them.
16. to Grandpa, Tunisian
H.S. ,   Germany   (08.01.06)
Yes, the true war criminal is the guy hiding behind civilians & not the one dropping a bomb on him. Should israeli civilians, sometimes kids (Arabs, Jews, Druse) be killed by Nasrallah's (what a blasphemous name, btw!) missiles instead again? Is this "moral"? No, in wars, the moral has no place but the international humanitarian law. And that's NOT your evil Shari'a. BTW, @Tunisian, I am not surprised by your statement after having read the yesterday's leading article in your state run "la Presse" full of hate against Israel. Stupid that those brainwashing muslim propaganda is possible due to the lot of money sent to such Muslim dictators like Ben Ali & Co. around the world... But I remember like Muslim terrorists start crying if we stop sending money... BTW, is Ben Ali's modest private palace on the Sidi Bou Said's hills already slipped into the Mediterranian? Does he want to share the kismet Muslims wish to the Israelis for solidarity with the jewish people? ;-)
17. Lebanese Sacrificed By Hezbollah
RA   (08.01.06)
And all the pathetic Arabs of the world can do is jump around, yell and point a finger at Israel. Look around fools, you are being deceived by your own people.
18. #4 Moral Or Not - Israel Is Doing its Job
RA ,   New York   (08.01.06)
The job of the state of Israel is to protect its citizens at all costs. Maybe if the Lebanese governemnt did the same, they wouldnt be in this mess.
19. Using Innocents
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (08.01.06)
That this may very well be the case, is a real possibility indeed. On the face of it, it seems very logical and credible. It appears credible for at least the folowing reaons, which are also intimated in the article. 1 How come there were so many child victims? That at least half of them were, indeed raises questions 2 How come it took place in Qana? The Isrealis,. must have known that Qana holds very special significance in the fight against Hezbollah. Afterall, it was the scene of a similar tragedy back in 1996. No matter the rhetoric, just about everyone knows that Isreal has been trying to avoid civilian casualties. That is why they have been leafletting the place. Equally, Isreal is far more suceceptible to public opinion then Hezbollah! 3 What advantage would be gained by Isreal for knowingly targetting civilians, especially invlaid children.? Afterall, it is the IDF, that has the wherewithall to effect precision in this fight. That's right, they have all the equipment and the know how to hit Hezbollah precisly. 4 Conversely to point number 3, it is Hezbollah that lack the means to effect precise hits, especially at long range. Afterall, the random Katyusha rockets were not doing much apart form frighteining many people. They were not having any effect whatsoever on the level or type of ordinance being delivered by the IDF forces. hezbollah was and is still waiting for the IDF to rush into their ambushes so that they can use geurrila tactics on them. These tactics are no good against planes and Palladin 155 mm howitzer pieces. I do beleive that Hezbollah did this, and it is my hope that thie act of treachery willbe exposed for what is was, sooner rather than later.
20. # 4 et al
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (08.01.06)
Hey Grandpa, or who ever you are, here is a bit of advice, If you have nothing to say, then please do so, by keeping quiet. There is really no need to waste time and effort, cluttering up this site at the expense of others who have the requsite ability to make useful contributions.
21. #4 - Idiot, the Israeli's didn't know that Hizbollah had set
Shlomo ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
Tel me , are you suggesting that the Zionists also control the Lebanese Christians website, and the Egyprians, who also apparently claim the same ?
22. Ynet's not the only one...
Jesus ,   SF, USA   (08.01.06)
People that know the truth have spoken around the world, not just Ynet. People that see the truth have spoken around the world, not just Ynet. People that write the truth, have spoken around the world, not just Ynet. Hizbullah is known for these type of tactics. It is ashame that Hizbullah does this, but it's not surprising. Those that wouldl like to think otherwise...should stop and really question their media source. It's easy to believe you're right...but it's even easier to believe you're not wrong. There are sources in Lebanon, even that blame Hizbullah. Join the rest of the free world and choose for yourself, don't let others choose for you.
23. The question is...
Lu ,   OK, US   (08.01.06)
How on earth could IAF "know" that there are children inside? Do they have magic rays to pass through concrete to see if there are any civilians? Or a special instant brainwave analysis to distinguish a member of Hezbollah from a civilian whereas both are dressed in civilian clothes? Can anyone provide the answer? The matter is simple. Hezbollah is intentionaly using civilians as a shield, and according to Geneva convention, thus commiting a war crime. I am pretty sure if an IAF pilot saw apparent civilians around the building, he would avoid firing a missile, until it can be ascertained that the "civilians" are firing volley of katyushas or other rockets. Hezbollah has no such qualms about firing rockets on Isreali civilians, none whatsoever. They don't distribute flyers to warn Israeli civilinas that their area would be targetted, nor they broadcast a warning well ahead of time about their intent to target a specific area to avoid civilian casualties. If I am mistaken about Hezbollah, please provide a verifiable source.
24. #4 If you are drving down the street, and from behind
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (08.01.06)
an obstruction to the side, someone throws a baby directly underneath your tire with no time for you to stop, who do you blame ? Yourself ? Or the person who put the baby there in harms way ? The UN and the Muslims and the Liberals and the Socialists would all blame YOU ! And they would tell you to lie down while they gas you to death ! And they would even let the guy who threw the baby pull the switch !
25. Shadi; It's hard to hear the truth isn't it?
Daisy ,   USA   (08.01.06)
Hizzbollah set the whole incident up to blame the IDF. Innocent children were killed but it has never been proven that the IDF did it. There are hundreds of websites that have uncovered a lot of evidence that points to a conspiracy. It's like Jenin all over again.
26. SEE THIS!!!!
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.01.06)
27. Wow you guys serpise me ...
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.01.06)
Wow you “guys” surprise me ... …you are able to turn things around, ha? Even when facts and common sense tell you huzbollah is to blame you’re still talking about Israel. What huzbollah has done is horror! And you say - Israel has to be ashamed. For retarded: 1. All victims were placed inside of building so Israeli forces couldn’t see them. 2. What was really outrages that they didn’t just place people but those who couldn’t leave the place because they were dysfunctional. 3. Bodies were removed just after News crew arrived. And you still have guts to curse Israel? 4. It happened in Qana, just nazi couldn’t see that it was done on purpose because Qana-1 worked, huzollah thought Qana-2 would work too, but they were/are stupid. nasrallah miscalculated everything as your guys always did (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and so on) . nasrallah has to be really scared to die because if he does (and it happens soon) he goes straight to hell, to the -7 Circle when you’ll see him from -6 Circle with F16 in his arse, why from -6 and why you? Because of your warm support of him, you IDIOTS. P.S. For those who ask what’d be if Israeli children being inside of the building, Israel fights huzbollah and terror in general so Israeli children won’t go through this horror. You moron.
28. MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.01.06)
29. Are you serious?
Devid L ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.01.06)
Is this how you sell the massacre to the Israeli street? By using heresy and phony websites. We all saw the pictures of the victims, and Israel holds full responsibility for the attack. Qana shows us clearly that Israel does not care about non-Israeli civilians.
30. Naivity
Darien ,   Los angeles   (08.01.06)
Don't let your naivity get the best of you. Don't let it prevent you from entertaining such a possiblity. Hizbullah is capable of far worse than placing poor disabled children in a building and launching a rocket from the roof of the very same building. International "Wag the Dog" is very common. and in regards to shame, we jews often show too much shame. It is Hizbullah who is shameful, who has no regard for civlian life period, regardless if its lebanese, israeli or otherwise.
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