Blogs: Hizbullah 'milked' Qana attack
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 01.08.06, 13:08
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TD ,   London   (08.01.06)
The awful truth is that Hizbollah placed already dead bodies in the basement of that building and staged the whole thing. Evidence that points to the whole thing being an evil sham is beginning to mount: 1 The bodies do not show injuries consistent with a full building collapse; 2 the IDF missile hit the building hours before it collapsed, which raises the question as to why the people were not evacuated in this time; 3 the IDF cannot account for the collapse of the building - it was in fact detonated with Hiz ordinance; 4 the IDF were firing missiles at the town through the night, which would make it impossible to sleep; 5 there is a very suspicious person holding up babies for the cameras who has been in photos doing the same thing in the last few years; 6 The dead baby was paraded by this person for hours in front of the media - bizarre and not consistent with someone there as a 'health' worker; 7 there was a massive poster lamenting the Qana tragedy and slamming Israel, which can only have been prepared before the building collapsed; 8 the IDF have been warning the locals for weeks to get out - granted that somehad no means to leave, but it is definitely very strange that the children were not evacuated immediately and it is VERY odd that they were in a basement in the middle of a war zone with no men with them... Hizbollah are an evil, terrorist group. They are scum, the lowest of the low. Their depravity is proven and they are proven liars - witness the recent fake bombing of civilians on a beach. One other thing that convinces me Qana stinks to high heaven: where are the parents identifying the bodies? Indeed, where are the parents at all? Nowhere to be seen. Starting inconsistencies, no witnesses, unexplained events - all ignored by the self-proclaimed 'quality' news providers - Pathetic. Israel should come out publicly and say what is increasingly obvious - that Hizbollah used dead bodies to score a propaganda hit. Force CNN, BBC and other apologists to look more closely at the story. Lastly - I pray for the poor children of Lebanon. That their parents allowed scum like Hizbollah to enter their lives like this is shameful.
2. And there you have it. Something we knew ALL along
Talula ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
Hezbullah are a vile and disgusting bunch of Satans and should be eliminated as soon as possible.
3. Nooo, the arabs wouldn't do that. The media eats it up.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (08.01.06)
4. Thanks
Stewart ,   UK   (08.01.06)
I saw this on the blogs last night, thanks for picking this one up. Most people I know still believe everything they hear on the six o' clock news.
5. kana, qana - additional shocking information
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
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6. I don't blame you.
Tunisian   (08.01.06)
Are South Lebanese Army's website and internet Blogs your sources for news? Desperate times....... God have mercy.
7. killed by idf
Marc ,   n yc, ny   (08.01.06)
The fact remains, they are dead, dead dead dead dead............dead, killled by IDF.
8. "Photos that damn Hezbollah," Link, Chris, Herald Sun
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
"Photos that damn Hezbollah," Link, Chris, Herald Sun, July 30, 2006,,,19955774-5007220,00.html
9. what about the 700 lebanese civilians ?!
Pal ,   Nablus   (08.01.06)
what about the massacre in Mirwaheen ? 23 people most of them kids fleeing with their families under fire ? was it also fabricated?..what about the 50 bodies found yesterday in Sreifa village?.. you should know that Lebanese soldiers take part in evacuating victims .
10. shame of the world press ,   manchester u.k.   (08.01.06)
How much time will the world press give to correcting their mistake,is it possible some of them may be the the payroll of hizbulla,if that is the case they are complicit in the deaths of innocent human beings.
11.  Israeli media
Anne   (08.01.06)
E.Rosen Y.Dan M.Chaimovitch+her side kick who looked so bored and detatched while at our northern border, yet so full of empathy inNY when heinterviewed after 9/11. They and their cronies etc etc won't like this article one bit. Karen Neubach was SO disappointed that she couldn't get Ehud Goldwasser's charming wife to speak against the government, she tried SO hard to get her to complain about Nahariya bombings too.Didn't work, did it Ms Neubach..Mrs. Goldwasser was fabulous, upbeat and positive, everything our media is NOT.( 'cept E Yaari and MAYBE one or two others)
12. What next, the children were actually dolls?
Stacie ,   Canada   (08.01.06)
The right wingnuts grasping at anything to downplay such madness is sickening and a violation of human dignity.
13. please agree it's an IDF mistake
Hisham Tajeddin ,   Khartoum Sudan   (08.01.06)
Collateral damage whether intentionally or not could occur, I think Israel PM's apology on the massacre is right and should've declared a total cease fire if he's looking into the future with Lebanon, and no sane justification to say it was a drama by Hizbullah, it's an absolute atrocity simply like Qana 1996.
14. Reliable weblogs
Constantine ,   New York, USA   (08.01.06)
There are thousands of weblogs in existence, and anybody can write anything in them. If you decide to believe a few of the extreme ones it's OK, but most reasonable people don't believe them.
15. humm
Hey   (08.01.06)
few hours!!??? of course they were taking the bodies from under the rubble, dont bring excuses its the israely air force who did it, dont blame it on anyone else....
16. stacey - you must agree that hezbollah started the war
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.01.06)
17. why my posts are never released
Ghandi ,   Saudi Arabia   (08.01.06)
Is this the free speech you brag about? Anyways, and again I say stop lying to your people. I found this article very funny. You , Yidiot , can't you get some of those pictures to prove your point. I doubt it . Viva N.Korea
18. Hizbollywood's first "snuff epic"
Ariel ,   Judean Hills   (08.01.06)
19. Hezbollah is an Israeli agent!!!
kolkhoz ,   beirut   (08.01.06)
Since you love conspiracy theories....Why not???
20. 14 and others: Reliable weblogs
Haim ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
You don't need to believe or not beleive. All exposed in those blogs is widley availabel. You can check yourslef and make your conclusions.
21. Chellenge to all who believe Hizbullah
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.01.06)
Follow any of the links in this article and disprove the evidence in them. Don't fret about the source, just concentrate on the evidence.
22. #9 What about them? They're dead and there will be more.
Jay N. ,   Jerusalem   (08.01.06)
It's called war. Start a war with Israel and people will die on both sides. What, you expect only Israelis should die? We all know what your answer is so don't worry about responding. Evidently more arabs will have to die before your people behave like civilized people. Count on it.
23. #14 Constantine
stefano   (08.01.06)
The value of this particular story in the blogosphere is that it examines a number of photos from various different news services; you can ignore the text and just examine the photos. Draw you own conclusions. What I found most "interesting" is the appearance of this same guy in the Qana disaster of 1996.
24. Another Israeli Propaganda
CHRISTIAN LEBANESE ,   Beirut   (08.01.06)
This is just another Israeli propaganda. Whichever u say or do to cover up the horrendous acts done by ur IDF, the truth is, they have killed 600 lebanese civilians with their bombs made in the US, NOTHING can cover that up!
25. But !
Khamis ,   Amman, Jordan   (08.01.06)
I thought that the Israelis are the media lords
26. Pal Nablus
ChanahS ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
YEs, there have been many cilvilian deaths in Lebanon. Nobody is denyng that. But please do not provide misinformation for the sake of propaganda - the official lebanese number according to AP : 03:49 Lebanon: 458 civilians, 21 Lebanese troops killed since fighting broke out (AP)
27. There is video on Fox News....
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.01.06)
Showing rockets fired from the building that was hit in Qana. The IDF is working to determine the certainty of that. It is under "VIDEO" , titled "Video May Redeem Israeli Claim", on this page:,2933,206514,00.html
28. The making of the "Al Durah" video
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.01.06)
Excellent footage and analysis from multiple other videos show that the famous "boy shot behind barrel" was a staged sham.
29. SO WHAT?
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.06)
Let's say it's hezbollah member, participating in save works so what? who killed the children? who lanched the bombs? Do you really think that hezbollah members are hiding arms among people? The policy of IDF is clear kill hezbollah members and kill any lebanese civilians suspected in supporting hezbollah emotionally or just living in south lebanon and Beirut suburb where live main hezbollah's election electorate The result of this policy 750 killed civilians till now. It's not only qana, THE BIG REAL MASSACRE IS THOSE 750 CIVILIANS WITCH THIRD OF THEM ARE CHILDREN killed by IDF AIRFORCE.
30. to all arabs
we are not saying that what happened in Qana was not an attrocity that needs to be looked into. we are simply saying that the photographs that appear in the press have been staged to turn world opinion against israel.
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