Soldiers exempted from Tisha B'Av fast
Neta Sela
Published: 01.08.06, 10:18
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1. Out of control
Per ,   Sweden   (08.01.06)
A marxist doctrine states "all wars are fundamentally based on money" And that religions merely are means to get people worked up. But I cannot see anybody gaining anything from what is going on right now. There is only ONE part in this conflict that can stop this mayhem from escalating further. Rage has replaced logic - and it is the governments and leaders who are to blame. If the people acted against their leaders and turned their guns against THEM instead of civillians, I guarantee it would stop this war in an instant! Because the real cowards are always on top of the pyramid looking at their bloody acts through binoculars. Neighbours will not kill each other, but if their leaders fills their heads with lies, and give them guns - shit will happen. Prove me wrong why don't you!
2. Religion in service of war
Yohan ,   Amsterdam   (08.01.06)
That is the wrong use of religion to surve the war!!!!
3. #1 This is Not the Typical War Between Countries
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.01.06)
This is a war to eradicate terrorism. Israel is not looking to seize land from Lebanon. In fact, Israel wants Lebanon to continue being good neighbors at their border. Hizballah is not a country and does not have a country but causes other countries harm. If we don't get rid of this cancer now, it will just spread. No good will come from stopping this "war".
4. Religion has too much influence in Israel
Moshe ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
Israel is almost a Religious State, and history has shown what happened only because of religion Look at all the wars and conflicts - religion this is not going to end - there are too many radicals on both sides and israel is not less radical than arabic neighbours
5. To 1: Read Tora and you will find out (End)
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.01.06)
6. #4 Moshe
Gila   (08.01.06)
It is not "radical" to care for the lives of your brothers and sisters. Our history shows that God alone helps us to survive. My parents--Holocaust survivors--swear it. Moshe, my brother, we need you. Perhaps yours is the voice that will put us over the top. Please join us today, 1900 Israel time, noon Eastern, in praying for the safety of our soldiers and our people.
7. #3
per ,   sweden   (08.01.06)
Quote: "No good will come from stopping this "war". I can only guess you're in the arms-business ( prosthetics and/or weapons) Remember Moshe, USA tried to stop the communist "cancer" in Vietnam. And the most important thing in this conflict - THE MEDIA! Israel has so far not gained much sympathy, on the contrary. Why - because last time I saw pictures from the war, they showed 37 dead arab kids. Oh, yes - and one civillian Israeli got a huge hole in his roof. Israel will probably "win" this "war" it is just a question of dropping enough bombs - but loose sympathy in the world, because they get terrible PR in the process. Just look at what USA can get away with just because they know how to manipulate the press... q.e.d.
SaraRifkaRahelLeah   (08.01.06)
9. Wrong locigs
Lars ,   Finnland   (08.01.06)
You, Swedish people, have allways fought for the last Finn. That is true from 30-years long war in the 17th century to the Winterwar 1939-40, when Russia attacked Finnland. If we Finns would turned our plain guns agaist our leaders, Sweden would be a sovjet state like Esthonia. Anyway - how long would Swedish goverment allow anyone to shoot rockets to Stockholm and kill innocent people?
10. Mi Keamcha Yisrael
MIK ,   Stamford, CT   (08.01.06)
As the day of Tisha B'Av approaches, let be especially vigilant and careful to pray on behalf of Tzahal. We recite Tehilim (Psalms) # 83, 130 and 142 every day. We must show ahavat chinam to every member of klal yisrael. Is there a website to see the names of the soldiers so that we can offer prayers for each individual? Does anyone know where to obtain this information? We count on the Almighty every day - especially during this time. He has never and will never let us down!
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