Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.06, 12:43
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31. #3 Wael...wake up!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.01.06)
There is a war on terror going on, haven't you heard??? Afghanistan was a breeding ground for Al-Qaida, Iraq was run by a man who paid PAlestinian suicide bombers' families $25,000. Iran is led by a mad man who wants to destroy Israel and for Isalm to rule the world and Syria is just a little puppet for the side of terror. Now, if you don't think we need to do anything about this, you are just plain stupid. This has nothing t do with companies or rules, just with killing terrorists. Get it?
32. #4 and #18...funny
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.01.06)
How you are so quick to condemn Israel for an air-strike that was meant to target Hezballah, but unfortunately killed some civilians. Where is your condemnation of Hezballah for setting up and shooting rockets out of that village? Where is your anger towards Lebanon for letting hezballah set up shop on S. Lebanon and control that countries border with Israel? Your one sided views only show that you either don't get the whole picture OR that you don't like Israel in general. Care to answer???
33. it does not add up!
Okay, here's my big question for Sinora, that weak, indecisive, morally corrupt "statesman:" The lebanese army is 80,000 strong. Why the HELL didn't he deploy the Lebanese army to defend his own citizens from Hezbollah? They fire rockets from residential areas where families with children live, taking entire neighborhoods hostage and using the population as human shields, and all he does is offer emotional support to the terrorist perpetrators, complain to the media and sue Israel in the Hague? If a terrorist group tried these tactics in the USA, the national guard would be out in full force to protect its citizens. Sinora, you are a pathetic excuse for a leader!
34. International law isn't worth the bog-roll it's printed on
Adamush   (08.01.06)
Israel should inform the ICC that it will not recognise its ruling.
35. F.... The Hague!
matt ,   israel   (08.01.06)
They will not prosecute a single israeli or get one cent out of us! They can pass as many lawsuits as they like. the whole world can impose sanctions. I dont care, it means nothing. Jews have been through much tougher times than this. These threats mean nothing.
36. answer to waeL
Salvador ,   Florida, USA   (08.01.06)
Yes I agree with you they should make a new UN but called United Terrorrist nations. UTN. and expell Israel and USA and other democratic countries. UTN should be headed by Iran, Cuba, venezuela, and other Neofacist countries.
37. Michal 15 years old, those people who are getting hurt...
god's army ,   what a joke.   (08.01.06)
Are the huzzbullashit supporters and the fighter and their kids and wives. And the people who they are trapping and making stay at gun point, because their evil cause cannot win without trechery and lies and lots and lots of death. That is why we call it terror... they even terrorize their own.
38. Sue Lebanon
Avraham ,   NY   (08.01.06)
I propose we sue Lebanon for not taking control of its territory and allowing Hizb'allah to terrorize Israel. I say we sue them for over 50 dead, two captives, at least 300,000 internal Israeli refugees, between one and two thousand wounded, severe damage to the North's economy, and numerous homes and apartments destroyed completely as well as residual loss from industries such as tourist. Now, how much does Lebanon owe Israel?
39. 8.000 have been killed in srebrenica under dutch eyes!!!
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
40. Sue Lebanon for failure to enforce...
rickmd ,   Baltimore, USA   (08.01.06)
UN resolutions demanding the Leboanon disarm all militias. The root cause of this conflict is that Lebanon is the "Weakman of the Middle East." Lebanon has failed to control an armed non governmental organization in its midst. Lebanon is therefore the guilty party. What did the USA do when attacked by an NGO in the Med? USA attacked Tripoli and sank the Barbary Pirates fleet.
41. Long Live Lebanon
A Simple Person ,   LEBANON   (08.01.06)
u know waht? israel has always commited war crimes but beause of the suport of american she never paid price for it's action & now u are laiming us for leaving the southern leabnon to hizballah. what can we do?nothing after all of israel people are criminals because they stand still watching their army killing children & innocent people only because they can't defeat hizballah. Finally i think this war must stop.
42. lebanon made a huge intl. uproar when Rafik Hariri
John ,   NZ   (08.01.06)
was assassinated by that baby face assassin Assad. And that was barely a year ago. So, how does this sub-servient puppet Siniora got into power. It is therefore clear that Syria killed Hariri to make way for this idiot and Lebanese who supports Siniora are fools too, RIGHT?
43. Hezbullah and Hebrew U.
Jane ,   Boston USA   (08.01.06)
Just remembering today the anniversary of the Hezbullah slaughter and bombing at Hebrew University in which innocent arab and non-arab students, faculty were killed. Until these people can be resurrected, don't talk to me about who is guilty of "war crimes." Lebanon is totally complicit in every single death that has occurred at the hands of Hezbullah, now and in the past and in the future until it starts to act like a sovereign country.
44. #10 Try Misfeasance /Nonfeasance n Public Office
Aaron T Small   (08.01.06)
An intentional act, by a person in a public office, which is prohibited / required by law, and which has the capacity to cause harm, which harm results. Would seem to fit this scenario nicely. How will Israel be held liable for the bombing of Kfar Kana when the building was dropped by Hizbollah in order to cause the massacre? F*&n Arabs, they all think that they are lawyers.
45. The US and the UN Security Council
Tony ,   Northampton, USA   (08.01.06)
I agree with waeL -- the UN should boot the US from the Security Council, because the US has repeatedly shown that it is just using the UN to achieve aims that are totally at odds with what the UN is supposed to stand for, including: peaceful resolution to international conflicts and protection of civilians from war crimes. The world has changed since 1945 and the UN should adjust its structure accordingly.
46. Sue Lebanon for Harboring Terrorists!
Margot ,   Round Rock USA   (08.01.06)
When this conflict is over, I hope that Israel will assist Lebanon with rebuilding, if the Lebanese government will allow them to do so. But suing Israel? Not when the government allowed Hezbollah to operate within their country and attack a neighboring nation!!! The reasonable people in Lebanon deserve better leaders. Sue the Lebanese government is more like it!
47. Lebanon
David Young ,   Ireland   (08.01.06)
The comments posted are as pathetic as the respective administrations involved in this conflict. It's tragic that civilian deaths on BOTH sides are being used politically by those seeking justification for military offensives. And it never ceases to amaze how unaffected civilians in the West can be so ignorant to the slaughter of their counterparts elsewhere. Wake up!
48. Israel should take Lebanon to Court for War Crimes
Nannette ,   London, UK   (08.01.06)
Lebanon is fully responsible for this war. Israel left Lebanon in 2000 and fulfilled all the UN resolutions requested. Lebanon on the other hand was required to fulfill Resolution 1559, requiring all militia to be disarmed and disbanded, including Hizbollah. The Syrian controlled government were too weak to fulfill this obligation that they had AGREED to. The blame lays fairly and squarely on Lebanon's shoulders, because IF they'd have fulfilled their obligations, no lives would have been lost since 2000. Lebanon should therefore be prosecuted for war crimes - a war which THEY started.
49. Yeah Kick the US out of the UN and lose all that money?
I doubt it. Where will it be held? Iran, Oh yeah lots of room for free speach and debate there. You people are a joke. The UN needs a free contry to operate in and one who is willing to pay the bills. Hey saudi arabia might work they got lots of money? Ooops then again no freedom. Lets just disolve the worthless org. better yet!
50. 41 You are right about being simple...
51. #8
Mick ,   Australia   (08.01.06)
lets say that Hizbollah croosed the so called blue line 100 times or even 1000 times do you know how many time Isreal crossed this line by entering trough the border and air and sea please spare me the b... S... Israel croosed the blue line since 2000 over 11000 times and if you want proof go to the UN web site
52. Lets sue
me ,   from gaia   (08.01.06)
And may I suggest the Israelis and the International Comm,SUE the Lebanese Gov,for NOT Stopping there Evil Hizbollah,citizens from starting this war??I remind the lebanese Minister that the First attack came from his Terretory,and further more Israel should SUE for the damages inflicted on Israeli property..I wonder where the 29 other "BODIES came from???as reported by the Lebanese rescuers.I'll tell you,They came in Refrigerated trucks;Just the images of most of these cadavres,proove that they were Dead even before,that building collapsed.It did fall,but only after 8hours ,of the IDF bombed the area..Most of the bodies were at advanced stages of rigomortis,which proves that most of the victims were dead before. The arabs should try telling the truth for once,and maybe,just maybe,they will find the right road ,to peace,and tranquility.
53. Qana incident - DOUBLE STANDARDS
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
Qana incident - DOUBLE STANDARDS The Qana incident is likely to be a defining incident in this current conflict, aided by a media that lacks context and prefers to judge Israel by different standards to other nations involved in military actions. It is, for example, interesting to examine the record of NATO forces that bombed the Serb military in Kosovo in the late-1990s. In the face of an estimated 500 civilian deaths, NATO admits that: "Strikes were also complicated by the cynical Serb use of civilian homes and buildings to hide weapons and vehicles, the intermixing of military vehicles with civilian convoys and, sometimes, the use of human shields. In this way, NATO's concern to avoid civilian casualties was exploited by the Serbs."
54. Lebanon is getting what it deserves...
One_American ,   USA   (08.01.06)
This is what you deserve if you harbor and defend terrorists within your borders. When more Arab countries realize this, there will be far less terrorism in the world. And why does Lebanon not use its Army to conrol Hezbollah? 80,000 Troops vs. 6,000 Hezbollah terrorists, and they can't get rid of Hezbollah? The Lebanon troops must be paper dolls, and not fighting soldiers.
55. #32 Condemnation???
joão ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (08.01.06)
DR, Every loss of innocent civilian life in a terrible war should be condemned... however, in my first contribution here I didn't condemn Israel for the Qana-bombing, on the contrary, I want there to be a full and INDEPENDENT investigation into it. As the Olmert government refuses this, and apparently wants to play the accused and its judge, I can only support Lebanon for taking it to the International Court in The Hague so that the facts can be brought to light before an independent judge... and whether the judgement will be in favour of Israel or Lebanon, I don't care ... My principal aim is to stop this madness and the apparent lawlessness in killing civilians in conflicts worldwide, so that hopefully some regimes will think twice when attacking some mintorities or dissident movements in their country...
56. "War crimes"
njoriole ,   New Jersey, USA   (08.01.06)
This "war crimes" charge against Israel would be laughable if not for the mind-numbing sameness of it all. Not to mention the unintentional irony, whereby a supporter of Hizbullah-the Lebanese "government"-decries Israeli response to the ACTUAL war crimes of Hizbullah (eg, purposely targeting civilians for attacks; placing war materiel, such as rockets, etc. among a captive civilian population, then making war from those civilian locations). Once and for all, no possibility of peace can exist with those whose fundamental mission is your own total, and final, destruction.
57. The problem is arab countries are supporting terrorist
land of the free   (08.01.06)
And trying to pay dumb. We are on to you, and like Mr Bush says 'You who support terror are no differnt than the terrorist." What do they put in the water in the Netherlands? I cannot believe what I hear. Was Israel not attacked again?? wake up, lest it happen to your country....
58. Lebanon will "sue" Israel in the Hague
Miss Molly ,   Vancouver, Canada   (08.01.06)
Israel has done nothing wrong. The blame lies squarely with Lebanon. 1. Hezbollah started the war. 2. They put the people of Lebanon in harm's way. 3. The mainstream media has enabled their spin, complete with sound tracks and the likes of Nic Robertson, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer et al stoking the fire. Truth is out the window. It's all about ratings. Israel needs our support. They are fighting for all of us in the West who believe in freedom and the rule of law. It sickens me to see what's happening, a total distortion of reality. This is a turning point for all of us. Time to wake up and smell the falafels. To quote Dennis Prager, "The concept of national suicide is not a Jewish value."
59. #57 - the problem...
joão ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (08.01.06)
Unbelievable, I am only asking for an independent investigation into the death of scores of innocent children, and still people here stay imprisoned in their way of thought of "criticism on Israel is dumb, and therefore you must support Hizbullah/terrorism"!??? Get off your high horse please... Mr Bush might say "those who support terror are no different than the terrorists" but let him practice what he preaches please ... the biggest funder of terrorism and islamic fundamentalism is (you might wanna sit down now) Saudi Arabia... the same Saudi Arabia which is the most important ally of "the land of the free"... While mr Bush is screaming his head off to Iran, Hizbullah and Saudi exile bin Laden, the Saudi's and their Wahhabi affiliates are funding and setting up islamic wahhabi fundamentalist centres in Africa, Europe, and yes, even America ...
60. My point was about innocents…water today?
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