Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.06, 12:43
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61. Lebanon sues Israel
Barry ,   Temple USA   (08.01.06)
Bubba seems to have forgotten all the Katyushas that were fired at Israel from Lebanon.
62. GUARUNTEED to LOSE the case
Reality Check ,   USA   (08.01.06)
because they would never use a Jewish attorney! BWAAHAHAHAHA
63. suit
kaye ,   cullman al   (08.01.06)
This publicity stunt shows the wisdom of nations who are not members of the criminal court. The Hezbos not the Israelis put these women and children on the front line. Israel, rational members of the world community are with you and thank you for fighting this battle against these evil reckless killers who have no regard for the lives of their children.
64. Lebanon's leaders are no friends of Israel
Mark Mazer ,   Boston, MA   (08.01.06)
With each passing day Lebanon's elected leaders show by their comments and failure to act that their sentiments lie with Hezbollah. This helps explain how Hezbollah's massive build-up of weapons and fortifications was able to take place, and raises a major question as to why Bush and Rice still insist on bolstering their power. That a difference exists between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government seems to be wishful thinking by the Bush administration.
65. 4 Qana
natan ,   lincoln UK   (08.02.06)
50000 arabs in Israel in 1948 1.5million now what that about Sad to say most Muslims are killed by other Muslims as are most other people
66. Lebanon Suing Israel
Jacob ,   Philadelphia, USA   (08.03.06)
As an American Baháí, (The Baháí Faith teaches that all the religions come from the same God) I agree with our friend from the Netherlands that Israel should pay for reparations to Lebanon’s infrastructure and victims. The situation reminded of the destitute who were left in New Orleans, too poor, elderly or infirm without cars and other means to be able to leave. In so far as the leaflets are concerned warning civilians to leave, these people had no real means. Moreover, early on in the war the Israelis prevented the Red Cross and other humanitarian groups from evacuating these people. I too want this fighting to stop immediately, and feel that there is no reason or excuse for the violence that has ensued. Actually, I blame the world community, which includes all of us. What was needed twenty years ago, or even before, was an active International Force in Southern Lebanon, which could have prevented Hezbollah from planting its seeds, while Lebanon could have focused its energy on improving its standard of living, especially for those who are appreciative of the help Hezbollah has given them. But, today in this world, there is not yet the political will to give power to such an International Force or establish the necessary requirements for such a UN sponsored organization, a World Police Force if you will. I guess heretofore such an idea would have required too much cooperation and compromise. Perhaps, the situation in the Mid-East today, and the fact that the empowerment of such an international force is finally being discussed, might finally require that we all as citizens of the world, might finally recognize the value of a World Police Force, and begin the necessary steps towards the empowerment of such a force.
67. Children signing Israeli missiles!
Hussein ,   Michigan, America   (08.04.06)
Have you people seen the small children signing missles before they were fired into Lebanon? I guess you people are training them to hate real early just like you accuse the Muslims of training young terrosists. I guess you fools dont have mirrors over there, come see me and I'll show you.
68. 10,000 to 12,000 prisoners
jacob ,   philadelphia, USA   (08.05.06)
In all the discussions of responsibility about this war , too seldom do I hear the reminder that the Israelis are holding 10 to 12 thousand prisoners without legal representation. It is my understanding that many of these prisoners are women and children. Doesn't this matter? I would also like to add that the day before Hezbollah kidnapped the first Israeli soldier, Israelis kidnapped and are holding 2 Arabs. I just think that we should all be paying attention to all the facts and remembering what Ghandi said, " An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."
69. Hear hear!
Amer R. Saidi ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (09.09.06)
Refreshing objectivity from a Westerner. The fact is that as a Southern Lebanese my feelings towards israel and the Israelis cannot be properly expressed without descending into vulgar obscenity, but the the killing of civilians should not be condoned on either side. Not to stereotype peoples too much, but I have always felt the Irish to have a certain sense of justice, perhaps because they themselves have known known so much oppression historically. We the Lebanese also have a history shaped by adversity, but we have borne it with bitter pride, for out adversity was born genius, which the countless achievments of our countryment (both at home and abroad) bear witness.
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