IDF casualties in south Lebanon
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.08.06, 19:57
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31. 25. ramallah - don't worry: am israel chai!
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.01.06)
32. "6 terrorist were killed."
Tunisian   (08.01.06)
how about the number of IDF casulties in this article's title? Go figure. Leaders are insane...only the innocent get hurt. No body is going to win this let's stop it. Peace of the equals for everybody....we still have a chance.
33. check out "Obsession" (link) What The War on Terror Is about
World   (08.01.06)
34. Lebanese heroism
Ihab ,   KSA   (08.01.06)
Why the IDF did not mention the number of casualties? Tomorrow you would be surprised at the toll number of the soldiers that died. Plus, out of 400 bodies of the resistance, how come we have not seen their bodeis up to now? Reality is the other way around. Trust me, this aggression has reduced the Israeli soldier legend. Well equipped, with all the technology , but without the faith and courage of our resistance. Withdraw and save your me.
35. all this gighting to gain i mile of land lol
sami ,   usa   (08.01.06)
with all that power the idf have 3 weeks fighting and they didnt go one mile in lebanon, with only few dozens of hizballah fighter,yah i said good job idf lol
36. How many??
Sattouf ,   USA   (08.01.06)
How many did you guys suffer in casulaties?? Anyways it's nothing compared what we've been suffering from you for the past 60years!! Gob Bless Sayyed Hassan!
37. war is not won by ceasefire
jud ,   usa   (08.01.06)
ceasefire will only produce unending wars.... WWII ended because Germany was obliterated including civilians as casualties.... lebanon who supported hisballs-a should be obliterated and brought to its knees to end this war
38. #18
Humberto ,   NJ, usa   (08.01.06)
Too bad you can't flood these tunnels with sea water - are there any volcanos in the area ? Can you make a volcano erupt with a bunker buster bomb ? To flood the tunnels with molten lava. What would happen if you drilled deep into the ground in southern Lebanon and than detonated a nuke undergound? Would that cause an earthquake or would the blast destroy these tunnels ?
39. #26,a lot of Shiit
America is superior ,   ha,ha   (08.01.06)
shit to be more precise...
40. #28
valden ,   bln, g   (08.01.06)
you're soooo right. what are we waiting for! and btw, only the second best af?
41. reaction
old ,   Berlin   (08.01.06)
In every relation to enemies army you have seconds, one or two for handling and win, than it is to late. Normally air force is starting and troops are following, or in the same time but at different areas. War it is network-team.... and you must have many understandig for this. Better more than to little.
43. Dont forget WW2, Germany & Japan
Blasater ,   Yueden, USA   (08.01.06)
Were not "negotiated" with. There was unconditional surender and total anihilation. Thats how it was won and it brought LASTING peace. A negotiated peace now means perhaps millions dead in the future, once these animals succestfully smuggle a nuclear warhead and....
44. #40
Adam ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.01.06)
Best in the region, especially considering its size for the amount of land and population we have. Its all objective, in some ways we have the best air force, in other ways, US or Russia, depends how you look at it
45. #30 - Then why is Nasrallah so desperate for ceasfire?
RA   (08.01.06)
46. #43 Germany, Japan, etc
JS ,   Texas   (08.01.06)
That was 60 years ago. Today we live in the age where pictures of dead children can be seen around the world hours after they are killed. The rules have changed. Also, you need to be a super-power to act unilaterally. Israel is not, and therefore they must play along with the rest of the world.
47. I Think Annan Weeps Every Night Because..
RA   (08.01.06)
He knows his good friend Nasrallah will be dead soon.
48. to # 27,# 1
KACH 613 ,   MEDENAT YEHAUDA!!!!   (08.01.06)
Are you people insane???? You did not learn from last years EXPOLTION in GUSH KATIF that when you run from teror it will run after you even harder!! Libaralisim is a MENTEL DISORDER!!
49. 'hate' and diplomacy
eltee ,   Ny, USA   (08.01.06)
A number of people writing in keep talking about a 'diplomatic' solution, and the idea that this war to eradicate, or at least degrade Hezbollah won't be successful because it will simply engender more hate of the Jews in the Arab world (and beyond). That might be correct if the goal was to change the arab mindset vis-a-vis Israel and the Jews. That is not the goal of these operaations. The goal is A) to deal hezbollah a severe and crushing blow, so as to make it understood that missle fire at Israel, and cross border raids will not be tolerated, B) to retrieve the kidnapped soldiers if they are still alive (which I personally doubt) and C) to show these terrorists, their masters, and their supporters throughout the Muslim world that their is a very high price for Jewish blood. Since it seems that the arabs have a large tolerance for the death and misery of their people, the blows by Israel must be very harsh and strong, harsher and larger than the arab world's ability to accept it. As far as engendering more hatred; the arabs hatred and bloodlust for the Jews has not (and will not) go away, regardless of what Israel does, harsh or conciliatory. It is continually stoked in nearly every school, mosque, newspaper, sermon, and speech throughout the Muslim world. If there were no Jews to hate as an enemy, the Muslims would have to invent them to cover up the shortcomings of their current state of being. So let them hate Israel and the Jews, as long as they also fear them. That will bring a longer lasting peace than the mouthings of diplomats who couldn't care less if they sell Israel down the river, or the fantasies of bleeding heart utopian do-gooders who think that if only Israel makes concession after concession and keeps turning the other cheek the peaceable kingdom will arrive. Actually I do want Israel to show her enemies a cheek; two of them in fact.
50. "Terrorists operating from..within houses and between them"
def   (08.01.06)
Surely not where there are innocent Lebanese civilians who could be wounded or killed?! Are the brave "freedom fighers" hiding within and between the womens birkas, too?
52. Ben Weideman
eye up above ,   Canada   (08.02.06)
Why does Ben Weideman of CNN hate Israel so much? What's his story?
53. #52
America is best ,   wala wala   (08.02.06)
CNN is a leftist organization, they all prefer socialism/communism over democracy. Also, Wolf Blitzer is no better....
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