Settler leader: War in north result of Gaza pullout
Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.08.06, 21:37
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1. The Real Heroes Of Israel.History Will Prove This
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (08.01.06)
There is NO doubt that these people are the heroes of Israel. They suffered non stop rocket bombardments, and protected ALL the surrounding communities. As soon as they were expelled, all the other communities became bombarded. In a typical Orwellian fashion, the regime and their Peace Now/Death Now counterparts tried to portray that the soldiers lives were being risked in order to protect the 'settlers'. Not. It was the 'settlers' who were protecting the entire country. More soldiers are injured and killed now than when they were 'protecting' the reviled 'settlers'. Them's the facts.
2. Olmert To Destroy More JewishHomes In the Near Future
3. Donate to the Former Gush Katif Residents
(08.01.06) Shalom
4. Idiot bullsh*tters
Michael Steiner   (08.01.06)
The war is the result of disengagement. What tripe. Pope John Paul also died last year; maybe the war is the result of his death? These morons should be thanking G-d that our soldiers are no longer having to risk their lives daily to protect a handful of settlers among a million hostile people in an area, which doesn't belong to Israel according to international law. You'll be keeping sefer hatorah at the kotel till kingdom come because THERE WILL BE NO RETURN TO GUSH KATIF!! (Better donate the Torah to a community without it than to desecrate it like this for moronic politics.)
5.  Even before the gaza pull out
Nomi   (08.01.06)
the fact that we didn't smash into the murderers after each terrible piguah, Dizengoff Centre, Sbarro, the buses, the Dolphinarium etc etc like wer'e reacting today, is the reason Hizballah cant understand.Why suddenly is this nation reacting? When their babies and children were slaughtered in their beds, eating pizza, dancing, etc, they did NOTHING about it and now suddenly they've woken up? Thats our punishment. A certain prime minister chose not to react to any of this slaughter,(his grandchildren were safe and sound) and we, like frightened sheep,accepted this, and on top of all that, we handed them Gush Katif! We are a disgrace to ourselves for having accepted sleazy decisions that were made on our behalf. Lets pray we come out of this, but there's a rumour that someone intends to keep on giving away even more gifts/land to murderers, no?
6. Number 4
Ed ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (08.01.06)
Seeing the comments of Michael and others like him reminds me of a joke: Q: How many left wing radicals does it take to change a light bulb? A: It doesn't matter, they're not going to see the light anyway. I used to think that at some point even people like Michael would see the error in their thinking...I have, over the years, come to realize that this will never happen. The issue it turns out is not facts, events, etc. but rather the fundamental way that people like Michael are "wired". It is no more possible for someone like this to be "convinced" that his world view is wrong than it is possible to cure someone of diabetes by "talking" to them about their problem. So far medical science has no answer to the disorder known as "leftism". One must treat people who are ill with compassion and understand that it is not they who are speaking when they rant and rave, rather it is the disease talking. Be well....take care of yourself.
8. #4 living under a rock!
KACH 613 ,   MEDENAT YEHAUDA!!   (08.01.06)
Are you blind??? What in G-Ds name is your problem? We all see what is going on in Gaza now and it is only because we RUN from terror and that is what happend in Lebanon you run and they come back 10 times stronger!!! You will NOT be invited to my new house in KFAR DAROM!!!!
9. Righteous Path
Noland ,   Los Angeles   (08.01.06)
Thank God ! There are those who still believe that their land was promised and given to them by Abraham's God and Saviour.
10. Not an inch backwards
Ana ,   Spain   (08.01.06)
Concessions to terrorists encourage them. Israel should give nothing else.
11. too bad fat boy does not wake up
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.01.06)
let him see what he did to our country to save his own ass.Then we can try him.
12. Abu Steiner still doesn't get it.
sk ,   USA   (08.01.06)
If A comes before B, A might or might not cause B. However, if A is a repeatable event and every time A occurs B also occurs, and if B only occurs after A occurs, anyone who is not blinded by ideology could assume, provisionally, that A causes B. (There could be a third variable C that causes both, however. Hence "provisionally.") Likening this to the death of a pope is silly. Mr. Steiner, the predictions of the anti-expulsion camp have been born out. Do I really need to link to Caroline Glick's op eds in the J Post to support this claim? Every time Israel contracts territorially, Arab violence goes up. That is why Israel returned to Judea and Samaria under Sharon. If Israel is to survive (and I am not convinced it will), it will indeed have to return to all of Yesha. In protecting those "settlers," who, incidentally, contribute disproportionately to the IDF, Israel kept the Arabs from strategic positions in Gaza and could maintain a land-based military presence next to the terrorists. Your blarney about "international law" is demonstrably false, but somehow you have failed to pay attention, and I won't rehash this here.
13. Is theis the time to divide our country?
David ,   Karmiel   (08.01.06)
Maybe you "Orange" people are right or maybe you are wrong but what is really wrong is to divide the country. What do you think that the Arabs are saying? They are laughing at us. There is the "left" who call us criminals as they called you in Gaza and now we have the "right" dividing us more. The bottom lines is with our "friends" on the left and right, who needs enemies. Dividing the nation is giving Nasrallah, Hamas, the Iranian Monkey and the Syrian Stooge more help that the hostile reporters on Sky News, the BBC and CNN. Its also called sedition!
14. Bravo....Bold Rabbi
SupportThisRabbi ,   NJ USA   (08.01.06)
Belgian rabbi Shmiel Mordche Borreman, who attended a demonstration in Brussels to condemn Israel and support Lebanon and Palestine, called Israel a “terrorist state.” Attending the 10,000-strong demonstration, Borreman, a leading anti-Zionist, began and ended his speech saluting protestors with the Arabic greeting, “Salamun Alaykum.” Following the demonstration, Borreman spoke to Zaman, and defended that Israel was an “illegal state,” adding, “Israel is committing terror. This country is a terrorist country.” “Zionists are not Jews and Jews are not Zionists,” Borreman told Zaman. He also wore this slogan on a sign attached to his chest throughout the demonstration. Borreman asserted that Israel was employing the use of terror against Palestine and other countries in the region, and used a phrase more commonly used by the West when they talk about al-Qaeda suggesting that “They hold religion to ransom.” Borreman accused Israel of using Judaism and Jews, and said, “We want to live with our Muslim brothers in peace. To reestablish peace, Israel should return all Arab lands it has occupied.” The United State’s arrogance and the European Union’s callousness encouraged Israel, Borreman said, “The US and Israel declare all dissident countries rogue states. Today, there is only one rogue state in the world and that is Israel.” Borreman expressed his support to the Palestinian and Lebanese people for their continuing fight against imperialism, and said, “I salute Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela for voicing their reactions against US imperialism.”
15. Number 6...
Mikael Wallgren ,   Umeå, Sweden   (08.01.06)
Great- not one single argument, just how much idiot a leftist point of view is. Great! And- the settlers are among the worst crime the world has seen since 1945.
16. Ynet is silent over Olmert's planned evictions comming up.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (08.01.06)
Left-wing secular media; obviously not the voice of the people.
17. To David!!
KACH 613 ,   MEDENAT YEHAUDA!!   (08.02.06)
Dont be silly we are not dividing anyone! We are looking at the cause of this war and it is not a argument! A small amount of people with a mentel illness calld libaralisim really want to divide us but I would say we on the right are at least 75% of Isreal! Remember Sharon did not want a referendom!
18. expulsion
Yisraeli   (08.02.06)
I have no doubt whatsoever that what is happening to Israel today is punishment for the terrible crimes committed on the Jews of Gush Katif. Then 'we' expelled 8000 from their homes and deprived them of an economy now we have 800.000+ are out of their homes refugees in their own country and without an economy. Some people are getting the message many no doubt are still not but perhaps when the missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv maybe even Shenkin Street will get the message. All what we see today are the results of the foggy bottom lefties with complicity of elements from the right. All this is the fruits of theyre labour and Am Yisrael is paying the price for going along with it. And I am afraid deservedly so as much as it hurts me. I too thought the Steiners of the world would finally learn something but most will never learn, it is a pathological disease of the mind and they are stuck with it, but the rest of us will go forward eventually after theyre destruction and look back on them as insignificant has beens. May he the fat one continue to hover between both worlds for he deserves entry into neither, a fitting end. May all his co-conspirators be equally judged in this lifetime. And David from Karmiel, stop frothing at the mouth with your calls of sedition. We are united for we all have a common destiny if we fail. We will overcome! we will overcome all the arabs that seek to destroy us and we will even overcome all are own home grown elements of pain and destruction. We still all have a destiny to forfil and even if we have to be forged by fire we will all get there...... eventually.
19. #s 6, 12:
Michael Steiner   (08.02.06)
#6: Apart from ad hominem cheapshots, do you have anything of actual substance to say? I'm not left-wing or "compassionate" or someone who believes in diplomacy so spare me your straw men. I don't give a monkey's ass about the Palestinians or their welfare (after all, neither do they so why should I?!) Patriotism and Zionism do not equal territorial magnitude and expansion. Rather, they equal doing what is in the interest of the People of Israel. And putting our soldiers at risk for the purpose of facilitating a religious theology espoused by a minority of Israelis is decidedly NOT in the interest of the People of Israel. #12: What's with "Abu Steiner"? I don't have any children so I cannot be the father of a Steiner. Think before you write. Oops, too late... The predictions you talk about had not come from the anti-disengagement camp. We all knew what would happen. No-one, from any part of the political spectrum, said that the Disengagement would bring peace or a cessation of the conflict. We all knew they'd continue hating us and attacking us. Territorial "retreat" sometimes meant more violence (Aza), and sometimes meant real peace (Sinai) so the jury is out on that one. Israel returned to Yesha under Arik Sharon. Did it stop or assuage the violence? No; it fanned it. It doesn't take a genius to understand that when you put yourself in the midst of your enemy, you enable your enemy easier access to you. The rockets from Aza will not stop until (a) every last inhabitant of it is killed, or (b) a change happens from among the Palestinian population. Rockets cannot be fought by ground troops; pre-disengagement period showed that and the past month has shown it, too. But when you're being attacked from another country, you have a far greater legitimacy in carpet-bombing the other country (as we should be doing in Aza and Lebanon). Thanks to the fact that the attacks came unprovoked from outside Israel on Israeli territory, despite the feigned outrage, Israel is not really condemned. Even a number of Arab countries understand and tacitly support our operations in Aza and Lebanon. Israel WILL survive. Separation WILL occur; maybe (B"H) next year, maybe in ten years' time but those who think that Israel will continue to occupy millions of people at the behest of a small minority of Israelis in perpetuity are totally deluding themselves.
20. EVICTION NOW! AUG1 see this....
ilana ,   USA   (08.02.06) Article where we might miss it. Olmert.....well, no appropriate words for this forum.
21. # 14 you pointless nothing
KACH 613 ,   MEDENAT YEHAUDA!!!!   (08.02.06)
We have some self haters so what is your point????
22. Jason # 11 - Exactly!
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (08.02.06)
Jason, my sentiments exactly. It would be justice if Sharon were to awake and see what his 'disengagement' wrought. It will not be too late though to try (and perhaps hang) all the Oslo criminals. Without Oslo the Arabs would NEVER have thought that they can willfully attack Israel and achieve everything for absolutely nothing. I hope Peres doesn't croak too soon because he surely, along with Olmert, Beilin & their cadre must face the consequences of their decisions. Only arrogant appeasers would dare trade the Jewish homeland, as if it were theirs to give/trade away.
23. Say anything to further your cause
Sarah ,   usa   (08.02.06)
You guys are all insane. The arabs wanted Jews out of the land since the state of Israel was created, and even before that. You are using this argument to bolster your cause, and cannot prove at all the pullout is the effect of what is occuring today. How myopic. Its so much more complicated, but you refuse to see it, only the facts you want to see. It does not matter,you wouldnt agree, bc you are blinded by your faith, which you believe with out question. I lived among you once, and yes, it was the happiest time of my life, but my brain always questioned everything, so I learned, and see now that I could never be content believing half-truths. I am glad now, though not as content and spritually happy, that I will bring my son and hopefully future children up in a safer environment. I know there are no guarantees, but how can you mothers do this to your children???? Make them live in war zones?
Jim ,   Los Angeles U.S.A.   (08.02.06)
How about this?...War as a result of Jewish expulsion of the previous inhabitants of Palestine from their land during the 20th century! Can you imagine all this nonsense going on without a Palestinian refugee crisis and occupation (justified by a European Jewish holocaust and refugee crisis)? I guess if you are a paranoid Zionist or American imperialist, you'll forever be saying, "well, if it wasn't this, it'd be something else." But admit's all cover for the inner guilt that you feel for making another people (who had nothing to do with your misery) pay for the country you feel you deserve after all the atrocities committed to you. Or is it cover for your self-interest in having well-secured, relatively cheap oil...that is, of course, why your government (i.e. U.S.) supports friendly undemocratic regimes (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) against not so friendly corrupt regimes (Syria and Iran). And you wonder why they are mad at us and Hamas and Hizbollah are loved beyond Palestine and Lebanon?
25. #23 And the Arabs expelled 900,000 Jews
Israeli   (08.02.06)
from all the arab countries, so whats your point dipshitt?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.02.06)
now that we have heard the arab version of reality, how about this: the land of israel belonged to the jews 4,500 years ago. most of the arab refugees arrived after 1900, and in fact the u.n. officially recognizes anyone who lived in "palestine" for TWO YEARS prior to 1948 as a legitimate refugee (and houses, clothes, feeds, and educates them, fifty-eight years later). the "right of return" that the palestinians seek is not an international principle or human right, but the policy of the jewish state of israel to provide refuge for any jew who seeks it. the arabs are now demanding their "rights" to destroy israel. historically, the british "stole" the land of israel from the ottoman empire by promoting arab nationalism, and they were the ones who gave it the name "palestine", in spite of the fact that it had nothing to do with the long-dead philistines, and over the objections of local arabs, who didn't even start using the term until 50 years later, when it was adopted by an egyptian-led terrorist gang. it was the british who stole 77% of "palestine" to make an arab country for their exiled saudi arabian friends, the hashemites, and for the arab inhabitants. the jews were originally supposed to make do with the remaining 23%, except that the arabs have now demanded half of that as well, for a second arab country of "palestine". (in addition to their 77%.) if there ever was such a thing as an arab state of palestine, why did it not proclaim its independence in 1948? from 1948 to 1967 they were completely under arab control, but there was never even a whisper about "palestine" - because it is imaginary! it exists only as part of the cynical arab campaign against israel. if you want to find the cause of war in the middle east, it is simple: occupation - just not israeli occupation. israel occupied the territories from 1967 to 1997, and the arabs enjoyed relative peace and prosperity, including tens of thousands of jobs in israel and a booming tourist trade. it is only since the plo occupation, sanctioned by the oslo accord, that arabs in the territories have been used as cannon fodder, their economy has been subverted by the intifada, and their rights have been trampled by gangs of armed thugs. if you honestly care for the welfare of the palestinian arabs, fight to end the (plo) occupation!
27. Number 15
Ed ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (08.02.06)
Of course not one single missed the point of my post. "Arguments" don't affect people like you...I could make arguments, present logic, history, facts, observations, conclusions, etc. but I recognize that it will not affect you or change your mind. Your world view is not a function of any of the above it is a function of your physical condition. The settlers are of course not a crime. The crime is the occupation of Jewish land by Arabs for hundreds of years. The liberation of the land of the Jews by Jews is simply righting an historical wrong. But please...don't let anything affect your world view. One day there will be a cure for the disease of "liberalism" and people will be much better off as the world can actually realistically deal with issues it must deal with...including Islamic Imperialism and Islamic Fascism. I suppose that with Sweden's glorious record vis a vis Fascism being under the Islamic thumb does not worry you too much. Have you started to learn Arabic yet?
28. Wages of sin
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.02.06)
Israel's serial betrayals of both the SLA and the residents of Gush Katif has weakened us both morally and militarily. When will we learn that lesson and correct our ways?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.02.06)
Exchanging Jewish land for war, Global Islamic Terror State One was installed in Gaza with an Al Qaeda and Hizbullah presence. Iranian Revolutionary Guard units train Fatah and Hamas in the Jew-cleansed areas of Gaza. In the land for war, Jew-cleansed areas of global terrorist paradise Gaza, Islamists fire a daily, incessant barrage of rockets on the defenseless Jews of Sderot and Ashkelon. "Peace" for IslamoFascist religious supremacists is the destruction of non-Muslim rule and the triumph of, and the rule of global military Islam. Deceptively mis-named an Arab-Israeli conflict - it is global jihad. Immorally, highly pressured by the U.S. EU, UN, and Russia, Israeli leaders plan to give the military strategic high ground of Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem to global jihadists - bringing Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Ra'anana, Kfar Saba, Afula, Hadera, Tiberias and the international airport within rocket firing range of the Islamists - Jewish land in exchange for war! The installation of global Islamic Terror State Two in Israel. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
30. Michael Steiner (
sk ,   USA   (08.03.06)
31. Michael Steiner (Abu Hitnakut) #19
sk ,   USA   (08.04.06)
Mr. Steiner, obviously correct about the use of "Abu" in "Abu Steiner." As I am a reasonable fellow, I acknowledge your point by suggesting a new nom de guerre for you, as shown in the Subject line of this Talkback. You say "The predictions you talk about had not come from the anti-disengagement camp." I don't understand. The predictions I talked about did indeed come from the anti-disengagement camp. I mentioned Caroline Glick by name, but I could have offerred a long list., including yours truly (in my small way). You: "We all knew what would happen. No-one, from any part of the political spectrum, said that the Disengagement would bring peace or a cessation of the conflict. We all knew they'd continue hating us and attacking us." Me: Who are you trying to bamboozle Michael? First, you offer straw men. The issue is not peace or cessation of the conflict. The sought-for goal was surely a clear improvement in Israel's terror-related situation. This did not occur. However, the pro-expulsion forces actually had very little reasoning of any kind to back up their position. Mostly, what they had were catchphrases that were usually non sequiturs. I illustrated the absurdity of such "argumentation" with the "Kadima Two-Step" (#59):,7340,L-3235826,00.html And, in that same set of Talkbacks, none other than Mr. Michael Steiner (Abu Hitnakut) in #40 demonstrated how powerful such catchphrases could be: "I used to be one of those who thought the Palestinians can be negotiated with; that ultimately we could find a way to live with each other side by side in peace. But we so evidently cannot. Hence the only reasonable solution is to separate from themselves in every respect. Build the barrier, withdraw behind it, and let's both get on with our business on our respective side." Alas, the "Palestinians" had other ideas. By the way, while you might fantasize about carpet-bombing the Pals in Gaza, it will not happen, and using that as a backup plan in case the disengagement would fail was a foolish fantasy. A government that would carpet-bomb would have already expelled the Pals rather than incinerating them all.
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