3 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.08.06, 22:05
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Dani ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.01.06)
The real number is much bigger than this. Unfortunately, this war is meaningless. It is just for nothing, I feel so sorry for each tsahal memeber who dies there. Olmert and Pertz are chaeting us!!!
2. olmert !!
moshe ,   Israel   (08.01.06)
Olmert !!!!! why should we pay the price of an american war. if they want this war let them do it. we dnt want our children of israel to die!!!!!!!
3. No more futile war. No moer dead soldiers.
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.01.06)
It's time to get out of Lebanon. Olmert - bring the boys back home NOW!
4. Why wereHez allowed such a buildup in S. Lebanon.Whatamess
Alan ,   SA   (08.01.06)
5. #1, 2, 3
def   (08.01.06)
Didn't you forget the "Death to Israel" and "Death to American" part?
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (08.01.06)
another sacrifice which is given by Olmert & his cabinet to their american masters
7. 1,2,3 & 6
Michael ,   Yokneam, Israel   (08.01.06)
These posters I believe are actually not from Tel Aviv but rather a Hizbullah propogandist or such who thinks he can plant ideas in our heads here on Y-Net. No such luck. Everyone in Israel wants the soldiers home, but only after we finish our "unfinished" business with Hizbullah.
8. True Heroes
Miami ,   Florida   (08.01.06)
The soldiers that were killed are true heroes and it is because of them and all of IDF that Israel is and always will remain the safest place for the jewish people. My condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers in Israel, they died "AL KIDDUSH HASHEM".
9. They are our heroes
Arie   (08.01.06)
They died to protect us from a cancer. They shall not be forgotten
11. Israel has and will loose this war
Sal Azam ,   Chicago USA   (08.01.06)
Whats the point of fighting and becoming a rogue state? Israel should end its occupations and opt for peace.Illegal occupation is not the sign of power but of weakness and and cowardnice. Make Peace Israel before its too late. people are fighting you for their freedom and land. If you were in their situation you would have done the same thing.
14. Dani and Moshe
Steve ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.01.06)
What planet are you both living on? Don't get caught up in the easy living in central Israel as we get attacked up north. Get your heads out of your care-free arses and see the light for a change.
16. Proud Grandpa's latest (3)
sk ,   USA   (08.01.06)
I believe Barak already tried that. It worked well, obviously. If your point is that the war should not be futile, that is certainly true. Southern Lebanon should be emptied of Arabs and then annexed to Israel.
AVINU   (08.01.06)
AVINU   (08.01.06)
21. #6 Yes, It's a Pity: Could be WORSE
Ertok   (08.01.06)
And we'd all just LOVE to have IRAN and SYRIA as OUR "MASTERS". Now THAT is PITIFULLY FUNNY!!?
22. Olmert is not SHARON! this war is hopeless....
vlad ,   europe   (08.01.06)
Olmert is not SHARON! this war is hopeless....
23. 3 IDF Soldiers killed and 25 injured
Mick ,   Australia   (08.01.06)
you were warned Lebanon for you is mud you should've learned from previous experince. well lets see 1st day activity and olmert said he wants 2 weeks so 14 X 3 = 42 14 X 25 = 350 that the IDF not stretch still in 1 village is it worth it and we all know after all negotiation going to happen all this because Olmert want be on GW good side and to be seen with condy. I don't think thats worth it. killing not the answer give the Lebanese their land and their prisoners stop your Army from invading their air land and sea then you dont have to hear from them. live your life as you wish let them live their as they wish. and thats democracy at least if you do so I guess the whole world will back you up and I'll will be one of the first to back you up and I can guarantee many people like me who will be on your side.
24. air raides is the answer
american ,   san francisco, ca us   (08.01.06)
25. #6
Mark   (08.01.06)
Masters of this tragedy are in Tehran and Damascus. You in Lebanon certainly are well aware of the fact that the mastermind behind all that killing and bloodshed is Islam. 'Behold, he who keeps Israel Will neither slumber nor sleep.'
26. Stronger we become
Aron ,   UK   (08.01.06)
The more Dead we have...the Stronger we become
27. 2moshe
Ana ,   Spain   (08.01.06)
Hizbollah attacked Israel, not the US
28. Go IDF!
RA ,   New York City   (08.01.06)
All you people in central Israel are acting like the rest of the ignorant, jew-hating world. You are currrently living in comfort while your brethren up north are terrorized, and you turn your backs on them. If it wasnt for the IDF, you would also be terrorized. Stop complaining you traitors. Man-up, support your country and fight for your freedoms because there are a billion people who want to take them away from you.
29. dani
avi ,   canada   (08.01.06)
this is not an american war my friend, people are firing rockets in our face, yes america has interests in this war but they are not the ones that are suffering, WE ARE , we have to defend ourselves or tommow dani the bobm is not landing in the north , it is landing in ur backyard in telaviv
30. #23; Hizballah won't live us alone until we will die
that's its ideology because it is backed by Iran that wants to anahilate Israel. We must get rid of Hizballah and those soldiers know that they fight for this and are ready to die for this cause. We lost 700 soldiers in six days in 1967, still it is considered a phenomenoul victory. This operation will also end in our victory and with much less soldiers lost. Don't forget that only yesterday Hizballah lost 20 of its members in ground fights and today it lost at least another six, at the end we will get rid of them.
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