Survived Bint Jbeil, killed in Aita al-Shaab
Eli Senyor
Published: 01.08.06, 23:58
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1. G-D bless this hero
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.02.06)
May his family be comforted.
2. A lump in my throat...a gibor like this, and so young!
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (08.02.06)
To he bereave Einhorns, my deepest feelings... Hamakom yenachem etchem betoch she'ar aveley Tsion V'Yerushalaim...Let's hope for absolute and complete peace soon, for Israel and all its people, within safe borders, with prosperity and health for all, bekarov beyameinu...
3. Yonathan Einhorn
Randy ,   OKC, USA   (08.02.06)
I'm not Jewish. It is my hope that what I write does not offend this brave young man's family or religion. I didn't know Yonathan Einhorn. I know brave souls like him though. My heart bleeds for his loved ones that he leaves behind. He looks like he was a fine young man that had a promising life ahead of him. He chose a different path though. Because of his love of life, freedom, G-D, and family he chose to place himself between pure evil and everything that was dear to him in this life. Many young men both in Israel and the US and other freedom loving countries have chosen this path and perished. It is because of Yonathan Einhorn and young men like him that those of us left behind can have hope for a peaceful and free tomorrow. Young men like him should not have to face death at such an early age. Were it not for the evil that prowls this Earth like a lion, he would still be with us. May G-D bless and keep Yonathan Einhorn and comfort those that knew and loved him. May God also bless and keep those who are not Jewish that have volunteered to place themselves on the front lines against evil all over this world. If it were not for the Yonathan Einhorn's of this world, we would truly be lost.
4. The Brave Ones
Shirley ,   South Africa   (08.02.06)
My family and I want to wish you all Long Life and may you have no more sorrow Bless all the Israeli Soldiers and may their famalies also be blessed
5. He wont have died in vain
RA   (08.02.06)
The IDF needs to continue its fight against terrorism so this man had not given his life in vain. Thanks to people like him Israel will prevail. God bless the IDF.
6. He will be remembered as one of our heroes
Nadine ,   Canada   (08.02.06)
7. Thanks
John Bedson ,   Australia   (08.02.06)
Oh you poor people. You are fighting for the free world, but what a terrible price to pay. Yonathan Einhorn was a true hero, but oh how I grieve for his relatives and his nation. My thanks to all of you.
8. May God bless his soul....and give his family strength
Andy   (08.02.06)
Steve ,   Austin   (08.02.06)
10. Einhorn
Vicky ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Hashem Yikom Damo
11. My sincerest condolence
Josie ,   Israel   (08.02.06)
to the family and friends of First Sergeant Yonatan Einhorn. no words can ease the pain in your heart now but know that your son did not die in vain.
12. HASHEM BLESS YOU , HERO OF ISRAEL...........................
AVINU   (08.02.06)
13. The Flower of Our Youth
David Kaber ,   Cincinnati   (08.02.06)
May his memory be for a Blessing.
14. #1,2
ramallah ,   ramallah   (08.02.06)
at this moment he is being questioned if he has died for a good reason or just for dying. most of these youn sodiers if they have an option they would chose to live and enjoy life instead of dying for OLMERT AND BUSH
15. remember, Yonatan has been killed in Lebanese territories!
Lebanese ,   Beirut   (08.02.06)
We feel sad when we hear someone has killed, we want to live in peace, but remember, yetserday Yonatan colleagues in IAF has sent a smart bomb to kill over 60 inocent persons, amongest them more than 36 children. the reply was targetting soldiers. can you tell me who is the terrorist?
16. An Israeli hero
Liz MC ,   USA   (08.02.06)
has died to help keep us all free. We do not forget that Israel and its brave IDF is doing the work that the rest of the world should be doing. May his brave soul know peace. May his family be comforted . Thank you.
18. To #14
Not a Bush voter   (08.02.06)
He didn't die *FOR* Olmert and Bush. He died *BECAUSE OF* Meshal, Nasrallah, and Ahamdinezhad. And, a little less directly, people like you.
19. Champion of G_d!
Pat ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Now he rests in peace with his Almighty G_d. Hosannah in the highest. He has called one of His children home.
20. #14
Randy ,   OKC, USA   (08.02.06)
You are a pig and you will die like one. The fact that you would post a message like this where people are consoling his family proves it. You have no shame or sense of what shame or resoect for human life even is. That is why people like you will be trampled like grapes in the winepress of God for your sin and oppression. Yonathan Einhorn may be answering to God right now for what he did on this Earth but it is not to the God you pray to. Your god is Baal. The God that Yonathan Einhorn prays to is the Great I AM. You will stand before you God one day. He will issue you your 72 demons to live with for all eternity. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
21. z''l
yonatan ,   nyc   (08.02.06)
baruch dayan emet
22. we need to wake up!
David ,   NY   (08.02.06)
Guys We need to wake up! this is not our war! this Guy Died Because of Bush Pressuring our Goverment! we could have simply exchanged prisoners like in the past! but noo USA want something else! sad to see.. but its our fault for supporting Olmert. :(
23. Praying without ceasing
Valerie ,   Nr London - UK   (08.02.06)
Anyone who has ever had a son in the forces, in any land, knows how her heart intercedes not only for her own son but for all his comrades. As the prayers of the saints go up like incense there must be thousands from mothers on every continent praying for these young Israeli men fighting for the sake of the weaker brethren, the young, the frail, the women. We were sad to see that further losses were sustained, and trust that Jonathon and young men like him, are now at peace - having made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their lives for others. The prayers of the saints will prevail, we hear of extraordinary stories of miracles, of men seeing angels -who defend them from the enemy with holy fire and divine power. The least acceptable presentations are flabby liberal journalism; the tenets of Islam are essentially evil, and their creed has always been domination thru violence - in any and every land where they get a foot -hold, what point the heroism in crises if the ordinary citizen is to apathetic to think and bring their own endeavours and sacrifices to this un looked for war.
24. My condolences
Ana ,   Spain   (08.02.06)
My condolences to the family of Yonathan Einhorn, a heroe, who died defending his country and his people. G-d bless them
25. #6- Nadine
James ,   London   (08.02.06)
why do not you go and fight with him. Do not you want to be remembered as a hero as well?
26. Yonatan: Our beloved Hero !
You fell in order to enable us to live as a free nation. You fell in in order to destroy a ruthless enemy ! May the Lord your soul in Heaven! May the Lord help beat Nazi- ralla & His terrorists to death on the spot. Amen !
27. Beautiful boy. Breaks the heart. Why?
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.02.06)
I hope this war is over soon and no more lives will be so cruely destroyed.
28. Please don't let his death be in vain
Leah Chana ,   Israel   (08.02.06)
This is what a hero looks like. May his memory be for a blessing.
29. Murder
Hassan ,   Belgium   (08.02.06)
what was he doing in Lebanon, did anybody told him that In Lebanon is not as before,,,Go back to your country of ORIGIN!!!!!!
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