Heavy barrage on North: 8 wounded
Ynet reporters
Published: 02.08.06, 11:27
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1. Israeli lies
Peace ,   World   (08.02.06)
* Yesterday: - Israeli justice minister: 400 Hizbullah fighters killed - Israeli Torrism minister: 300 Hizbollah fighters killed. * Today: - Israeli Vice Premier: 250 Hizbollah fighters killed. -Tomorrow: This is for you to guess?! ---------- Hizbollah wanted to de-escalate the fighting and didn't fire rockets in the last two days. And the Israeli Premier thinks he won. Today Hizbolah fired 70 rockets in one houre! The vital point is this: Israel can kill as many people as they want with the American precise hate bombs, some of them signed by the peace-loving Israeli children. And the poor Israelis can report this as a win to please the US neo-cons. But the IDF is creating more trouble to the Israelis by the hate wage they are generating and the revenge-seeking people they are creating. ISRAEL MAY WIN THE WAR BUT CAN NOT WIN PEACE.
2. Who's winning?
Mike ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Seems like no matter what Israel does, Hizbullah fighters are still powerful, they're not messing around.
3. Syria is Laughing
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (08.02.06)
It's become more obvious that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The way to stop this serious nonsense is through Syria., Hezbollah's supplier of weapons. Hezbollah doesn't manufacture the Katys, Iran and Syria do, and Syria allows the resupplying effort. Israel doesn't want to drag Syria into this conflict, for good reasons. But w/o hurting Syria, Hezbollah can simply keep manuevering, claiming massacres when Israel strikes back. No, the way to peace in the M.E. has always been through Syria. Remember why Israel is in the territories to begin with. As far as the Golan, it should remain Israel's forever, and so should the Mt Dov and Farms area..with their advantages. Why wait to attack Syria? As Peres says, their army is obsolete. Doesn't it make sense to do it now, before Iran gets the you know what, and Syria is next in line.
4. Ignore the rockets God Has Given Israel Victory
Sam ,   Nigeria   (08.02.06)
5. Israel Will Not be Terrorized
They can shoot as many rockets as they want. Israel's spirit will not be crushed. We will prevail at all costs, and everyone in the middle east knows it.
6. difficult to believe
hiram ,   tel aviv   (08.02.06)
IDF s figures regarding the number of Hizbullah s casualties is difficult to believe...unless there were over 10.000 Hizbullah s fighters... Figures simply do not make sense even with censorships rules...
7. How it could happen?
David ,   Israel   (08.02.06)
just yesterday our PM Olmert told that Hezbollah can't anymore threaten Israel & 70% of his rockets are destroyed as his infrastructure.Olmert is telling us lies during these 22 days & till now didn't do anything what he promised to,at the time when soldiers are being killed & the situation in north is unbearable.Thank you Mr. Olmert
8. God will sive you (inshaa alla)
zhila kurdistan   (08.02.06)
we all loving you and we pray to be save..
9. This war is miserable, being killed by nastyrallah is worse.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.02.06)
These scumbag hez-bull-uh terrorists would love to kill every Jew and throw them in the sea. Whatever price is paid to fight them now is nothing to what it would cost if pigs make nuclear weapons.
10. Futile campaign
People   (08.02.06)
Tell me for god's sake what IDF troops are doing for more than three weeks????
11. The reason why Hizbullah still firing!!
Mark   (08.02.06)
Because, IDF lies. During last 3 weeks of terror attacks against Lebanon, it caused wanton destructions and kiling of civilians only. It could hardly afect Hizbullah's actual capability.
12. War Crime!
Oh my God! Hizbullah just fired missiles at civilians in israel FOR THE 2000TH TIME! WHEN WILL EUROPE CALL FOR AN INVESTIGATION OF THESE NON STOP WAR CRIMES BY LEBANON??? Oh I forgot, its not a war crime when jews are the victims.
13. The Hesbollah Monster
John ,   London   (08.02.06)
These are pure genocidal attacks by Hesbollah. Hassan Nasrallah must be prosecuted for war crimes. What does Kofi Annan have to say about these genocidal attacks.
14. To # 6,7,10,11
me   (08.02.06)
# 6 & 7 - I dont know what you heard and from where. But it has been told perfectly clear that the IDF destroyed 70% of the long range missiles and that they have at least another 10000 short range ones. From the begining of the war the Hizbulla sayed that they have 5000 what the hell you two are complaining about?? To # 10 - The IDF is saving your **S, what do you think they doing? playing fottball? what they are doing also related to #11. If it was a real war which the IDF could have act like in a real war, this was over a long time ago by flatting Lebanon with bombs. The problem is that the IDF is trying not to hurt any civilians. The Hizbulla knows that the IDF is a humanitarian army that does is best not to hurt innocent, but the coward Hizbulla hiding and shooting from houses and neighborhoods where civilians are living and that makes it harder.
15. 300 rockets so far
Jay ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Hezbollah warriors have launched 300 rockets so far. How is Olmert claiming that IDF has destroyed their infrastructure? Yesterday, the IDF kidnapped 3 Lebanese civilians and said those are Hizbollah warriors. I guess what Olmert is going for is the illusion of victory, a fantasy victory made up from the bitter reality of defeat. Shame on you Olmert and all top Isreali officials for deceiving your own people. Be real men and admit to your own people what really is going on. After all they are not stupid, right?
16. What an Ego !
Jane ,   France   (08.02.06)
the guys are saying stop the war and lets negotiate. You get your soldiers, they get thier prisoners and land and you go home and they live in peace. Hizballa is not a group ! hizballa is the People! Why do you insist on breaking them? If you can not do it then shutup and negotiate! enough killing of civilians on both sides. What an Ego you guys have !
17. To #15 very romantic
Ibrahim ,   kuwait   (08.02.06)
"The Hizbulla knows that the IDF is a humanitarian army that does is best not to hurt innocent" How romantic ! and how come so far you IDF did not kill but civilians ? where were the hizballa bodies who were hiding between kids and women in Qana? We did not see any but kids ! Shame on you
18. US Against Iran
Jack ,   France   (08.02.06)
All those people dying or injured being civilians ot soldiers makes me sad. This war is increasing the hate level between Israel and Lebanon. Both coutries are paying the price. Whom ever started it aor whom made more damage to the other, this is a childish discussion with no end. Stop this war now and negociate with each others.This is not even your war, its a war between US and Iran on the Lebanese-Israely border. It has nothing to do with jews or muslims or what ever, its a war for will all loose.
19. my 17 was ment for 14 sorry 15
Ibrahim ,   Kuwait   (08.02.06)
20. To as a monkey.
Jack ,   France   (08.02.06)
I like your simplistic logic. With your logic you can convince a 5 years old child. I suggest you to look more around you: Fatah, Hizbollah and all the other integrist shit around. Those groups were born because of what we call civilized terrorism, or in other words: WAR, DESTRUCTION, FAVORITISM,INJUSTICE, ARROGANCE.... the more you use force the more terrorism will increase. Even a monkey should have noticed this by now. STOP WAR and be less arrogant to get peace.
21. How Many IDF Killed in Bakael Valley Hospital Attack?
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.02.06)
Wonder why this number hasn't been released yet? Maybe the IDF should start attacking Hezbullah positions instead of hospitals! Until then Operation Summer Thundershower will rain missles down on Israel. Think of the losses in revenue from tourism, the rotting crops, lost production in the factories as you hide out bomb shelters, 30,000 reservists pulled away from familty, home and job. Then when the invasion of Syria comes the losses in men, material, amd Israeli military prestige. It's a losing proposition. Call a ceasefire now and retreat back to your own country before you seal your own destruction.
22. Yeah, But You Choice Not To - Thats Why You Fail
23. to #20
Jo ,   Argentina   (08.02.06)
don't need to see your are from France, can gess it for your stupid words. washing hands and being anti israely is your better hobby rgt? Stupid europeans afraid of arabs...
24. To #21 Retreat is for morons like you
25. to #23 quite the opposite
Jack ,   France   (08.02.06)
I can rather say: you are Anti-European and Anti-Arab. In France all people on this planet are seen equally. Get out of your cocoon..stop getting influenced by stupid stories, come to Europe and you'll change your stupid ideas. When you pass by, drop me a call I'll invite you for a beer.
26. re:
you made me laugh, your goverment makes you think that lebanon is a threat to you, who has F16s, who has appatchis, who has bombs, who started the war, who kiddled 600 civillians mostly on delibrate basis, like murwaheen, and Qana, where smart bomb, (notice smart ) where you can see where is is going not like katusha, were drop on them. I am surprised that you say so meanwhile israel has the biggest wardrobe of weapons in the region. but dispite of all that, people find a way to resist to free their land. Israel could have cornered hizbullah if they went out of shibaa, then Hizbullah has no base to hassle israel
27. Jane from France
Mike ,   Toronto   (08.02.06)
You know Jane, I am so looking forward to the next Muslim riot in France. How do you say j'surrender? At least the Israelis are not cowards who talk out of both sides of their mouth.
28. Israel deserves love and peace
Guy ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Throughout the years the Israeli people have recieved nothing but hostility from its surrounding neighbors. The world community must support this nation that is trying to defend itself. What people are not telling you is that lebanese homes are being attacked because they are full of rockets, and bombs. Civilians are accepting war for money, and for that reason the world community must support this nation that is only trying to defend itself.
29. #19 - All is relative in our violent world
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.02.06)
IDF's activities don't hold a candle to what Hizbollah & similar organizations have done to the world. Your own country is a prime example. It is a well-known fact that Israelis and Jews are considered "suckers" for handling things as relatively lightly as we do. Just ask your "buddies" the Turks - they've been telling us for years we need to put the iron gloves on.
30. GO ISRAEL!!!
Robby ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.02.06)
Hopefully Israel will once and for all annihilate these Islamo-fascist savages. There is no reasoning with them...they simply must be exterminated. While it isn't fashionable for the media to say Israel is winning there is no doubt of the outcome! Israel will win the day.
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