Arab MK: Israel committing 'genocide' of Shiites
Roee Nahmias
Published: 02.08.06, 10:17
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31. Kick the arabs out the kineset
they have no business being there or even allowed to have an opinion
32. Concerning HAIFA...
yoel   (08.02.06)
I didn't hear him condemning rockets landing in Haifa and killing innocents. 8 people died there at once, and I didn't hear about any genocide. Many arabs live in Haifa and are also under threat every day. Why doesn't he speak for them. This is because he has been elected by israeli arabs... Now, he is member in the Knesset, as ISRAELI deputy. How does he defend Israel? Now, what must be clarified concerning this title: "Hezb will not be defeated". Does he wish their victory, or is it a statement because he owns extra-information ??
33. defending Lebanon from what ..
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.02.06)
no other country would allow them (him and the similar speakers of the Arab parties in the Knesset) to be in the government and they should be removed - yesterday ! these pics will be understood by Arabs too !
34. Reply to Sandra Rush - 3.
James ,   Glasgow, Scotland   (08.02.06)
So, everyone in Israel, excluding Arab knesset members are dishonest. In your words, all except those mentioned are not to be trusted, they are liars, thieves etc. Madam, since you don't know everyone in Israel that is a remark that places you in the same category, dishonest. Probably explains your reasoning.
35. #1 well said
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.02.06)
Very succintly put. It is constantly amazing to read how many Israelis/Zionists like to pretend that Israel is a democracy UNTIL the moment that an elected member of the Knesset (of non-Jewish ethnicity, of course) says something they don't want to hear. Then out come all these sick old tawdry and hollow cries of treason/expell him, etc. The great tradition of a lone voice crying in the wilderness is represented by the brave Azmi Bishara - hardly anyone else has the guts to stand up in the holy of holies of the Zionist racist genocidal state and speak of Israel's brutal and deadly policies towards non-Jews. To all those total and absolute brain dead morons who believe that they represent Jewish racial supremacism at its "finest", I think we can say that the days of the racially exclusivist state are numbered, or as the finger wrote to Belshazzar "mene, mene, tekel etc" - The wild, uncontrolled, bloody, murderous policies of the Zionist state cannot fool people much longer. I feel sorry for the poor brainwashed Israeli public - the state of hysteria whipped up by the military means that there is little room for free thinking. However, the extreme Zionists abroad, who have access to international media (excluding Fox), have the chance to bring their own ethics and morals into play. The fact that we are always presented with a screaming crew of people who will not believe their own eyes, who discount any reports of Israeli atrocities as "anti-Semitism" or "lefty reporting" - all this is simply a sign that the international supporters of Zionism of now out on a limb. They call human rights organisations "anti-Semitic", the UN - "anti-Semitic", European countries "anti-Semitic" - all totally pathetic and groundless accusations as they refuse to believe their their beloved ruling clique in West Jerusalem is capable of committing atrocities. The last six decades is proof of the atrocities committed by the Israeli state - from the eradication of hundreds of communities, to the bulldozing of hundreds of villages, to the barbaric destruction of the Palestinian intellectual and physical heritage. Allons-y - à la Haie ! Can we look forward to the day when Olmert in chains says "I prefer execution by firing squad rather than hanging."
36. Bishara is totally wrong!
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde - Denmark   (08.02.06)
1- Hizbullah is a Djihadist organization. H. is the enemy of Israel; its aim is to destroy Israel. It is shooting rockets that cannot be guided in order to kill Israeli civilians at random wherever these rockets fall. They are committing genocide while hiding at a distance. They are opposed to the legal army of Lebanon with which they do not cooperate. They do not obey the legitimate government of Lebanon. 2- Israel is choosing its targets and using hi-tech ordinance with the purpose of taking out only the enemy. Israel is not stupid as its enemies to kill civilians. 3- There are informations that Hezbullah has staged Qana 2. 4- Bishara´s reference to Nazism is stupid and part of the usual insults contained in Arab rhetoric. 5- Bishara is siding with the enemy while he is a member of Knesset. He will be punished, first by exclusion and later by a court of law. Had he done the same in Syria his corpse would have been eaten by the wild dogs of Damascus by now. 6- There are some stupid, blind, ignorant and dishonest people in Wilmington and Toronto. ISRAEL WILL WIN!
37. Bishara and #1&3
Steve ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.02.06)
He is an enemy agent and a traitor. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then just maybe it is such. Bishara is the Israeli spokesperson for terror groups all over the middle east.. His words are filled with hatred for Jews the world over. Only in Israel is he allowed to spew his venom. I only pray that he decides to leave our country or eventually be tried for treason. He has stepped over the line too many times.
38. To #2
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.02.06)
You are right.Also there should be no members of the knesset who have not served in the I.D.F. The percentage of Jews,Druse and Beduin who will want to expell these arabs from Israel will grow.
39. #1-check FACTS before speaking
shemesh ,   Holon, Israel   (08.02.06)
i'm not sure there's even any point in responding to your letter, cause it seems you have chosen sides no matter what the actual facts are. Let's start form Qana. only 28 or so bodies were found. but i wouldn't expect you to bother and check. this incident is still under investigation, and it's unclear how the house exploded 7 hours after it was attacked by the IAF. but facts are irrelevant to you. i'm not justifying certain sayings by this minister and that general. facts are- not every village from which a Katyusha is fired is destroyed. the reason we have casulties on our side, the reason we have dead soldiers in this war is because we try to hurt as few civilians as possible. if we were as you say we are, why would we bother? why bother with leaflets, with radio anouncments, with repeating warning? how can you fight an enemy that puts children on trucks with missles so our planes won't fire?? how can you fight an enemy that holds a gun in one hand and a child in the other? death is the superior value. dead children are Shahids. Hezbolla sacrifices all the citizens of Lebanon for their hate driven agenda. A million Israelies are sitting in shelters for over two weeks now. more than a 100 rockets are sent here EVERYDAY. on houses, on hospitals, malls, main streets. would you live like this? would you agree to this? lucky for you, you live in USA. i have a hunch the Canadians are not gonna sent missles on you in the near future. come live in Haifa for a week, and tell me what you think is the "proportional" response.
40. Worthless Genocide, Israel not reaching targets
Daniel ,   amsterdam   (08.02.06)
20 days of fighting left only 850 Lebanese dead. If this is supposed to be genocide, Israeli's should feel very ashamed of themselves. In the same period Islamic infighting left 2000 people dead in Irak. Now there's an example of how it should be done.
41. Bashira is Christian Arab
Amron ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.06)
and by the way even in Iran we have jewish lawmakers
42. #38 the language of expulsion
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.02.06)
Jason, ya asad il-mashakha, Aren't you sick and tired always of recommending expulsion for people whose opinions you don't like? Bishara is more a native of the country than you - born abroad and immigrated - whereas he was born there to an indigenous family and as such it is an incredible act of impudence for you, on your bomb-shelter soap-box to insist on expelling people all the time. Don't you think it's about time you expelled yourself from the country? Your constant calls for expulsion, your constant anti-Moslem tirades... they are all tedious in the extreme and not the words of a democrat but of a petty tin-pot demagogue. Viz. You.
43. Genocide is perpetrated by Hezbollah
Rafi ,   Ra'anana   (08.02.06)
Hezbollah hides among civilians for the simple reason that it wants civilians to be killed in Israeli attack on Hezbollah's strongholds. Hezbollah's sole purpose is to shock the world with sights of civilian casualties. Hezbollah has no greater respect for the life of their own civilians than for the life of the Israeli civilians they have been bombing.
44. Israel and itself
ahmed kabel ,   Morocco   (08.02.06)
I think that Azmi Bishara's case is a very interesting one simply because it shows some of the important challenges to Israel. First of all, it highlights the very Jewish character of the state; any non-jewish citizen is seen as a suspect, a traitor, ready to hurt Israel anytime. this is true for both Arabs, christians and Muslims. These are considered, if at all, second hand citizens. second, it also points out to the tactic of villifying anybody who has the guts to challenge Isreal's policies. the two points mentined above ubdermine the very publicized image of Israel as a democracy. Israel has to meet these challenges if it is willing to be at peace with itself and its neighbours;
45. Thank god the arab MKs are like him
free the moon! ,   KS Israel   (08.02.06)
otherwise they would be taken seriously. Always better to know who is tour enemy. They dont understand they dakie yheir peolpe to be part or State of Israel by making such statements. Well... perhaps they dont really want. but it doesnt care, does it?
46. #36
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (08.02.06)
Sounds like you're the one being brainwashed, spewing your hatred with the same mindless venom that moslem radicals - and not so radicals - do. IN "democratic" gaza journalists and others have been imprisoned for disagreeing with the "elected" authorities and killed for mouthing far gentler sentiments than those of Bishara. You live in London - so how did you feel after 7/7? when you have a 7/7 almost weekly, throughout your country, when you won't be able to woalk into a store, a disco, a public building or take the tube without wondering if you'll live to see the day's end, you might think differently. Freedom of speach is one thing, voicing anti-government/establishment sentiments is find, it's healthy and makes for a vibtrant democracy. Voicing encouragement to the declared enemies of your country is described in one word - TREASON. Which, by the way, applied to Britons who sided with the Nazis in WWII (e.g. Duke of windsor).
47. he can go to Hohenschönhausen, it is museum
old ,   berlin   (08.02.06)
and a little room from last 1000jears will be available to him. thirst prisoner!
48.  re: #44. Israel and itself
MJP, MD ,   Pennsylvania, US   (08.02.06)
"Azmi Bishara's case...highlights the very Jewish character of the state". You bet it does, Ahmed. It's called tolerance within a true democracy - something you won't see in any Arab state nor in Iran. Despite his verbal treason this guy is still permitted to sit on the Israeli Knesset and still manages to have his say - and have it widely publicized. Provide us with an example of that kind of tolerance in YOUR world, eh? Wake up.
49. Israel cant accept a critical view.
50. #35 Poor Rustum. Just another brainless anti-Semitic clone.
Eli Reuven ,   Newton USA   (08.02.06)
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.02.06)
Ma cerise Madeline, Brainwashed - moi? In a country where we have free media and can say what we want without groups of hysterical religious freakos calling for our expulsion? Naturally 7/7 was horrendous - but I think you would find in the UK that there is no anti-Moslem backlash as most people agree that the four murderous idiots to blew themselves up represented no one but themselves and their sad pointless lives. I don't believe that the public here has widened their net of ethnic dislike, as in Israel, to include all Moslems. Certainly not. A walk down Brick Lane would show that Moslems in Britain are not running scared, as they are in Israel. They are not in danger of having their homes bulldozed, or having to listen to those impudent and racist calls for expulsion which are so common in your dear country. I also do not believe that anyone I know here in the City believes that they will not make it home at the end of the day. You must remember, that with the end of the Irish troubles, we do not have a problem with hundreds of people held without trial or the festering sore of 92% of the UK's land and assets having been acquired by illegal means from people who were pushed out of the territory. As for voicing anti-government sentiments, I see you, unlike most Israelis in this forum, can just about accept this. However, we have a tradition of maverick politicians, such as Tony Benn, George Galloway - who may say things that the majority do not want to hear, but - and here is where you adn your compatriots are so short sighted - it is far better to hear the unapalatable said in parliament where it has an outlet and room for discussion than to ban it, expell the MPs and then wait for the mob to say the same things on the street with violence. As for your analogy with the Duke of Windsor, 1) he was never in parliament, 2) he was never tried for his pro-Nazi sentiments, 3) he was not accused of treason. I believe you are mixing him up with Lord Haw-Haw.
52. Jenin massacare all over again
mike ,   Chicago, USA   (08.02.06)
10 arabs die a massacare 100 arabs die carnage 300 arabs die genocide 500 arabs die a holocost. 6.000.000 jews die that never happened it is just propaganda A balanced perspective
53. #44
Madeleine Lewis ,   Rehovot, Israel   (08.02.06)
Shows how little you know about Israel and how little you care to find out. Israel is filled with voices of legitimate opposition - left, right, religious, secular, wealthy and poor, with demonstrations and speeches which often turn ugly. This is part of life here and in any democracy. Seems Moslems just don't know the meaning of democracy. What we don't tolerate are our own citizens - unfortunately people like Bishara and his ilk - openly siding with our enemies who call for our destruction and whose speeches are filled with such hateful venom. Seems that's all the Moslems/Arabs care to know. You couldn't have the sort of talkback in any of the Arab countries, such as we are having here. Get the hate out of your eyes
54. #42
Madeleine ,   Rehvoot Israel   (08.02.06)
Yes, well, there are many Jews who've also been here for generations - since before Mohammed was born. And most of the so-called Palestininas immigrated to Israel when they saw that the Jews could actulally make something of the land and provide jobs - something the indiginous Arabs never could do. Check real history, not your made-up version.
55. #44 & #48 and all the rest.....
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.02.06)
The great thing about Israeli democracy , with all its limitations, is that most minorities can get representatives elected to the paliament / Knesset. It's unfortunate that the representatives of the 20% Arab population, Muslims,Christians,Druse etc., do not see themselves as Israeli Arabs, representing their constituents. No representative can actively promote organisations that work against the State. Not here, not in the USA, Uk or any Democratic State. What happened to the pledge of allegance to the State of Israel ?
56. Traiters in US Capitol, and Media
Johnson ,   USA   (08.02.06)
We have our home grown traiters too. Some have and will run for higher office, and God forbid we have one as president. This once great country is slowly being destroyed from within.
57. Arab MK's: the Source for Leaks to the Enemies
58. #50 what a pathetic and sad statement
Rustum ,   London, UK   (08.02.06)
Do you ever bother thinking? Methinks not. So much easier to sit in Newton MA and mutter "anti-Semitic" if you read something you don't agree with. Why don't you go and shack up with that other brainless moron in Geneva. She has been very silent lately. I wonder if she is cowering in a shelter in Afula or sitting in the gardens of the Intercontinental in Geneva. I think the latter, as she would never put her toe near danger. It's so easy to mutter those words "anti-Semite" mindlessly rather than to try to see the nature of the political problem caused by Israel's expulsion of millions and expropriation of almost the whole country. But then of course, it didn't happen did it? It's all a figment of those Palestinians' imagination.
59. More muslims killed in Iraq....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.02.06)
by Muslims than ISarel has killed in the last 100 years. They are commiting genocide on themselves. If Israel was not around, Arabs would kill each other off. They should thank Israel for giving them something to live for...destroying Israel. This is a primitive culture that knows nothing but violence and killing. Stop blaming Israel for their barbaric ways!!!
60. #3 Care to back that up?
Haifa, Israel   (08.02.06)
Since you don't claim to live here, you just sound like another random armchair antiIsraeli, devoid of facts, full of boredom, and in need of an exciting bandwagon to jump on.
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