Fischer: We won't achieve all objectives in Lebanon
Tani Goldstein
Published: 02.08.06, 16:41
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1. The winner takes it all
Hans-Jörg Marby ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.02.06)
Now Israel will dictate the conditions of the ceasefire and not the Annans, Solanas, Putins etc. Israel will cash in all goals!
2. Losing already
kareem ,   Egypt   (08.02.06)
these are the words of ppl losing the war..not achieveing everything? haha he probably means not achieving Anything
3. you won't acheive shit in lebanon
rola ,   canada   (08.02.06)
4. #2 No, Kareem - it means we refuse to play as dirty
Unlike you and your buddies, we may rent, but never sell, our souls to the devil.
5. stanley fischer
gadalyah   (08.02.06)
with a few more stanley fischers israel will achieve all its aims. i am grateful that he joined us in israel.welcome home mr fischer.
6. to Kareem and Israel's goals.
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (08.02.06)
Kareem, I don't know if you will read this, but ever it goes. The words of Mr Fischer are borderline out of line. He need not speak out on national objectives that are not economic. Youre putting any meaning in his words on the military - political aspects of israel's objectives shows your ignorance. I suppose you ask your gardener about the condition of your teeth as well. What Mr Fischer has to say that is important is that Israel can take on the burden of war financially. I don't see how you could think Israel is losing this war. Even on the diplomatic / public opinion aspect of this war Israel is doing much better than in previous encounters. If having Koffi Anan cheer the Arab side is a consolidatoy feeling to you, then good for you. Israel, the US and decent people world wide don't need grandstanding from a morally bankrupt UN. As for Israel's goals, they are being met, despite modest losses, When the fog of battle ends, Lebanese will compare the devistation on their side and the lack of, to the south of the boarder. Right now Hizbollah can claim to have 25 or 30 dead (trying to mirror the losses on the Israeli side) but when they can't hide the truth in the end. Hizbollah can hold up decently in urben villages where they prepared for it, but, as in Baalbeck, when taken off guard are very volnarable. Though the Lebanese President might claim Hizbollah is needed in defence of Israel, the lack of any such defences, shows how happless Hizbollah really is. If Hizbollah was defending Lebanon then the Prime Minister would not need to cry out that Lebanon is being laid to waste. Israel is not, the Israeli economy will have no lasting setbacks, and as cynical as this may sound, all the losses in life on the Israeli side are comparible to a bad month on the Israeli roads, not a war! Iran's hope of deverting attention from its Nuclier program also have not succeeded, Mr Bolton at the UN keeps on the heat.
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