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Shi’a Islam
Published: 02.08.06, 17:31
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1. Shia Beliefs
Ali ,   Mancehster   (08.16.06)
Its always a good idea to get beliefs of anyone from that group itself. This is a shia website:
2. Is it a typo?
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (08.23.06)
This word "shiites" in English, when correectly written, has only one "i" and no "e." Followers of Shia should correctly be called "Shits."
Nadine ,   Lebanon   (08.24.06)
4. The harmful blonde: Tzipi Livni
Moshe N, Friedrich ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.28.06)
The harmful blond joke: Tzipi Livni. She is not less culpable for the loss of our face and the victims than the inexperienced Olmert and that harmful demagogue labor council strike organizer Peretz. Livni caused with her playing diplomat the delay of the first strike against Hezbollah. And Olmert listened to her, as the "Peace Now"-nik Peretz. Livni should immediately go packing with Olmert and Peretz in order those three not causing more deathly and moral harm to Israel! Moshe N. Friedrich Haifa
5. Religion
Joe ,   Lebanon   (09.07.06)
Let us all abstain from targeting each others beliefs. Hitler was a Christian; Ben Laden is a Muslim, and the guy that massacred all those kids in Qana is a Jew. Shall we Judge them based on their Faith or on their acts! Once we remove that thin veil of religion from our judgment then we will be able to live in a better world. Until then to each his God and mine is Lebanon.
6. To #5: Hitler was not Christian
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (09.14.06)
"One is either a Christian or a German. You can't be both." -Adolf Hitler Hitler was very strongly anti-christian. Sorry if reality conflicts with your desires. Judging muslims by their works, as you suggest, does not leave them in a positive light.
7. to No 6
Hizbullah   (09.22.06)
Yes, but once you start jadging Jews for their works, as u also suggest, it doesn't leave the Jews in a positive light either does it, MATE? For one they are the only religion to actually kill prophets all throughout time. Tollerance my ass.
8. To Blues
Joe ,   Lebanon   (09.23.06)
You know what I mean Blues, You are born into your religion but it doesn’t draw you a path to violence. Now if I as a Christian blew up myself in a bus full of Muslims would all Christians be terrorists? Let me give you some examples. Olmert is a Jew, do we blame Judaism for his shortcomings. Bush is a Christian, do we all wear the idiots hat because of his views. Saddam is a Muslim who actually killed Muslims do all Muslims have to pay for him being a tyrant. There is no religion in the world, how hard you may search to counter me, that calls for violence. All are peaceful and tolerant. It is MAN that is violent, be him Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Black yellow or white.
9. Sorry, Joe, I disagree
Blues ,   Portland, USA   (10.15.06)
I constantly hear the Muslim Iman calling for their people to fight over petty offenses. Look at how they are reacting to the Pope, look at how they handled the Danish cartoons. Death threats and Iman calls for murder because of cartoons. Cartoons! Sorry, Joe, but if a suicide bomb goes off, it is nearly always a Muslim. Terrorist attack? -- Same thing. Its not just the people, it is the leaders. The world is judging muslims by their works, and the muslims are looking bad.
10. Author needs to learn the basics
Akil ,   Canada   (10.20.06)
The Author needs to learn the truth that seperates Shias and Sunnis. For the fact this article has been created by someone who has no knowledge of Islam history nor does have respect for people. May be the author is proving that Sunnis are the real Muslims and if so, someone should tell me why are they called Sunnis and how did they get the name of their sect !
11. Shiites
David Pinto ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.29.06)
First of all, the preferred term for themselves among English-speakers is Shi'a (invariable, grammatically-speaking; can refer to singular or plural or be used as an adjective.) The term Shi'ite is fast falling out of favour due to its unfortunate similarity with a certain four-letter English word. Secondly, it is incorrect to state that there is no religiously or organizationally authoritative Shi'a institution. On the contrary, the Hawza, located in Najaf, Iraq, is THE pre-eminent Shi' institution. Finally, the term "atna-asaryah" is incorrect. It is "ithna-asharya".
12. Shiah
Bilal ,   Dallas, TX   (11.09.06)
Obvious negative propagandha and completely inaccurate. Several things. 1) The ritual cutting called zanjeer zani is only performed by a small fringe group of Ithna Asharri Shiah, and this activity has been ruled as haram by most of the major Shi'i ulema (scholars). 2) The schism occurred right after the Prophet's (SAWA) death, and the dispute was initially between Abu Bakr and Umar, who are viewed as the first two caliphs by the Sunnis, and Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS). 3) The claim to succession is based on the fact that Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) said that Imam Ali (AS) was his successor on multiple occasions, which are recorded even in the books of hadith considered most reliable by Sunnis, including Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and Abu Dawud, and also, in the same books, it is said that there will be twelve successors, while Sunnis only claim four, and again, in those books, the Sahaba, or Companions, are all gathered together at a place called Ghadir Khumm and all are made swear their allegiance to Ali (AS) shortly before Muhammad's (SAWA) death. So the criterion is not being related, but being named specifically as his successor. 4) Shiah accept the Sunnah (the example of Prophet Muhammad [SAWA]), but there are disagreements with Sunnahs regarding which specific hadiths are authentic, and which are fabrications.
13. shiits ; sunnis
watcher   (11.12.06)
Shiits and sunnis are muslims.. very few differences... its only some people who try to make this a big issue but in reality we all go under the same religion ( ISLAM)
14. Abraham's child...Ishamel
jag ,   USA   (11.28.06)
I don't see any of Ishamel's characteristics. Why did God send him away to begin with.... a child of the flesh....yet G-d gave him a promise but these radical moslems follow a man's writings instead of God's truths
15. abraham's child
ben newton ,   nigeria   (12.18.06)
it's really bizzare to think that you guys dont know who his child was.guess youve got to go back to study real hard.
16. Allavits, Bekhaits, Druzes
ZN ,   Israel   (01.08.07)
Is it true that Allavits, Bekhaits, Druzes are shiits? Who are else?
17. islam
Yes, but once you start jadging Jews for their works, as u also suggest, it doesn't leave the Jews in a positive light either does it, MATE? For one they are the only religion to actually kill prophets all throughout time. Tollerance my ass. and Islam is the only religion to sanction the killing of unbelievers
18. Agree with No. 4
David ,   Austin, Texas   (03.19.07)
I totally agree with #4. The sooner the better. The whole nation should arise and demand an early election and get those three out ASAP
19. truth of islam
iman ,   dubai , u a e   (05.20.07)
i belive that islam is a beautiful religon ,and it cares about the human being and its name is taken from the arabic word "al salam " which means peace
20. Shia and Sunni
Amo   (05.21.07)
One important difference between the two main streams in Islam, is their referrence to the "other". According to Sunnis, Moslems are first class people, Christian and Jews are second class people (dhimmis) and heathen ere third class people, like animals or ... According to Shia, Shias only are first class people, Sunnis are second class people and all other, Christians, Jews, are third class people. Heathen, Druzes are even worse. Heathen, in the Moslem perspective, geographically conditioned, are mainly black people from Africa or ...
21. All is Sh....
Kamran ,   Karachi, Pakistan   (05.28.07)
I don't know form where did came religion in this 21st centurey. If those who made their respective religions woke up form their death, they will be amazed and will laught at the people of today. They will say, oh, we wanted to fool those prehistoric people, but look we managed to enven befool these.
22. BottomLine:: All circumambulate (the stone structure) Ka'bah
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.28.07)
23. To #7 Hizbullah
Lenny ,   USA   (08.28.07)
You said: "[Jews] are the only religion to actually kill prophets all throughout time." What are you talking about? Jesus? OK...there's 1. Does that count for "all throughout time"? Way to exaggerate. Can you provide other examples of prophets murdered by Jews all throughout time?
24. "Allah"
stanley chetty ,   Jhb, South Africa   (10.26.07)
Hi Could someone please explain who Allah is from a Jewish perspective. I have been told that Allah is the same God we read about in the Old Testament or Torah. However I am unable to reconcile these two personalities when we consider their nature, attributes and relationship with mankind (nations). Regards Stanley
25. false religons
cats abug ,   anaheim u.s.a.   (12.13.07)
Was it not said that ... "after me there will come false teachers and faslse prophits? matthew 24 - 24 clearly this includes islam and mohamoud
26. shia means follower of IMAM ALI pbuh
Krizvi ,   toronto , canada   (02.14.08)
they 185 millions shia muslim around the world thats totally wrong the population almost 500 millions because in karbala iraq the 2008ashoora day at the shrine of IMAM HUSAIN pbuh Grand son of Prophet Mohammad pbuh 70 millions people around the world gathered there mark the death anniversary (murdered by yazeed army)
27. we are all in the same ship
maitthem ,   montreal canada   (02.24.08)
why cant we live as brothers on this earth???
28. Shi'a
Alawi Alkhabbaz ,   Bahrain   (08.24.08)
Please let me know why do you call Shia terrorists. I would like to advise to study the status ofShia in the Islamic and Arab countries. Thye have been unfairly treated. I wish to receive your feedback on shi'a, Please endeavour to reply me through my email stated above. Many thanks to you.
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