IDF: We'll control security zone by Thursday
Avi Cohen
Published: 02.08.06, 18:07
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1. IDF Bravery - my heart is with those soldiers.....
Andy   (08.02.06)
2. trade one of the hezbollah guys for ron arad
3. Capture Some Iranians
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (08.02.06)
That would show the Mullahs' lies about not being directly involved in this war on Israel.
4. only for internal purposes !!!
Franck ,   paris (France)   (08.02.06)
don't go ahead with destructions it is only to flee the truth, not admit with you that you NEED to discuss with your neighbors : and for the first time, honestly and without arrogance
5. proof!
freeman   (08.02.06)
can we see any proof for this heroic story? we have seen a lot of civilian casualties and thats all....
6. Israel's Spec. Forces Attack ==
Mayer Katz === ,   Woodbridge, USA   (08.02.06)
That was a very good job. 1 question: Did you destroy the weapons that was found. L'SHALOM === MIKEK ===
7. died
michael brooks ,   usa   (08.02.06)
if it's gone to be peace in the mideast ever bad guy much died. no more part time peace . the enemy much be destory once and for all then after the fact the there will be ever last peace in mideast. think you michael brooks usa
8. What Thursday?
Ari   (08.02.06)
Tomorrow? Next week or next year? Please clarify!
9. Take them down
red peppers ,   caribbean   (08.02.06)
while many nations are against israel for its action aimed a defending itself the rest of the world has closed theirs eyes and ears to the dire situation in darfur where the arab regime has been responsible for the death of 300,000 africans through their militias. Not only do they kill but chop off children limbs rape women and shove knives up their vaginas. yet nothing is said of it
10. Good, don't talk to media
Shoshana Rubin ,   Nokem   (08.02.06)
Bravo Israel. We're doing great and continue not to talk to the media.
11. arab bias
red peppers ,   caribbean   (08.02.06)
the arabs were quick to go to the security consul when israel responded harshly in self defence but were weary when it came to taking action against the khartoum government in sudan which through its militias killed 100,000's maimed raped and displaced millions.
12. baloney
Faith ,   Kuwait   (08.02.06)
When this story was first reported the titled was IDF Abduction Attempt Foiled. Then the word Foiled was removed and the report slightly altered. For about a couple of hours the report stated by name the member of Hezbollah Council who was targeted for abduction.
13. Martyr Army vs Alcoholic Army
Mani ,   SE Asia   (08.02.06)
Another sweet story telling for israel children before sleeping. Real situation in the battlefields is different.
14. under control... control... control...
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (08.02.06)
Many thanks to the Israeli press for letting everyone know the timetable of Israel's strategic objectives in lebanon. hezbollah and its little helpers will be more than happy to use this information in defending their positions. What would we do without this Israeli idiocy advertising the moves of their military? Why... we would have been beaten a lot sooner.
15. Arab Whining and Excuses = Israel must be Winning
RA ,   New York   (08.02.06)
God bles the IDF and all the people of Israel for their strength. The American people are behind you 100%
16. #9 & #11
Ryan ,   Calgary   (08.02.06)
Sudan is a crisis, I've written my MP about it countless times, as Canada has over 300 heavy armoured vehicles just outside waiting to come in, but they are stupidly waiting for approval from the same government committing the atrocities, I know canada's army is not what it used to be, but we have increased our spending by 20fold, and our courage and hearts are what they were in ww1 ww2 and the korean war. This problem with Islam is worldwide, in lebanon, sudan, phillipines, spain, denmark, actually most of europe, usa, sudan, somalia, the list goes on of islamic militias tryting to take over governments and install Islamic rule and law. This is a bigger threat to the world then Naziism, but because of leftists, and the manipulation of the media, people actually side with them, and say please stop bombing there civilians, the world needs to wake up and realize the world threat that shia muslims pose, it is there religion to live in peace, sure, but in a islamic ruled world. I know every canadian would go down swinging to prevent that, I just wished there would be more preemptive actions to stop the spread of this disease, instead we wait till they blow up a subway, or a building, then we attack, and when we do, everyone feels sorry for them, and forget the reasons why we attacked. Attacking or capturing these terrorists is like swatting bees, if you want to get rid of the bees, get rid of the hive, as long as it's still there, more bees will come. It's common sense, Iran and Syria, Sudan, need to fall, and fall hard, make an example of them so any other islamist that might try something will wet his pants thinking about it.
17. TRADE...
RANI   (08.02.06)
18. #12 Baloney
Christopher ,   Austin, Texas USA   (08.02.06)
Yep, shitzbollah feeds the world alot of baloney. Yep you're right!
19. The most ethical army in the world!!!we love u take care!!!!
Michal ,   proud Israeli girl   (08.02.06)
thank u for risking ur life for us!! thank u for the desire to do so!! we love u!we all right here behind u! GO IDF!
20. Three clear signs that Israel is winning
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.02.06)
One - the daring Baalbek operation conducted deep into enemy territory, proof that the IDF we remember of old is still alive and well. Two - the record number of Hizbullah rockets fired today. This may sound daft as evidence that Israel is winning, but I believe it shows Hizbullah's increasing desperation and was to be expected as a sign of its insane rage and hatred in the face of Israeli progress into Lebanon. Three - the growing clamour for a ceasefire among Israel's enemies in the EU, the UN, "human rights" groups etc. They see that Israel is winning and are desperate for Hizbullah not to be defeated. (Their supposed concern for Lebanese civilians is all a pretence, if they cared about innocent civilians they would be demanding an end to the terror attacks on Israelis.)
21. TO #13
Vladimir ,   LA, California   (08.02.06)
And how would you know what situation on the battlefield really is? Through all Israeli/Arab wars, arab media was bragging about great victories on the battlefield -- well Israel still stands.
22. Islamo-Fascists Lose Again But One Thing is for Certain
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.02.06)
Regardless of the fact that at the conclusion of hostilities: 1) Israel will control a buffer zone along the border 2) Hundreds of Hizbollah killed 3) Terrorist infrastucture severely degraded 4) nASSrallah (if he survives) will have to live in a hole the rest of his miserable life The Islamo-Fascists will declare victory.
23. Four clear signs that Israel is loosing
Faisal ,   Kuwait   (08.02.06)
One- They are desperate to score any victory even if it is fake. None of their operation were succeeded and the Baalbek is and example of that. They did not find the Israeli soldiers; they killed civilians and kidnapped civilians. Two- Hizbolla has respected the 48 hours of cease fire but Israel did not. The number of the rockets fired by hizballa today is the big prove that hizballah still have all the power and that they are able to choose the time and place for their attacks. Three - The growing clamor for ceasefire internationally is because the entire world has discovered the fake reasons for the Israeli war and that it was never because of the two kidnapped soldiers but to execute the American agenda of the so called New Middle East, not to mention the fact that Israel failed to minimize the hizballah threat and cause a lot of damages to Lebanese infrastructure and civilians only. Four - Israeli people has already discovered the many lies that Olmert is spreading everyday and realized that only negotiation can bring peace and realized that their enemy has more credibility than their own leader.
24. To #22
Faisal ,   Kuwait   (08.02.06)
Is this a counter attack! You can declare victory when you can stop hizballa rockets and till this moment and after 22 days of your barbarian attacks you did not achieve but killing childreen. Who is the winner?
25. Larry , Eastbourne, UK
joe   (08.02.06)
The IDF has a lot of experience in raiding hospitals, forcing medical staff to the ground, smashing medical instruments and abducting socalled terrorists. It happens on a regurar base in occupied Palestine. Its their way to spread fear under the civilian population. Now to the "captured Hizbullah terrorists": A european TV-reporter on scene in Baalbek one hour ago: "One of the abducted persons is an illiterate sheperd, one is a stonecutter". So much for this "Successful operation".
26. Hey Fizzle
Pat ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Is it hizbolla or hizballah? Not that I care, as far as I'm concerned calling them garbage will do.
29. EDN
Dont WORRY ABOUT MY   (08.02.06)
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