Settler reservists: Olmert is insane
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.08.06, 20:02
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1. He is being told to say this.
Mark ,   Usa   (08.02.06)
2. Settler reservists: Olmert is insane
Joe ,   Orange USA   (08.02.06)
How can Israel have elected such a dunce as Olmert as PM? In the midst of a war when he requires the unity of his people and his military, he divides. Woe unto you my Israeli brethren.
3. PM Olmert
Jacqueline ,   USA   (08.02.06)
My dear and beloved Israel: We are all with you here in the USA. We cannot tell you how our hearts and minds are in constant prayer for your safety. But I must say that unless, all of you stand up to the Govt. and the PM Olmerts remarks, your days will be spent in constant war. Mr Olmert has picked a very bad time to bring up his convergence plan, whatever that is, while his country is fighting for their lives the same enimies that he gave away land to. You must never be put into this spot again. Remember, what your brothers and sisters felt in Gush Katif, you are feeling now, but theres was worse. They was driven by their own. Never let this happen again. H-shem will protect you only if you all stick together and refuse to allow this madman, Olmert, to continue the policy of Sharon. I pray for you all to be safe and return to your homes soon in peace. Jacqueline.
4. The First Disengagment Lead to Disaster
emanon ,   USA   (08.02.06)
Why shoud we expect the second to be different?
5. Can you blame them?
6. Hey Ynet, They are called ISRAELIS
7. And they are 100%, we need a new leader, a Religious Leader
that doesnt look to the nations of the world for guidance but to Hashem.
8. Donate to the Gush Katif Refugees
Yesha ,   Israel   (08.02.06) May Hashem Bless All of You
9. The man is a disaster just like all left wing cronies
Sam ,   New York, USA   (08.02.06)
So filled with self hate and extreme guilt , his son goes over the USA pleading for Israeli bonds, why would we pay for israeli bonds when it could be used for evicting jews and for injuring Jewish lives with your horses and batons.
11. Olmert is very sick individual
Eric ,   Chicago   (08.02.06)
Could you imagine this words from any other leader, or perhaps, he is justifying his sons who never served in the army. For him this war is a joke wich will make his family wealthy. What an ugly individual!
12. Olmert must go. Now.
Joseph Kaufman ,   Jerusalem/Oakland   (08.02.06)
Ehud Olmert is a political opportunist and elitist, put in his position by Ariel Sharon to keep his son out of jail. Sharon was stricken, and suddenly Ehud is called to fill his shoes, shoes quite frankly too big for him, he clomps around in them like a baby dressing in his fathers clothes. Israel is in a terrible dilema and unfortunately, her political leadership is woefully inadequate. Perhaps the citizens of Israel should use Olmert's sons as an example and escape abroad while they can, rather than fall victim to his idiocy and demogogary. Woe until Israwl that we have put pigmies in power. Throw the bums out.
13. Olmert Is Killing Israel
Kadima, Labor, Meretz, with Olmert and Peretz and Peres at the lead are destroying this country. GET THEM OUT OF HERE
14. We need a vote for no confidence
Who the *** has confidence that the Olmert/Peretz regime?
15. convergence
alex ,   canada   (08.02.06)
During a difficult war, olmert should have the sense to have learned something. You don't give something for nothing. Forget about convergence. All the rockets from Gaza and from lebanon demonstrate the stupidity of convergence. Olmert-its bad enought that you sold this to Sharon. Now keep quiet.
16. Olmert's flawed logic
Dave ,   New York   (08.02.06)
Over the years some truths have emerged vis a vis Israel and its neighbors. Truth #1 Concession of territory to entity that is willing to recognize the right of Israel to exist = peaceful border Exhibit A: Egypt. Cold peace, but no Egyptian incursions. Exhibit B: Jordan. A Jordanian soldier kills 8 Israeli schoolgirls and the King himself comes to apologize. Truth # 2 Unilateral concession of territory to entity that is not truly willing to recognize Israel's right to exist = violent borders Exhibit A: Southern Lebanon Exhibit B: Gaza (by the way, there is a corollary to truth #2 applicable to negotiated withdrawal - see Arafat's Jenin). The result of a unilateral West Bank withdrawal given the foregoing truths, in the absence of other factors, is obvious. Olmert grasps this. By stating that this operation will pave the way for a West Bank withdrawal, he has evidently concluded that a West Bank withdrawal will change truth #2 - ultimately resulting in less violence and a safer Israel than waiting until truth #1 applies to the Palestinians (may we live so long), because: -West Bank Palestinians will be deterred because of our action in Lebanon and/or -This war, and the diplomacy following it, will set a precedent that will apply to the West Bank. Both of these conclusions are flawed. -Deterrence over uncontrolled territory is less effective than control of territory. Was there more terror before or after Oslo? -Enemies that are willing to die are not readily deterred -A West Bank war would result in rockets on all of Israel's population centers, including its most vital strategic assets -The diplomatic result of Lebanon II (nature of force in S. Lebanon and its effectiveness) remains completely uncertain -Israel has territorial claims to the West Bank, but not to Southern Lebanon and it is unclear that the diplomatic result of Lebanon II would work in that context In short, Olmert's conclusion that Truth #2 will not apply in the wake of this -uncompleted- war is a massive and dangerous leap.
17. Right-wing reservists called up for Lebanon operations criti
Michael ,   Caldwell, USA   (08.02.06)
Liberalism is a mental disorder here in the USA also! Read Psalm 83... :)
18. Olmert, Niet ! Lieberman, Da !
ezra   (08.02.06)
19. olmert u sick leftist fool
ben, london   (08.02.06)
olmert is a sick fool can't he see the extent of the disengagement last summer the left wing communist fool who cares nothing about israel; nothing about torah seeks a destruction of israel just like the arabs olmert is a traitor and will fall like all the other enemies of israel
20. Our motto
Motto   (08.02.06)
This is becoming Israel motto, it seems..."deeply sorry for death and destruction but...". Israel has truly sank to the bottom of of the pits of humanity, along with many in the US..cowards with no souls...Is everyone forgetting what was once written: An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. Beware of fallout Israel, as when your time will come, as it is now, with the amputation and silence of the European union and the UN, nobody will come to your rescue..When will you finally learn to be less arrogant?
21. Bring in someone religious
ABE ,   NYC   (08.02.06)
The seculars are causing too much anti semitism in the world with their war and their shrewd ideas
22. after the war ... time to rise!
benateed ,   hudson, ny   (08.02.06)
Once these incompetants blunder their way to victory, it will be time to reorganize the nationalist camp and ensure that this political/ideological (convergence/appeasement) travesty is ended for good. Da to Lieberman.
23. rosh memshala bli rosh
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.02.06)
nobody said we elected him for his brains. i personally would have preferred livni - now there's a woman with balls.... as for the reservists...they are falling into it, though, aren't they.
24. motto
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.02.06)
actually, that's not our motto. our motto is: be arrogant, coz the UN, the EU and all the rest dont really care. they never came to our rescue in the past, so all we have left is our arrogance and whatever we can scrape together to protect oursleves from child-molesting (well, i guess hiding behind them is just as bad as raping them), money-grabbing (remember old yasser), hypocrytical (i mean the current bearded wonders), terror-embracing ... well, you know the rest of it.
26. olmet didn't lost his marbles
david ,   miami usa   (08.02.06)
he didn't have any to start with.
28. #22 Lieberman is very anti religious
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.06)
He wants to abolish any laws that make us a "Jewish state". We dont have much except the marriage, right of return. A lot of his support comes from the russian "jews" who a lot of them are barely Jewish to begin with. He may be strong with his words but he will do more damage to the religious front. The Jewish faction of Likud sound great, we need a Observant Jew in the Knesset!!!
29. i agree with him!
David ,   Israel   (08.02.06)
30. to #1 -- LOL
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