Human rights group accuses Israel of war crimes
Published: 03.08.06, 08:52
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1. Bleedingf Heart Mumbo Jumbo
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (08.03.06)
So what are the accusiations against Hezbollah and otther Islamic terror groups. These so called human rights groups, are always use the rights give to them by western societies, to criticize the said societies, no matter how unfounded and damaging. Here we are in the middle of a war that has been formented by the idiots in the Hezbollah terror orgainzation, and the best these bleeding hearts can do is to throw in their two pennies worth of distraction. I wish that these jokers could would do something for which they can be taken seriously
2. Palestenian's warning?
Georgette ,   Los Angeles, US   (08.03.06)
Are you mad Mr. Roth? What world are you living? Palestinians or Hezbollah will send a warning to Israelis prior to sending their rackets? I have not heard your voice raised for the people in Israel who are real civilians deliberately targted to be killed by Hamass, Hezbollah and the likes.. You should be ashamed
3. lies
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.03.06)
Given the fact,Hezbollah criminal fighters are plaincloth dressed,how this organization can make the difference with civilians.Moreover,Arabs proudly show children ans women claiming they are fighting Israelis everywhere around the world.HRW is a biased body,probably financed by Israel's enemies.
4. What about Israeli Civilian Rights?
Jenny ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
That's interesting. Why this Human Rights Watch organization does not accuse Hizbullah of war crimes? How do you call more that 1,500 rockets fired on Israeli civilian populated areas? A wedding party? Israel has hundreds of photos of launchers hidden within civilians. What proof do you have that this is false? we really want to know
5. Righto, Hizbollah does not exist?
Aaron Small   (08.03.06)
6. If that's the case I'm proud to be a criminal!
Avi ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
7. right right... when is nasrallah's trial in the
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (08.03.06)
The holocaust teaches us not to count on the Geneva Convention to protect our human right to life
8. Human rights group accuses Israel of war crimes
Ed ,   Leicestershire (UK)   (08.03.06)
Who is slamming Hizbollah (a terror organization) for the indiscriminate firing of katusha rockets at israeli civilians?
9. Human shield or not - Children should NEVER be targeted
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.03.06)
11. Is it possible?
Ari   (08.03.06)
In the current war, is it possible that the entire world is wrong and only Israeli and the US is correct?
12. War Crimes On All Sides
Rahn W. ,   Vancouver, BC   (08.03.06)
It is apparent that both sides are guilty of war crimes. However, Israel, with it's immense state of the art military machine and it's ability to minimize actual attacks on civilians and infrastructure makes a case that is much easier to prove with its massive fire power. Even though nothing ever will probably ever come of war crime prosecutions, it will be remembered in the history books. And that is much harder to have closure over, and will ensure that this truth will linger for eternity. Nothing to be proud of, and something that will haunt the collective Soul of Israel for a long time. I was brought up to believe that Israel was a just state, and that Jews were deserving of a homeland. I don't know that I support that anymore, given the extreme selfish hatred that most Jews condemn all their Arab neighbors with who do not obey them. This on top of treating them like dogs. And you wonder why Palestinians try and fight back? It is embarrassing to include Israel as a supposed civilized nation state anymore, acting in a responsible matter. The bed it has made for itself over the last nearly 40 years are the seeds that have sown this latest war. If Israel continues on its belligerent course, sooner or later a bigger bully, or a more desperate bully will come along and extract the most vengeance it can. And that will not be a pretty sight. The question will be is whether the world will turn their back on you again. But a bigger question is whether G_D will not only turn his back on you, but perhaps set his face against you?
13. Children
Human   (08.03.06)
#3 have you not seen what the Israeli children write over the Israeli missiles to hit Lebanon?. Some racial words of killing arabs Have you read what an Israeli soldier wrote on his back? I born to kill
14. credibility?
nomad ,   canada   (08.03.06)
HRW doesn't have any credibility and why should they given their balatantly disproportionate condemning of Israel. If there ever was a passive aggressive terror organization this would be it, right along with the UN and british media.
15. Enough of this already!!!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
No-one asked Hisbollocks to hide in amongst civilians. THEY are the ones who should face trial. If you can find them. Bastard cowards.
16. For the Hezbollah fans out there
Joe Israeli ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.06)
We know you're sharpening your knives with that gleeful look in your eyes, so read down to the end of the report: "In previous reporting, Human Rights Watch has addressed the conduct of Hezbollah forces, condemning its attacks on civilian areas as serious violations of international humanitarian law amounting to war crimes." Yes, folks. All you human rights lovers out there who love to go to court - here's your opportunity!!! Blatant violations of human rights that scream for NGOs around the world to rush to the Belgian courts and charge Nasrallah with war crimes. Actually, we already know you're a bunch of fakes, so nobody is going to expect anything from you other than more virulent anti-israel anti-semitic diatribe.
17. Why Aren't The "Human Right Groups" Accusing Hizballah's
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.06)
kiling of innocent civilians? How many thousands of katyushas and kassams have the Hizballahs and Palestinians shot at Israel? Where's the outcry from the so-called "Human Rights Groups"? If they are indeed a "Human Rights Groups" why don't they condemn the Arabs? Just because our G-d is on the side of His beloved children and shields them and protects them from these animals, doesn't mean their terrorism should go unanswered. It's time for an honest "Human Rights Group" to slam the real "attackers against civilians". Once the world will admit to the truth and eradicate those attackers from amongs the civilized world, there'll finally be peace.
tacogu ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
What about the indiscriminate attacks of Hezbolla to the Northern part of Israel? Do they have the HUMAN RIGHT to attack us? Have you been here in Israel to evaluate the damages to our people? Come on... I think that an organization like yours should be in the middle of the balance..
19. "Indiscriminate" attacks are condemned, but DELIBERATE OK
Lauren ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.06)
"Human Rights Watch" should be renamed due to selective blindness. Even if the IDF attacks were "indiscriminate" (which they aren't), Hizbala's attacks on civilians are DELIBERATE. But they have no condemnation for attacking civilians if those civilians are Jews.
20. Hezballah hiding behind skirts and dipers
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
it is not an Israeli "image" but a indisputable FACT that Hezballah terrorists are deliberately attacking Israeli civilians and HIDING behind Arab civilians which constitutes a war crime and a flagrant violation of international law. With Israel's firepower Lebanon could have been completely flattened if Israel hadn't tried to minimize civilian losses. Human Righwatch has apparantly become a tool for Arab propaganda.
21. You are sooooo blind
Jenny ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
Eventually, fundamentalist terrorism will set his face against you too. Just sit and wait. We'll speak again then, if you survive.
22. You always try to forget the facts
Sami ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.06)
the fact that israel is holding occupied land, holding lebanese prisoners, demolishing buildings, killing innocent people both palestinians and lebanese, all the time fighters go over lebanon, all the time warships in lebanese water, etc.
23. Honestly, I wouldn’t have any problems with HRW, if…
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.03.06)
…they change their name to KRW – Killers Rights Watchdogs. I doubt that those HRWs, CNNs, BBCs will raise their voices in case of a hundred something holocaust. As #1 Lindon Richards said, the only reason they are after Israel is because in Middle East, Israel is the only one who understands what the heck they are talking about. The only two case when Hezbollah is interested in home-street-smarts such as HRWs is when hezbollah is loosing big and of course to hang them, when they are looking for fun.
24. yeah..if only the Jews did not defend themselves...
roger ,   usa   (08.03.06)
25. The UN and Kofie Anan are the war criminals!
David ,   Karmiel   (08.03.06)
They let this happen right under their noses! The question is "how much did the Arabs pay the UN?"
26. Hezbollah and the Mothership
David ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (08.03.06)
A huge media gaff in all of this that they gloss over is just exactly who Hezbollah is. The way they portray it, a giant alien mothership just suddenly deposited them into Southern Lebanon. HELLO??? THEY ARE LEBANESE!! They have been allowed to take root as a terrorist militia because the country of Lebanon ALLOWED THEM TO. Lebanon is no victim here - quite the contrary. They have given aid, comfort and support to Hezbollah. Once again, we see a liberal "human rights" organization effectively become a mouthpiece for the terrorists, while Israeli civilians are being killed by intentional attacks against its poulace. Where's the outrage and condemnation??
27. Roth of HRW Warning. Israel Act Now.
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (08.03.06)
The HRW sees Jews as fit only for slaughter. Israel must reinforce to the world that Jews are not for slaughter. Irrespective of what Roth or people like him - HRW or Hezbollah - think, non muslims are not for slaughter. Hate Israel or Love Israel, Israel will not tolerate the slaughter of Jews inside Israel. Israel answered in its unique way to direct confrontation with Hezbollah. Israel must act now to counter the wolf in sheeps clothing called the HRW.
28. and HRW’s main info sources were hezbollah’s tourist tours?
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.03.06)
29. #8 Amnesty International did
Suzanne   (08.03.06)
Although not in many words.
30. Take a look
Anne   (08.03.06) Lebanon:Myths & Facts
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