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War of deception and stupidity
Prof. Zeev Maoz
Published: 03.08.06, 20:30
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1. thanks a lot
Michel ,   Paris   (08.03.06)
I am very happy to see that we can find some people who can think with a smart head even in this situation i have always thought that jewish people are very intelligent but with this war, i am afraid to see that you have some managers completely stupid try to find a way to return home as safe as possible, even mentally, or conscientally
leonard ,   monsey,ny   (08.03.06)
This column is full of foolishness.
3. Deception and Stupidity
Moshe ,   Boston, Mass   (08.03.06)
are main attributes of this deceptive and stupid article.
4. Ok, the solution?
mike ,   salt lake city, ut,   (08.03.06)
Your rhetoric is commendable but I can't see through all your words. I don't see you stating the problem or the solution.
5. another ynut exclusive
steve daitch ,   israel   (08.03.06)
6. Thanks, I feel a bit more optimistic today
Abe K ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.03.06)
Reading your well written article give me a bit of hope that this conflict has any possibility of a solution. I like the metaphore of shooting one's self in the foot/leg and your mention of a creative solution. In particular, it has always stuck me as a bad strategy to flat out refuse to deal with "terrorists". In any kind of delicate negotiations, committing to a particular strategy and letting your opponent know this strategy can only give them the advantage (cf., game theory). Also, creating enemies for future generations is also a bad stategy. The one war in my immediate memory with a successful outcome was WWII, where Japan and Germany emerged as victors economically, and the US ended up with valuable allies. Does Israel have plans to rebuild Lebanon/Palestine? That is the irony when I hear that the Israeli leaders don't want Hesbollah to appear to win. Maybe they should rethink their strategy to create some kind of win-win solution. Saving face does not mean the same as saving one's pride. I think this distinction is what prof. Maoz is refering to in his article, when he talks about differences in opinion about what it means to preserve the existence of Israel: In his view, it is its morals, its democracy, and, ideally, friendship among neighboring nations (I hope this is still possible!). The other view is military superiority and the ability to stay ahead in a senseless escalation, red tooth and claw atavism. I think the former corresponds to saving ones pride (perhaps at the expense of losing face), and the latter amounts to saving face, but creating enemies for generations and perhaps losing one's very humanity.
7. War of Deception and Stupidity by Zeev Maoz
Greg Weiher ,   Houston, Texas, USA   (08.03.06)
A breath of fresh air, a glimmer of sanity in a sea of darkness. It is because I know there are Israelis like Zeev Maoz who seek, above all, a just Israel, that, even though I have been an American who vociferously criticizes Israel, I pray for her continued existence and the safety of her people.
8. Enough??
Bogdan ,   NY   (08.03.06)
The person who wrote this article should be chained in the open in one of the towns worst hit by hizbollah rockets for several days while other people stay in bomb shelters and then ask him if its wnough or not
9. So what is the...
Bogdan ,   NY   (08.03.06)
10. Great Analysis
AK ,   San Jose, USA   (08.03.06)
Hope the political morons of Israel make use of their grey matter.
11. U.P.A.H.
B. J. Mettbach ,   Canada   (08.03.06)
Unconditional Perpetual Ancestral Hatred: Is it environment or inherited? Trouble is dealt with physically and spiritually. The entire world should observe this coming Shabbat. A full observance throughout all of Israel and a worldwide effort to raise the consciousness of all Jews, Christians, Moslems and agnostics could facilitate the spiritual approach to universal harmony, on understanding how to overcome the evil thoughts and deeds responsible for all of the trouble we face. Fulfilling the requirement to observe Shabbat will give the creator of the universe repose from the anguish being felt by all the souls so troubled by the unquenchable war that has taken on a life of its own. Who knows, perhaps if enough spiritual energy was converged upon one thought, one feeling of pure love like the love the creator has for all of his creation; the hatred that was first practiced by Cain against Abel Better to allow spiritual energy to ease the tension, than to succumb to the kind of negative energy that ultimately consumes the hater and the hated.
12. What is even more amazing
Peter ,   Austin TX   (08.03.06)
Is the argumentative position that other readers have posted in response to the logic of your article. Blind Hatred is the most dangerous disease when facing the absolute requirement for a negotiated settlement. Exchanging innocent human lives or conceding to compromise. Which would you choose?
13. War of deception and stupidity
Tom Cand ,   Tampa Florida   (08.03.06)
Could not agree more. Radical Islams blind hate and stupidity are 100% to blame for this war in the Middle East. There pathetic attempt at deception can only fool those who want to be mislead. This is about radical Islams hate of Jews and nothing else. The size of the Hizbullah army in relation to Israels army has nothing to do with anything. Another sad attempt at deception.
14. This is the solution
dinesh katyal ,   fremont, ca   (08.03.06)
I am not exactly anti-war but am always surprised when the supporters of war imply that the detractors of war have no solution. As if war was the solution? War has never been a solution from the time immemorial. Great empires were build on great moral and institutional strength where war was a means, not the end. Short of total annihilation, Israelis and Arabs cannot make the other go away. Even if they did, they will eventually turn upon each other as ingrained paranoia is not exclusive to a situation or people. It'll find other targets. They need to find a way to live with each other, not love each but to live with each other.
15. Sad Lack of Understanding
Steve ,   Boston, USA   (08.03.06)
You fail to see that the need to bring the fight to the people who support & allow the terrorists to find safe haven. Remember, these terrorist set up their rocket launchers in school yards to deter Israeli retaliation. No peace will be achieved if you allow countries to simply shake their heads and say "we can't stop them so don't blame us". The Lebanese, Syrians & Iraninas must be held accountable and the only stock they value is military. If you want a lasting peace, you must create a situation where the enemy has something at stake, until Israel went on the offensive, Lebanon, Syria and Iran had nothing to lose & the deaths of Jews to gain.
16. Solution?
Yitzak ,   USA   (08.03.06)
Isreal will always have the US's support. They have permanent puppet strings attached. Instead of making more enemies in the process, why can't Isreal get over the fact that the Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum mentality just won't work anymore. There is no such thing as a battle for existence, that ended with WWII. Let's not keep crying over the past and work with neighbors for peaceful solutions.
17. Is it just me
Fred Quagmire ,   Iraq   (08.03.06)
This is a nice fantasy of hope and aspiration that to completely different ideologies will all of the sudden meet eye to eye. The radicals want to kill Israel and have made that more than clear from the highest seat in Iran to the now highest seat in Lebanon. How do you change that hatred and how would allow it to exist............ Incentives are only good when the you have someone who is receptive. Hezbollah has made it clear what thier goals are.
18. Hisbollah
Abe ,   USA   (08.03.06)
What do propose to do? All I see in your commentary is allegations that mistakes are being made. What should be done instead?
19. Thank god - i was feeling that the world s full of hate.
Sean Mccarry ,   Dallas, TX   (08.03.06)
Thank you ... thank you, for your article. The Israelis and the US NeoCons, and the obedient British bull terrier Tony Blair, have truly created a new world of hate and anger. I grew up with many of my Jewish friends (which i admire as my good childhood friends). Despite that, the Israeli bombings of innocent people has made me hate Israel ... i see them as bullys and thugs and liers ... and for the first in my life i hope they lose this war as their government is a murdering parasite. Please bring hope of peace and reconciliation with your future articles as you can tell, the rest of us have been forced into taking side by watching the carnage of innocent people on TV.
Prof. Zeev Maoz , Is it possible that regime change is required in Israel. I see Judeo-Zionism as the mid-wife for Islamic Terrorism, as it was for Hamas and for Hizbollah, the latter two very legitimate national Resistance movements. If a cleansed Israeli system in not achieved, if Peace continues to mean PIECE of Lebanon, Piece of Syria Piece of the the Remainder of Palestine, then Judeo-Zionism will use the WMD it has. Israel is a threat to human civilization based on its current culture of arrogance. It's destruction of Lebanon has already created a New ME - not one for the Defence of the Realm. Your commentary is relevant and astute. Will your nation listen? Are there more of you? If 'Piece" remains the J_Z Peace better for Israel to move over to Canada. Saskatchewan and Alberta have OIL, WATER, GAS and MINERALS. Even lots of reservations for cheap labour for the New Israel. I hope that a PEACE with borders taht do not include PIECES of neighbours is implemented in place of the J-Z enterprise. Come talk to us in Canada. Shalom!
21. Who is insane?
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
More than 90% av the Israeli population who defend themselves and their country against those who want to complete Hitler's ideology.... or a "professor" who during world War 2 would claim that the Jews "created Hitler"? It should be a duty for every Israeli to contribute with one agora to professor dhimi's one-way trip to Teheran Univeristy where he can "thrive" in his own environment.
22. solution
whoever wrote this article seems to think that capitulation to islamofascist terrorists is how we're going to win. enjoy keeping sharia in 50 years time.
23. Deception and stupidity of this "professor"
Anna ,   Florida   (08.03.06)
Where do you get these "professors"? Just wolk on campus looking for some pro-Arab "professors"?
A VOICE FROM BEIRUT ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.03.06)
My hat is of to you dear Sir on your bravery, because only strong men talk this language. I was nine years old when mirkavas rolled down infront of our home in 1982, they were here to get rid of the PLO back then....and what did they do other than creating a total population of Lebanese becoming anti Israelis! I am thirty two now...the hate was fading and I was staring to think of you as potential neighbours and maybe good ones although I never saw any sign of that (you know when one moves in to a new neighbourhood one does make extra efforts to show a sign of good will so the neighbours open up to him....). The hate is back now dear Sir....I will allow my self to discuss your internall affairs and tell you only this; You cannot leave your country's will in the hands of army generals anymore those people's gobs is war itself they have nothing else to offer! Anyway to conquer with your thoughts I tell you this my dear Sir; If your army bombs my capital where my people have been living in for thousands of years (unlike on your side where only a tiny fraction is but the rest have been recruited from all parts of this earth and I do not mean to offend you personaly by that please be sure) Me the educated man will start contemplating ideas about explosive belts. Thank you sir for getting me engaged in talking to you cuz I always thought why bother all they know is war....
25. duhhhh
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.03.06)
This is kind of like reading Abdullah's comments. So, what are the concrete things Israel is supposed to do? How foolish to post this handwringing without any indication or what this "moral high ground" actually consists of.
26. Stupidity?
robert ,   USA   (08.03.06)
1. Israel not fighting this war properly and with real Jewish values (i.e. if someone comes to kill you kill them first - Jews don't turn the other cheek). 2. Olmert continuing to speak about realignment. 3 YNET continuing to publish fools like this professor. THESE ARE TRUE EXAMPLES OF STUPIDITY.
27. #16 end of battle of existence?
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
Hitler's follower Iran's president Ahmenajad would not agree with you.
28. Stop appologizing for terrorists
Zionist ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
The only way to defeat terrorism and achieve stability in the region is to stop blaming ourselves for the murderous actions of terrorists. We must realize that it's not because of certain policies that many of our neighbors want to eliminate our country, but because of the mere fact that we exist. We must identify terrorism for what it really is - a belief in jihad which commands the destruction of all non-Muslims, especially those who live in "Muslim lands" (Israel). Israel cannot win the war of existence until people like Mr. Maoz stop thinking that Hamas and Hizballah were established because of Israeli mistakes, and start thinking that they were established because Israel exists. We must reach a common consensus that Israel is a legitimate nation-state, recognized by the UN, and any attack against it justifies harsh retaliation. Nobody attacks Israel and benefits from it.
IL-IL ,   SHUMMAKOM   (08.03.06)
It should be only decent journalistic practice, to provide us - your readers - with the backgrounds of your commentators.
30. Agree with #21
Dave reporter ,   Melbourne Aust   (08.04.06)
Here is my 10 shekel - that way Prof and 1,000 of his friends can emmigrate out of the country he so feels should not exist. IDF & IAF you have 100% of my support. Clean those terrorists up before they really hurt someone
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