Olmert: Send us ‘real soldiers, not pensioners’
Published: 03.08.06, 09:54
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1. THEM --- "those guys"
David ,   Vancouver - Canada   (08.03.06)
Why don't we JUST DO Iran... and..........get it over with????? Booooooooooooooommmmm!
2. Olmert, Today is Thursday!
Ali ,   Lebanon   (08.03.06)
3. Real troops or not - No force can block the rockets.
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.03.06)
No IDF force or Intl. force can secure northen Israel from rockets. Only some sort of agreement or understanding can insure that.
4. to David #1
Barry ,   Bulgaria   (08.03.06)
You're a very sick person. You have no idea what being in a war is like. Innocent people get killed, people suffer, homes get destroyed, families get torn apart. Why don't you just not talk if you can't say something intelligent?
5. O.K.
a voice ,   the Czech Republic   (08.03.06)
This is the best P.M. Olmert´s demand.
6. Please Come Fight the Arabs on Our Behalf
Tony Gomez ,   Chiapas, Mexico   (08.03.06)
"Please send us troops that will fight the Arabs on our behalf". Isn't that what Olmert is essentially calling for? An effective force should be able to check Hizbullah activity against Israel as well as check Israeli activity in Lebanon, including shooting down Israeli planes and drones that cross over into Lebanese terrritory.
7. to goofy #3
Anne ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.03.06)
It's easy to block the rockets. After all, there's only a finite number of them and only a finite space to clear them out of. True, it will need more to prevent a repeat performance. The UN-US-EU are working on that one ...
8. Barry #4
David ,   VAncouver Canada   (08.03.06)
Hey sweetie When you begin to understand THEY WANT YOUR ASS TOOOO......... you may change your thots.
9. Barry Bulgaria
David ,   Vancouver CANADA   (08.03.06)
Please understand Barry The people of IRAN voted..............................voted for their government. They want your ASS.
10. Send us a real leader!!!
Daniel ,   Tekoa   (08.03.06)
11. Israel and the world have a future
Schulz ,   Berlin   (08.03.06)
For me is Israel the area of God. God made Heaven and Earth, God gave Avraham this land, before he had children. We must trust in God, than have Israel and the world a future in God, the onlyst God is the God of Israel, that had Israel given to gift for the world. And these God of Israel is the peace for the world! Another peace is not available!
12. And What About the 3 Kidnapped Soldiers & The Rockets
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.06)
Oldmert: Did you forget your 3 conditions? Hasn't the war begun because of the kidnapped soldiers and the murder of 8 Israelis? How can you forget? Or is it that you deperately want to end this war in order to expel the 250,000 Jews from your own country?
13. Multinational Force deployment
Ragusa   (08.03.06)
“Did you hear of any particular efforts of the United Nations UNIFIL force in the south of Lebanon to prevent the attacks against Israel in the first place?” Olmert demanded. Well, did you see any particular efforts of the Government of Israel to seek a lasting solution to prevent attacks Israel or did you just see the futile bombing and shooting left and right by IDF. Peace can never be achieved by exercising military superiority unless it is combined with a will by the stronger party to make confessions and aiding in removing the background for the conflict. Example WWII: Germany and Japan now living in prosperity and at peace with their neighbours. The main obligation to solve the conflict lies with the Government of Israel - and usually it does not do any good habitually insulting everyone in sight. If a multinational force is to be deployed, sure it must be strong enough to ensure that BOTH SIDES are prevented from breaching an agreement, but reaching a lasting peace requires not guns, but will.
14. Angry Olmert
Jamal   (08.03.06)
750 civilian deaths and counting in Olmert's raging war against women and children, or as he prefers to call them: terrorist farms because there are no innocent civilians. Lebanese children don't hug teddy bears when they sleep, they sleep with katyushas in their beds in case you didn't know. Israeli military incompetence has exceeded all expectations, that was a bit surprising. Surely though their random killing and destruction credentials are untouched. More surprising, however, is their war propaganda which has shown complete creative bankruptcy. For example , the number of Hezbollah fighters the IDF have claimed to kill is always a round number. I would recommend they use odd numbers more often, 43-31-17 -93 makes it sound more credible than 200-20-40-50. May I also recommend a computer program called Adobe Photoshop. You can very easily place a chubby black turbanned dude running into any of the civilian shelters you plan on bringing down on top of 42 kids under the age of 13. As for the cartoons, fliers, and radio interference; that was so amateurish that it's not even worth discussing. My favorite war propaganda item though is the "strategic redeployment". If you are planning to "strategically redeploy" your ass out of a village, DO NOT spend a week hyping it up as the Capital of Hezbollah. I can provide you with plenty more tricks if you want. Just tell Halutz, Peretz, or Olmertz to contact me. I'm sure they have no problem reaching me, I'm a civilian after all.
15. #13 are you for real!!!
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (08.03.06)
Ragusa, I don't know where you live but your examples are really dumb. The Allies bombed Japan with ATOM BOMBS before they surrendered. Dresden burned from phosphorus bombs and other German cities were flattened before they surrendered. Is that what you are suggesting?!? Besides, after the war, the Americans were eager to get into bed with the Germans because of the Russians (remember the cold war) AND THE GERMANS WANTED TO COOPERATE with the Americans. I am waiting for the day that the Lebanese and the Palestinians have leaders who want peace.
16. to be in Lebanon with brothers in IDF
David Joseph ,   Orlando Florida   (08.03.06)
would be awesome.
17. I agree but no Saudis or Egyptians. Jordanians are OK
Christian Bianrossa   (08.03.06)
J.GYMA ,   NAIROBI,KENYA.   (08.03.06)
UNIFIL and Kofi Anan can not be trusted in maintaining the peace along the border. Israel learned a lesson when UN vehicles and personnel were used by Hezbollah to abduct the three IDF soldiers who were later murdered in early 2000. The same Unifil has been presence all along since Israel withdrew from South Lebanon and have been witnessing the enemy’s bankers and weapon build-up. Israel Government can not risk again letting the same to happen in future as the UN watches.
19. Olmert - just one question!!!
joe   (08.03.06)
WHO WILL PAY FOR IT?? Maybe the EU??? You want to drag Europe int this SNAFU (-situation normal - all fucked up) which You people created over the last 40 years! by stealing land, stealing water, harrassment and humiliation of the palestinian people on a daily base!! Go to hell with Your plans to acquire Europe as Your new accomplices so You have free hands to uphold the rain of terror in the occupied palestinian land!! Better get Your americans friends to protect you. But be sure to order enough beds from IKEA so they have a place to hide under!! NOT WITH ME AS A TAXPAYER!!!
20. UN resolution
Adam ,   London, UK   (08.03.06)
Whilst it is absolutely correct that UNSCR 1559 is fulfilled to the utmost, what about the 1967 resolution? Many in the international community think that it is hypocritical for Israel to demand one UNSCR be met whilst it ignores one dating back many years.
21. to # 4 : As IF the "IDF" cares
Ali ,   Beirut   (08.03.06)
The "IDF" does not care about innocent people and their houses. So far they have killed 900 innocent, injured more than 3200 and wiped some villages from the map. IT IS A GENOCIDE in all measures....and David #1 is just a sample of those ill-minded israelis. What do you expect if their children are taught at a very early age to write messages on the rockets used to kill innocents..This is a nation of terrorism, a nation where killers are promoted to higher positions, and peaceful guys are called traitors!!
22. so smart
he wants troops to fight against Hezballah insted of his IDF .... lol
23. Wake up Barry
David   (08.03.06)
The war has already started many years ago. The Arabs have been working since 48 to get us out of Israel, dead or alive. Over a thousand Jews have been killed in the last few years. Who do you think Iran is preparing its nuclear bomb for? Either we stand up for ourselves or we will have nothing left to stand up for!
24. To Sagusa -no. 13
Moshiko ,   Shanghai, China   (08.03.06)
Germany and Japan were totally destroyed and defeated. They unconditionally surrender after WWII. To speak of concessions, Israel totally withdrew from Lebanon in year 2000 and (if you bother to read) the UN resolution acknowledge the fact that not even 1 cm of Lebanese land is occupied by Israel. So I wonder, when you say Israel should make concessions do you mean Israel should give up its own territory?
25. Reasonable Request
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Chefer, Israel   (08.03.06)
Olmert's request is more than reasonable as one of the conditions for a cease-fire and withdrawal. The only problem is that the UN, as impotent and ineffectual as it is, has not got the power to oversea replacement of UNIFIL on Israel's northern border. The most that Israel can expect is another bunch of ill-trained soldiers from many countries, incapable of maintaining peace. Hezbollah will NOTaccept that and they will dictate their terms to the weak Lebanese Government. Only Israel is capable of bringing that murderous organization to its knees to surrender, but it will take time.
26. Before any...
Pat ,   USA   (08.03.06)
Islamic nut cases get started on this subject thinking they have won something, read what Olmert is saying! He wants a, primarily, non-Islamic security force with backbone. Also known as troops that will kick the hiz's ass if they violate a ceasefire or security zone. Otherwise the hiz will continue to get their ass kicked by Israeli troops. The hiz is going to be prevented from harming Israel one way or the other.....whether Israel does it, or whether the international community does.
27. To the goofier #7
Ali ,   Beirut   (08.03.06)
Nothing in the world would stop rockets from falling over your heads. The only smart thing your government might do is negotiate. From 2000 to 2006 No rockets landed on your settlements. YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT SAFE WHEN MY COUNTRY IS BOMBED... GOT IT??
28. To 14 (JAMAL)
Shai ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
All you've done is prove you understand how to manipulate media, which is no surprise to any of us. But tell us this, Jamal, can you itemize what you've gained from the Hizbollah offensive on Israel? You have $2b worth of damage to repair, Hizbollah will have to give up the Israeli soldiers with nothing in return, Hizbollah has been weakened as a military force and will have its operational theater taken by the Lebanese Army and International troops, Shabaa farms will at best only be given to Lebanon if Syria admits it is Lebanese territory, but since it won't admit Lebanon is Lebanese territory, that seems unlikely - and Israel's economy is still strong, you've succeeded in murdering few soldiers and Israeli citizens even though you've launched about 2000 rockets againstg us, so what did you gain for your folly, Jamal? I propose that you lost much, much, more than you are willing to admit, and I sense you may not even realize it yet.
29. ali #21 use a dictionary
logical ,   sydney, australia   (08.03.06)
genocide by definition means the intentful annihilation of a social group. you CANNOT possibly call Israel's acts of self deense in Lebanon as acts of genocide. it is targetting an extremist ideological movement, not a race. the deaths of bystanders cannot be considered genocide
30. Kill UN Troops..and then criticize them !!
Saleem ,   Lebanon   (08.03.06)
“Did you hear of any particular efforts of the UNIFIL force in the south of Lebanon to prevent the attacks against Israel in the first place?” You Kill 4 UN observers delibrately and you lament why they didn't protect you ??? I can not Believe it !
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