Hizbullah not hurrying towards ceasefire
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.08.06, 19:40
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1. “righteousness and charity”
Norway ,   Leviticus 9   (08.03.06)
- thus brings about the redemption of the Jewish people from exile and their ultimate return to Zion. “Israel shall be redeemed only by virtue of tzedakah.” “And her repatriates shall be redeemed through tzedakah.” Tzedek shall go before Him. ” DO - SOMETHING !! And Moses said: This is the thing which the L*RD commanded that ye should do; that the glory of the L*RD may appear unto you. DO - something that the glory of the L*rd may appear unto you...
2. here's the evidence
Laura ,   London   (08.03.06)
MEKKA ,   TALHA BEN AL- ZUBIER   (08.03.06)
THE celebration indded will come whrn the last IDF leave palastine and lebanon with shame and misery , celebrataion will be later , i hope soon
4. Concrete Results
Jason ,   Wilmington   (08.03.06)
Israel needs concrete results. It needs numbers of terrorists dead and captured, numbers of weapons taken, named leaders killed or captured. Israel needs to take land, villages towns, secure them and move on. Simply attacking terrorists, at least those who reveal themselves, then leaving, does no good. It lets the terrorists call the shots. This is more than an 'operation' this is a war and it needs to be fought like a war.
5. Yeah, right
J K ,   NYC, USA   (08.03.06)
The group that first crossed the border to kidnap soldiers and started shooting missiles across the borders are the ones making the ceasefire rules. I guess the inmates ARE the asylum.
6. pride?
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.03.06)
Jews are supposed to feel shame for civilian deaths in Lebanon. Hezbollah feels pride for civilian deaths in Israel.
7. Don't Celebrate So Fast. Some Arabs Are Among Those Killed
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.06)
8. Occupied Lebanon JOKE!!!
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (08.03.06)
The only occupiers of Lebanon are the terrorist Iranian-Syrian backed hezbollah. This murderous group, which has pretty much kidnapped and hijacked all of Lebanon is now chirping as if their expulsion of Israel from the south would LIBERATE the people of lebanon. That is precisely like the so-called stalinist liberation of the east european countries during the 40's. what fools are the lebanese for having had the cowardice to let these iranians take over whatever they wanted. It's too bad that only Israel has the courage to oppose those scums.
9. lebanon burns while hezbullah fiddles
arie   (08.03.06)
10. #3 there will be no celebration for you...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.03.06)
Ever!!! Your people only celebrate death, violence and corruption of the people. Until you change your fanatic ways, you will have no joy in life...only in death.
11. stop killing our children
person ,   cairo   (08.03.06)
all the egyptions are happy that Hizbullah can respond to the massacres that israel continues to do in lebanon and phalastin
12. Israel at war
d wilson ,   perth scotland   (08.03.06)
13. #11- Shouldn't you be handing out sweets?
Ska ,   Iraq   (08.04.06)
The arabs have been having a wet dream for the last 58 years, and cheer at each innocent Israeli death on busses, by homicide bomber whack jobs, etc. Wow! -"Stop killing our children". So you admit Palestinians aren't a unique culture, but are in fact Arabs! Thousands of square miles of Arabia, and you can't leave the little postage stamp country of Israel alone. Shame on you! Look in the mirror!
14. I know Egyptians who are ashamed
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (08.03.06)
Sorry Person of Cairo, I know a couple of Egyptians who are ashamed of Crapallah and their folly of messing with Israel. What is wrong with your people?
15. Every thing is going out of control
Faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (08.04.06)
Hizbullah now saying it would attack Tel Aviv , its some thing too serious for Israel . This resistance of Hizbullah is really causing too much trouble for Israel .Its a war for Israel where enemy is not seen. I dont think that Hizbullah fighters are only from lebonan but from many countries as in IDF. I do think that Israel never faces this type of challenge ever in its all wars Its easy to fight with an army but too hard to fight with an organization. Hizbullah is really giving losses to Israel .. Navy warship , helicopters , tanks even on ground , firing back missles in large numbers and now saying it would attack Tel Aviv.It doesnt matters to Hizbullah even its 1000 fighters are dead in war by IDF . But its matters to IDF coz there are a regular army with latest weapons. Hizbullah's are not showing any sign of weakness, what can israeli govt do now ? they cant do carpet bombing , they cant use bunker blasters they cant use nukes , coz first of all there are fighting on others soil and Hizbullah are not on israels.Hizbullah are really playing cards nicely and more and more trying to isolate israeli govt. and they are trying to prove that we captured sodliers for the release of those who are in israelis jails. PM Olmert really maked it now too complicated by giving orders to IDF and after that only Hizbullah started firing missles over Israel's northern communites . One after another PM Olmert is helping Hizbullah more and more and showing that he is not anable leader. Israel won the earlier war in 6 days and beated all regular armies of arab countries , but now 22 days gone and IDF cant stop those missles firings . Israel should change the PM now and try to realise that PM Olmert did many mistakes that now IDF soldiers and isralis citizens are paying the price with their lives .
16. Do israeli recieve gladly the news of lebanese victims
Sami SLIM ,   Minsk, Belarus   (08.04.06)
The author of this article wrote "gladly received reports of seven deaths ". from following up lotof israelis comments and their will to hit more places and locations in Lebanoni ask if "Most israeli feel glad when any person is killed in lebanon" ornot. Another Point, does this make those persons racist ?
17. Dealing with the Hizbollocks vermin
Odie ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.04.06)
It's too bad that the Israelis can't put out rat poison to get rid of Hizbollocks. A perfect poison for the rat bastards. Short of that, I believe Israel should invade Lebanon with 75,000 soldiers and wipe southern Lebanon clean of the Hizbollocks terrorists. Whenever they catch a Hizbollocks member, they should wrap him in a pigskin and shoot him, then nail the cadaver to a telephone pole for the other Hisbollocks to admire. Another good thing to do when capturing Hisbollocks fighters would be to lock them in a house and set fire to it. Hisbollocks deserves no mercy and should be eradicated to the last man.
18. #14
they must be zionists
19. #14 is right
Yasser ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.04.06)
I as a second generation Egyptian Arab am ashamed of my so-called Muslim bretheren who continue to persecute Israel. There are other, mark my words, that feel this way. Down with Hamas and Hezbullah! Salute Israel!
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