Nasrallah: We'll bomb Tel Aviv if Beirut attacked
Roee Nahmias
Published: 03.08.06, 21:23
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31. we wıLL destroy aLL mosLums ıf tel avıv strıked
ısraeL   (08.03.06)
32. ıf you want do ıt we have take revenge X 10 tımes
33. we wıLL hıt everywhere ın Lebnon we don t afraıd from threat
ısraeL   (08.03.06)
34. nasrallah 4 war lost does not enough for you
1948 1956 ,   1967 1973   (08.03.06)
36. #10 -- This is for tommorow dude!
37. Let them stay and die in the villages
Carl ,   Honolulu, HI   (08.03.06)
"The Israelis come to enter a village, so that Hizbullah fighters will run away, but up to now – the fighters remained to battle in the villages until the last bullet." Well, good, let them stay and die.... Hez-bull thinks Israel is giving it all it has, they are in for a big suprise if they attack Tel Aviv
38. Nasrallah: We'll bomb Tel Aviv if Beirut attacked
Beto ,   Mexico-City   (08.03.06)
Conclusion: you can kick their butts and they can be easily convinced that they are wining and should smile. No wonder they have such abusive leaders and elites, who exploit their ignorance. IDF, go all the way, kick their and make their day!!!
39. Where is nasarallah hiding
Salvador ,   Florida-US   (08.03.06)
I bet you he is in Syria. they should blow his brains out and show the world who is with the people of Israel. Almighty God.
40. capital city?
dov ,   Texas   (08.03.06)
Terrorists don’t know geography – especially one who is trying to obtain land. According to today’s news reports “ Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Tel Aviv during a TV address Thursday night, should Israel attack in Beirut. "If you indeed do this, I say this clearly. I won't use terms I used up to now, past Haifa, but I will say clearly and in a way that is not open to interpretation: If you bomb our capital we'll bomb your capital. We'll bomb Tel Aviv and we can do this." The capital of Israel is JERUSALEM!
41. #3
Rabih ,   Beirut   (08.03.06)
He did sacrifice his eldest son Hadi, and his other son Jawad is also taking part in the combat. Besides is George Bush fighting in Iraq? Is Ehud Olmert fighting in Lebanon? Did Charles De Gaulle land in Normandie on D-Day? The way you think of things that makes them all hypocrites.. Good day
42. If you bom TA
Mosheh ,   Israel   (08.03.06)
Israeli will wake up and start peace talk. Stop this dirty War. We want to live in peace with our neighbours, give them back their own land. stop the occupation.
43. # 10 -We already bombed Beirut today, pathetic liar
mike ,   montreal   (08.03.06)
you are in idiot you dont know beirut from teh suberb of beirut he means it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
44. Nuke Tehran and Demascus --> No more supplies to Hezbollah
45. Six Day War to Endless War
Musa   (08.03.06)
The Arabs are fighting, they are not backing down. Stupidly, Israel is playing right into their hands. Israel finds itself isolated and has already lost the PR battle. Make peace and bring Hizbullah to the table and negotiate. This is insanity. Nothing has changed in 21 days, not one thing.
46. And our capital is Jerusalem
Amit ,   New York, USA   (08.03.06)
not Tel Aviv...All the propoganda and lies and empty promises...we need peace not petty threats. If he is mocking the Mossad intelligence he should think about his own, and learn his capitals!
47. listen to Nissrallah
moe ,   montreal, Canada   (08.03.06)
I think Hizbllah leader is the guy to trust, he does what he says, and he mean everyword he says, unlike Olmert who keep trying to fool everyone over and over again, and who is in deep shit, lebanon shit, where he doesn't know how to get out, even though the exit is simple: stop the war, release prisoners, and get out of lebanon. if this is gonna happen sonner or later, why the arrogant israeli PM doesn't do it now??
48. Smart Brains vs. Smart Bombs
Todd ,   Washington DC, USA   (08.03.06)
Nasrallah is Israel's WORST NIGHTMARE. Even if you succeeded in killing him as a person, his spirit will be reborn into more determined leaders. The only way out of this mess, is to respect your Lebanese and Palestinian neighbors. Stop your military arrogance and negotiate a peaceful settlement. Their children are just as precious as yours and their blood is just as red as yours... Your leaders are leading you into hell. You should start demanding that they use their smart brains instead of their smart bombs. Shalom
49. to Efi
Observer ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.03.06)
Beirut hasn't been bombed yet, all the bombing so far were on Beirut suburbs...
50. MOSSAD AWOKE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AVINU   (08.03.06)
51. Israel has lost its deterrence becuase of Olmert!
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.03.06)
Olmert should resign. Stop the War now. Reach an international diplomatic solution. Bring the boys back home. NOW MORE BLOODSHED!!! I want peace and security. Olmert can't deliver. He has dragged us to this futile war. We sink deeper and deeper. Just like a gambler who can't get up from the table, Olmert is sure that his next move will win the house. And his next move always spells disaster for Israel, with more civilian and IDF casualties. Leaders of the world: Stop the war NOW!
52. He even does not know what the capital of Israel is!
Uli ,   israel   (08.03.06)
How this Brain wants to know a war, when he even does not know that Israels capital is not Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem! Too bad. Hassan, maybe go back to geography classes...
53. Just a question?
Elie ,   Italy   (08.03.06)
I am Lebanese and I have a question for you guys. Do you feel happy when you kill 900 Person in 3 weeks? We are people just like you... we are not monsters. Why don't you try to make piece at least from your the North side.
54. to # 3
Nasrallah ,   Heaven InshAllah   (08.03.06)
NasrAllah lost is son in the battles 8 years ago, all his children are fighting now on the borders. Don't say anything stupid and not certain about it like Olmert does.
55. #9, #10
Rabih ,   Beirut   (08.03.06)
#9: Just remember that 5 of your finest BRIGADES are facing a small guerilla without any considerable gain for the last three weeks. Now the IDF defeated three Arab nations in a matter of six days in 1967 and occupied land four times the size of what you originally had. Think of that and tell me who's desperate (The IAF is now bombing dairy product and A** wipe factories just to say they're bombing somehing).. #10: No Efi, Beirut was not bombed, you bombed the southern suburb (Dahieh), so please check your facts.
56. #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #8 | #10 & #9 and everyone else
diala ,   Beirut Lebanon   (08.03.06)
#1: lol what power my friend, you think if israel destroyed lebanon from the air this is power heheheh, show us power on ground you pathetic cowards, you know we don't have any anti aircraft missiles so they do what ever they want this is not power ... its like bringing a huge guy to hit a baby lol. COWARDS #2 : well you too seem to be stupid, let them show us real men not babies, we saw them today the IDf soldiers they seemed crying on ground lol COWARDS ... #3: well he may be on the head of the army if it was a real war not Cowards vs. Men, is it = to hit people fro the air hehehehe, more than 30 mirkavas destroyed till now , 2 Saer and more coming soon.... its better to surrender then fight women and children .... # 4 : I don't know if you heard what he said, we don't attack we counter Attack, so if you hit center of beirut not suburbs, then it will rain a new kind of Rockets, you've never heard about .... #8 : He is not scaring you idiot, he is telling you what your gov. is not telling, but as usual you don't listen well ... i feel sorry for you guys.... you are living in a big lie. #10 : as i said before Dahya is not considered beirut, beirut means central beirut... which then it will rain rockets on you.... hope we don't get there because it will be a real massacre for lebanon and israel.... and for #9 : i don't see where did u get they are getting heavy losses lol, of course you mean IDF losses. more than 30 to 40 Mirkavas lost till now, and more than 100 soldiers dead, while hizbullah deaths are 47 + 3 today = 50, and their rocket force is still the same maybe better .... so Dima go listen well to what he said...
57. Al Manar
Harold ,   London, UK   (08.03.06)
Why on earth is this TV station still standing/broadcasting after three weeks' fighting? If, for some reason, the IAF can't hit it, at least jam their frequencies.
58. Do not play with the intermediate man
Eli ,   Israel,Haifa   (08.03.06)
Instead of dealing with the "enfant terrible', israel should ask Iran twice to stop Hezbullah bombing and if not, turn Iran sand into glass
59. Root out the Terrorists?
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (08.03.06)
Root out the terrorists I believe is impossible, as more will be recruited, they have countries full of them, all willing. The only way to peace is for Israel to pack up and move elsewhere, which in my mind is totally unacceptable, there has to be a give take on both sides, but even then, they will still complain about occupation, there leaders teach lies, it's in there religion, the Koran is full of lies, so many Islams that move to western nations and get access to truthful documents, realize this. They are force fed this islamic crap from day one. Don't get me wrong though, islam is a bad as catholicism. You will all wear the mark of the beast when the time comes. For the vatican is the true satan, Islam is just lost people, only God can grant forgiveness, no priest , cleric or rabbi has that authority, we are all men / women. This conflict is the work of the devil, they want jews and muslims to kill each other, ask yourself who benifits from the deaths of so many?
SE ,   USA   (08.03.06)
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