EU enlists Syrian help with Lebanon crisis
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Published: 04.08.06, 02:30
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1. What are they thinking?
Smart one   (08.04.06)
What are they thinking? Asking the #1 supporters of the Hezbollah for a ceasefire all the sudden? that's ridiculous.
2. Settling the conflict
IOFF ,   USA   (08.04.06)
This war has Only one aim left: To save the prestige of Olmert, Peretz And Halutz. All the other aims Have gone up in smoke. There is no military solution. ---------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow, Saturday, 6 pm, in Tel-Aviv, we shall take part in a march of all the peace organizations against the war. Starting from Ben-Zion Boulevard corner King George, we shall march to Magen David Square. JOIN! ------------------------------------------------------ Ad published in Haaretz, August 4, 2006
3. Screw the EU
TD ,   London   (08.04.06)
The only reason Syria would agree to get HIzbollah out of the fight is that Hizbollah is being crushed, and Assad wants to save Syria's proxy without losing face by their cowardly refusal to come to Hizbollah's aid. Of course the EU either is too stupid, or just doesn't care, that Syria would then re-establish HIzbollah as a fighting force for the next war against Israel. Assad knows HIzbollah's days are numbered and he is usning the time honoured trick of using the UN and EU to get out of jail. Not this time, pal. In fact the best outcome would be for the EU and 'international community' to work together to ensure that terrorist groups like Hizbollah and their backers - Syria and Iran - are disarmed : permanently. Of course I am daydreaming that a bureaucratic group of unelected, morally craven officials would have this much backbone so as always it will ultimately fall to Israel, the USA and probably the UK , Canada and Australia. Save Hizbollah in return for a false peace? Let's hope that Israel doesn't fall for that one. I hope that Israel has learned a mighty lesson from this war, which is that it is folly for nation states to entrust their security to non-state actors such as the UN or EU. I pray for Israel in the days ahead and hope that Narallah and his other Hizbollah rats are mercilessly decimated. Then on to Damascus. And screw the EU.
4. They are helping Israel survive!
Europe   (08.04.06)
5. EU asks fox to "help" with chickens
Marya ,   Sacramento, USA   (08.04.06)
What Moratino is saying is the time is right for you Bashar, to re-occupy Lebanon. And they want to bring back the useless, neutered UN peace keepers... what an improvement --the dept of such genius.
6. Terrorism Wins
Ron ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.04.06)
I'm an Australian living in Jerusalem. This settlment gives the prize to the terrorists. Hizbullah wins! The world will be subjected to increased international terrorist abuse if the way for them to gain concessions is to cross borders and kidnap soldiers or citizens. It's pathetic.
7. ASSad senses danger
John ,   NZ   (08.04.06)
8. Syria's help
Oleg ,   Milwaukee, USA   (08.04.06)
It seems that Hizwithoutball guys suffer a lot of losses that even Bashir starts to realize this. He will do now everything possible to keep terrorists alive and functional (for future use). This is his fifth column in Lebanon. He needs them. If Israel will destroy terrorists Lebanese will sleep without fear that somebody will bomb them. Israel has no intention to keep any Lebanon territory. All Israel need is a peaceful neighbor.
9. Are they on drugs?
f ,   chicago   (08.04.06)
very smart idea, they also need to make hamas responsible for peace process in gaza. european idiots
10. Israel is wrong.
Natan Rai ,   Bangalore.   (08.04.06)
Israel is wrong in projecting this as a war against Hezbollah / Arabs. Israel must take the lead in showing the danger of Jihad poses to everyone including Syria by literally going to every town and showing the world snaps, sound files and video files of the declarations / proclamations of Jihadist leaders. SHOW THE WORLD THE FATE OF THOSE WHO CANNOT DEFEND THEMSELVES AGAINST THIS ILLEGITIMATE CHILD OF NAZISM. SHOW THE WORLD JIHADS SUCCESSES.SHOW THE WORLD HOW THEY WORK. Im sure only then the free world will understand its danger. Israel took the lead in fighting Jihad on the ground. Israel must again take the lead in fighting Jihad on the airwaves. For a peaceful Israeli future. FOr the future of the free world.
11. Cease-Fire - Give the terrorists what they want
Jason ,   Wilmington   (08.04.06)
To answer #1, they, the EU, Syria, the UN, are thinking that the terrorsists are taking a pounding. They are firing 10 years worth of missiles and it is only making Israel more determined, and they want time for the terrorists to recover and regroup. They want to move French troops to the border to protect terrorists and the want Israel to sign up for all this and make it seem like it is a good thing to do. Israel cannot depend upon the kindness of strangers. It also cannot depend upon the French or the EU or the UN, who actively side against Israel, to protect its borders. Israel needs to stand strong, even in the face of international threats. So many people, so many Jews, never believed that they were going to be exterminated by a modern, technologically advanced Germany. So many think today that the French and the Europeans and the UN won't let it happen again. Muslims dance in the street when they hear that a jewish child has been killed, and the UN says nothing, and Europe says nothing. All that Israel can count on is that UN peacekeepers, European peacekeepers, will also do nothing, at the very least, when the terrorsist attack again.
12. Promises, promises!
Ben Wolf ,   New York USA   (08.04.06)
"Syria's promise to support Siniora is a significant development following more than a year of strained Lebanese-Syrian relations " -- How is a "promise" a "development"? -- Once again, Israel will be asked TO DO something now while the Arabs will agree TO PROMISE something later.
13. Thinking?
Lu ,   OK, US   (08.04.06)
I may be some sort of mental process, but thinking they are not.
14. Fox Met Hen House
Michael Dale Wiley ,   Champlin   (08.04.06)
Didn't UN Res. 1559 (supposedly) kick Syria out of Lebanese affairs? EU is nutz.
15. Syria to help???
David Hawkinson ,   Chicago, USA   (08.04.06)
This sound a lot like asking the weasel to guard the hen house while the farmer is on vacation. Just what is in it for the Syrians? I can't beleive they are doing it without a possible betrail or reward in the background!
16. I agree with #1
Pat ,   USA   (08.04.06)
This is stupidity! Syria arms hizbollah, and just the other day they were making anti-Israeli troop movements. The EU needs to get their collective heads out of their butts!
17. What a joke!
Dovid ,   Brooklyn, NY, USA   (08.04.06)
Syria? Fighting Hezbolla? What type of sick joke is this? This itself proves the enemy is getting desperate and needs to be ccrushed quickly...
18. Only the EU would fall for that what fools.
Mike ,   Israel   (08.04.06)
19. EU thinks?
Will ,   USA   (08.04.06)
No thinking occurs in the EU, only talk. They are the blind leading the blind.
20. They are thinking about avoiding deaths
Patricia ,   Santa Barbara,US   (08.04.06)
Let me put it this way: THEY WANT A CEASE FIRE, peace, no deaths. Is it so difficult to understand? Syria knows it's not good for anybody (and for them too) to get into war, since you are backed-up by the US. Not so smart...
21. Syria's "help"
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (08.04.06)
I believe the EU does things outrageouis just for the sake of being outrageous. But this, like saying that Iran provides a basis for stability, is an obvious departure from reality, which, of course is the definition of insanity.
22. EU is Pro-terrorist
Canada   (08.04.06)
EU is always trying to protect the terrorists - they think that by paying for "protection" they will be safe from the terrorists aspirations of taking over the world. The terrorists plan on killing converting or enslaving everyone in the world. Those are the only choices that will be provided.
23. I'm not surprised that Syria genuinely wants a ceasefire...
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (08.04.06)
It'll be easier for them to resupply Hezbollah that way.
24. interesting
indian zionist   (08.04.06)
both nassarullah and assad wanting ceasefire on the same day. well they are close to acheiving their political/ startegic aims- israel is not. it tells me the tide is turning. press on
25. They want to what???
James ,   Toledo, USA   (08.04.06)
Baby face ASS wants to help..sure he does! Help roll the Syrian army right back into Lebanon right next to Israels northern border. I dont believe him for a moment. Dont forget there is evidence that he has atliest some of Iraqs WMD's.
26. The hizzbos need to be disarmed by a certain date
fgh   (08.04.06)
or Lebanon receives another little visit from the IAF.
27. cat calling the kettle black
scott ,   elkridge usa   (08.04.06)
get chavez and that iranian goof ball while your at it
28. Sinora's plan is a no starter !
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.04.06)
The ceasefire comes first ? nothing about disarming Hezbullah. exending UN peackeepers role (what role did they perform?) At least I had a good belly laugh yesterday when Hezbullah announced 'we are ready for a ceasfire when Israel withdraws from every inch of Lebanese territory'. They didn't notice that the opposite is happening ?!
29. What are they thinking?
Djaza├»ri ,   France   (08.04.06)
UE thinks that Syria doesn't want war and every zionist aware of reality know this. Because those zionists don't ignore the weakness of the syrian army and that's the reason why zionist terrorists would like to have a good pretext to fight Syria.
30. You've got to be kidding. Maybe they can get HamAss too.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (08.04.06)
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