3 killed in rocket attacks on north
Hagai Einav
Published: 04.08.06, 18:21
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31. Cindolences to the victims' families
Rami ,   Nazareth   (08.04.06)
and to all the families of innocent civilians killed in this conflict.
32. #2
Jim ,   Canada   (08.04.06)
I'm with you my friend, for the last 50 yrs, your Arab neighbors wont leave you alone,UN created that state for you.For thousand years your ancestors were living in that place,I dont l dont know why they (Arabs) so envious of the Israelis,because of Illiteracy and listens to their Imams who dictates Hatred and violence....
33. to 22
n   (08.04.06)
no, muslims
34. # 24
Jim ,   Canada   (08.04.06)
So far there is no defence on Katyusha, they are so light and you can aim them doesnt pick military targets..Its aim is to kill indiscriminately..even patriot missles cant intercept them, but there is some defence on the works right now against rockets..its laser guided concentration....hope it comes out soon...because Napy of Iran is thinking how to harm Israel. 30 days from now ,he'll be hiding in his bunker...
35. Israel and Palestine - What is happening now (in a nutshell)
Marc ,   Brazil   (08.04.06)
Thanks for the intro in a nutshell about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I do support the State of Israel existence. I also support the State of Palestine (whichever name you want to give it) existence. As you know your history, the Arabs rejected the partition of Palestine (1948 British Mandate- UN Implementation) because the minority of people in the region (Jews, by population number) inherited the larger portion of land (what is now “Israel” minus the West Bank and Gaza), thus the majority of people on the region (Arabs, by population number) inherited the smaller part of land. At this point, this is a historical fact; that we all know; and the reason why the Arabs then rejecte the partition. I don’t care to dispute this . It’s done history. (since as I mentioned on my first post, I believe that both states should co-exist. How can they exist? Israel on the land of the Jews. Palestians on the land of Gaza and West Bank (integrated as a self-governing state). But wait a second… what is the problem with this issue? The problem is simple: Israel still controls the land of Gaza and West Bank. Why Israel still controls these lands? Because most of Israel’s psyche is set to “self-defense” (self-preservation). Is this mindset justified? PARTIALLY yes, because some extremists’ muslins will drive the Israelis off to the ocean if allowed. So… what is there for Israel to do? Leave the land of Gaza, West Bank and recognize a self-governing state of Palestine (this includes borders to the ocean - Gaza). Why in the world is Israel to do that? Here is the part that makes me (a brazilian citizen, that is neither a Muslim, Jew or Christian) to defend the Palestinian Struggle: Israel will never be LEGITIMIZED in the eyes of the world (US not include, of course) to defend it self UNTIL the State of Israel gives back AND recognize a sovereign Palestinian state on the Gaza and West Bank lands. Extremist Muslims are determined for this to never happen. That is why the State of Israel MUST create a FAIR 2 state solution (either bilaterally or unilaterally). We all know that the extremist Muslims will never accept this, but in doing this, Israel FINALLY legitimizes the use of violence as a “self-defense” or “self-preservation” policy. Even if you don’t agree with me on any issues whatsoever Jesus (from San Francisco), you probably agree that any human being has the right to an existence and freedom… for both Israelis and Palestinians. Now the Israel “survival” psyche and the extremist muslins might never understand this… but I tell you this: The moment a fair two state government exits in the Middle East, is the day this Brazilian citizen will support the State of Israel’s survival and self-defense.
36. Some thoughts about these talkbacks:
Lauren ,   Israel   (08.05.06)
To # 1: I think # 2's answer to you just about sums it up. Please try to get your facts straight before you go voicing hateful comments. These Druze are Israelis, serve in the IDF, and are peaceful and good citizens. Speaking for many Israelis, we live in peace together, and they have very upstanding principles and are a peaceful people. Your comments only encourage hate that is so unnecessary now in such difficult and violent times as these. It would be a decent gesture if you would apologize to this family here. I feel ashamed that perhaps, on this day of mourning for this family, someone who knows them might have read your talkback. # 16: You can start a petition at a website called "". Good idea, who knows, every little bit of help counts. # 18: Seems you might have missed one very important point: This is not about the Palestinians, this is about Iran. I also do not quite understand your terms, ie: "Israel must return Palestinian land and government". What land? If any land is to be returned, then it belongs to Israeli ARABS, and not Palestinians. Maybe you should do a little research about the Palestinians. Other than that, I think that most Israelis will agree that right now, your terms of Israel's right to defend itself are not applicable at all. You are sadly behind in your views. # 20: I think that if the IDF wanted to, all of Hezbollah would have been wiped out by now. But then, so would most of Lebanon. Why we are being so humane when we could have carpet bombed your entire country by now, which YOUR government allowed terrorists funded by Iran to take over, is simply because, we are not on the level with the monsters you have allowed to rule you. Yes, we are still trying to avoid civilian casualties, despite what the world and you think. Now so many of your innocent civilians are dead, and more will probably die, and all because of weakness. It is very, very tragic. We should have been living as peaceful neighbors by now, don't you think? So sad that we probably never will. # 24 & # 25: Tel Aviv is no more important that any of our cities or settlements up north. In my opinion, our restraint will not last much longer, and then the blow will be fatal. I think that the IDF is being careful for reasons that are not made public at this point, but we all have unquestionable faith in our army. Do not underestimate Israel's strength. # 35: Again, I don't understand why you people keep on bringing in the issue of the Palestinians. And Gaza is not a land, it is a city. If you have issues with the Palestinian struggle, I suggest you take this up with their leaders, who have put them in this horrible situation. Blaming Israel for all their problems is not a solution if you really feel a strong desire to help these people. As it is, whatever they have gotten "back" has not inspired them to do more than committ more acts of violence, and I dread to think of what this country would look like if anyone took your suggestions seriously. Personally, at this point, I do not care if you support us or not. I think we will get along just fine without it, and we do not have to justify our actions to you, or anyone else in the world. If Brazil was being attacked, your reaction would be far more violent no doubt. Your definition of the terms that Israel would have to comply with in order to be recognized as a country with a right to self defense are ridiculous and unrealistic, and show that you don't have a very clear perception of Middle East mentality or politics.
37. # 35 Mark from Brasil-Who cares for your support?
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.05.06)
38. to #18
Lior ,   Israel   (08.05.06)
Some facts: Isreal free all the Lebanees land in the year 2000, and return to the international "blue line" border in summer 2005, israel withdraw from all the land of Gaza disshabitate the Israeli settelments. All those actions with the bless of the UN, and applying new resolutions on the reagon DID IT HELP???? Not so much, from the lebaneeze border over the last 6 years we have faced terible atacs, with violation of the UN resolution and the international law - no one really cared to hear... Israel counted on the UN to calm the rubble, and didnt act. you hear about things, only when israel finally take actions afer sitting quite for so long read some close history please
39. #36 Some of the Things YOU Say Beggar Belief!
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.05.06)
Let 's quote you. This is a gem! "# 35: Again, I don't understand why you people keep on bringing in the issue of the Palestinians. And Gaza is not a land, it is a city. If you have issues with the Palestinian struggle, I suggest you take this up with their leaders, who have put them in this horrible situation. Blaming Israel for all their problems is not a solution if you really feel a strong desire to help these people. As it is, whatever they have gotten "back" has not inspired them to do more than committ more acts of violence, and I dread to think of what this country would look like if anyone took your suggestions seriously." Might I suggest that the Palestinians are THE ISSUE. Palestine has always been THE ISSUE. The theft of Palestine by zionists in 1948 caused THE ISSUE. What happened to the jews in Europe during WWII did not give the UN the moral authority to partition Palestine. And it certainly didn't give jews the moral authority to take more land than the UN authorized. Or commit war crimes at placed like Deir Yassim and other Arab villages throughout Palestine. Israelis would do themselves a favor if they understood some of their own history and how that affects THE ISSUE to this day. If you ever want peace for yourselves and your families you need to come to grips with fact that Israel has not been the victim of Arab or Muslim agression for the past 60 years but is in fact the true instigator of the violence. Below are two sites that every Israeli should visit. Finally you can call me an idiot etc. for thinking the way I do but I will tell you this. Many in the world think as I do. More and more of the world is thinking like I do. We are tired of Israeli intransigence and aggressiveness on THE ISSUE. We are beginning to believe that Israel (the people and the country) are the true danger to world peace and not Islam, Arabs, Persians, anti-Semitism, and all the other demons Israelis constantly whine about. Israelis would be wise to take this into consideration as they destroy innocent lives and countries.
40. # 39
Lauren ,   Israel   (08.06.06)
Why don't you do us all a huge favor, and write your crap on a Hezbullah website, or better yet, take your world citizen status and use it to do something productive, like helping the hungry in Africa or Asia. Amazing how the "Israeli tyrants" let you publish your hateful and biased comments here. Anyway, glad you wrote here and commented on my post. It really annoyed you, obviously, and again you went to such great lengths to prove your points about Palestinians, blah blah blah What's the matter? South Africa is not a hot item for you anymore? So you write here and feel important? I can't wait til the Islamic terrorists get to you too. Because World Citizen, unless you are one of them (and you might well be), you are next on their list. Hey, I just had an idea for you. Why not protest against the so-called "Americans" for murdering the Native Americans, and stealing their land? How's that? Come on, let's see what you can do with that one. Idiot.
41. Everything Written by the Meir Kahane Types Annoys Me
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.06.06)
And from your myopic view of reality ann your command of American slang I would say you are one of them. My guess is you are a recent immigree to Israel and full of the zionist zeal that will eventually destroy that sad place. Have no fear, you can beat a hasty retreat back to America after you have ruined Israel. But other less fortunate souls will have to stay and suffer the consequences of your words and deeds. As far as me going to the Hezbullah sites to post my "crap" as you call it, I would tell you that they know all too well the history of your country. They know what you Kahane types have in mind for them. All they have todo is read the words of that man. Let us go to the man's website and read them.
42. # 41 - Nasty WC
Lauren ,   Israel   (08.08.06)
Oh dear, forgot to check back to see if you replied. And of course you did. Well, worldy, guess what? I am Israeli, been here most of my life, but it probably annoys you even more now that you know that we Jews are really smart, damn it! Sorry to rain on your anti-semitic parade, but I am also most definitely not a fanatic kahane freak either. No hasty retreat back to America for me, buddy, nope. Not to the land that killed all those Native Americans, eh? By the way, read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and then you can get started with some American hatred too. Ruined Israel? What would you know? Ever lived here? No I guess not, seeing as you are a citizen of the (under) world. People like you keep hatred alive. I guess you have nothing else to do with your miserable life, except fling your bitterness at Israel right now. No matter. Just want you to know one thing, and this will give you much grief, I am sure: Israel is here to stay, and we Israelis are here to stay, in our country. So sorry for you, world citizen, you are, after all, a "man without a country", and THAT is very sad.
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