Israeli strike kills 33 farm workers in Lebanon
Published: 04.08.06, 17:39
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1. Killing anyone but Hizbollah terrorists in...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (08.04.06)
Lebanon is surely paving the road to a peaceful end between us and Lebanon indeed! WTG Olmert, keep going forward!
2. Israel needs a new government and war cabinet
Nannette ,   London, UK   (08.04.06)
Why are they blowing up farmers? Can't they fight a proper war like they did previously? To fight Hizbollah they need ground troops and Olmert, Peretz, as well as Peres are failing miserably in their jobs. They're supposed to protect Israelis and should have got the best tacticians on board to fight this war, but instead they're politically, correct, sickeningly appeasing when it comes to their dealings with the EU and UN - and won't win this war, or any other while using the current "strategies". Get it fought on the land, dig out as many Hizbollah as possible and get out when decent nations send in military reinforcements, not the UN who can take their share of the blame for the current situation, for not pressing hard for Resolution 1559. The IDF and IAF are wonderful forces, but they're being used by a government of inexperienced "Armchair warriors". This isn't a computer game - it's reality and all of Israel is at stake.
3. Did Reuters confirm that those where farm workers, or...
AK   (08.04.06)
did they take Hizbolah's word for it. Al Reuters reports should never be reprinted without commentary.
4. Numbers by terrorists
Arie   (08.04.06)
All those "innocent civilians" killed, as reported by terrorist lebanese quoted by AP as "security services" Interesting how the numbers change or totally disappear when an objective observer is brought in. Also interesting how hezbullahterrorists killed are routinely reported as 'civilians' by the ICRC. Some things never change
5. A few more bite the dust...
Swiss ,   Geneva   (08.04.06)
Alas, the war machine is showing on both sides the incapability of resolving the issue by force... Israel is at a threat from the rockets of hizbulla and lebanese civilians are under the threat of the indeed strong and often inaccurate israeli war machine... When will sense be brought back to all those either raging or in a way or another supporting this war... I think of all you war mongers out there as criminals... nothing more nothing less...
6. From Qana to Qaa
stude ham ,   outremont, canada   (08.04.06)
Another day ... another claim of peaceful people killed by the IAF... of course we know they were all farm workers and of course they were very busy loading their fruits and veggies on their trucks... which by the way is the preferred way of camouflaging & smuggling those missiles and rockets which have bombard Israel... and of course because of the reliabilty of the Qana reports we are confident as to the reliabilty of the Qaa reports... farm workers and crops... yeah right!!
7. Ynet resembling anti-war New York Times
Lee ,   Dallas, USA   (08.04.06)
8. Fruit farm
Alex ,   Israel   (08.04.06)
Sure!!! Grad apples, Grad oranges and Grad peaches. Buy two get one FREE!!! We don't accept checks.
9. To the Swiss #5
arie   (08.04.06)
we don't forget the swiss complicity in aiding the nazis during the Shoah and then how anxious the swiss were to help the nazis escape justice after the Shoah!
10. What another " Massacre"?
Supporter ,   New York City   (08.04.06)
11. "peaches and plums" with a range of 30 miles
david ,   miami usa   (08.04.06)
i would suspect that those "peaches and plums" were to be targeted at haifa. hezbollah controls that area and any "news" that comes out of there is brought to you from hezbollah. they are not always the most truthful people (terrorist usually aren't)
12. Wait for it ...
Paul ,   Austin, TX   (08.04.06)
the Reuter's revision of initial reports. They have a historical pattern reporting these kind of events.
13. and if.............
Yisraeli   (08.04.06)
they were trucks laden with rockets do you think they (hizbullah) will tell you that? so 'of course' its apples and oranges right? not that I have any confidence in Olmert or Peretz. everytime they open theyre stupid mouths Israelis pay with theyre lives.
14. To Stup...Stude From Outremont
Jacques ,   Quebec,Canada   (08.04.06)
You and other jews are becoming Paranoac in regards to Hizbollah resistance ! Peaches and Prunes are becoming weapons of mass distruction...What do you now about Farmers you Outremont Boy in your Luxury house on the hills...stop you bull s.....
15. Fruit Workers ?? Don't Think So...
TD ,   London   (08.04.06)
Yeah, fruit workers...just going about their normal business in a war zone. Sure they were. Happens all the time. That's why you would pack fruit into a truck on a border where trucks are being bombed 24/7. Something about this just doesn't add up, despite Reuters 100% immediate acceptance from the 'foreman' that these were innocent farmers loading fruit onto trucks. Honestly - how gullible can the press be?
16. Nobody forgets #9
Swiss ,   Geneva   (08.04.06)
U r absolutely right... does this though make my argument any less right? See like u Swiss at the time thought they were doing something right... but history is merciless... History will eventually talk about the events happening in Israel and Lebanon now and my guess it will not talk of people like you with much respect... Peace... Shalom
17. Killing
matt ,   MASS,USA   (08.04.06)
Killings in the name of peace.... Disgusting.... Do you think that the mothers, wives, children and families of the dead would forget....? They won't...And this would never stop. What a stupid misadventure.... I call for the removal of Olmart and having fair-minded person in power in Israel that can make difficult decisions and finalize a peace deal. Matt
Andrew ,   miami,fl   (08.04.06)
19. Amazing!
AH ,   MK - UK   (08.04.06)
I'm amazed at how many consipracy theorists there are here! Its pathetic! One minute you say that the whole world is against you, and that the media automatically blames Israel. The next minute you claim that "hell, its war, sh!t happens, people die". Two points: 1) paranoia isn't going to help Israel gain peace 2) "sh!t" doesn't just "happen" when you drop bombs out of a plane. You can't use the "sh!t happens" excuse when Lebanese die, and have a huge outcry when a Israelis die! As much as I understand your argument of being under threat from religious fanatics who want to eliminate Israel, you can't ignore the fact that Israeli bombs have killed ten times as many people. You seem to think that being killed by Israeli "collateral damage" is somehow different from being killed by "hizbollah bombs". Of course it isn't, your dead either way!! Where the HELL are all the moderates in Israel?!? Why isn't anyone standing up to these kind of comments. Its sad, and truly pathetic.
20. Response to #17
George ,   Ga. USA   (08.04.06)
Spoken like a true Kennedy supporter..May Israel wipe all all the terrorists, Iran and Syria included.
21. To #19 - important distinction
NL ,   Israel   (08.04.06)
You state "You seem to think that being killed by Israeli "collateral damage" is somehow different from being killed by "hizbollah bombs". Of course it isn't." ON THE CONTRARY, there is a distinct difference. The definition of collateral damage is damage that is inflicted ACCIDENTALLY on innocents at a time when STRATEGIC/MILITARY sites are being targeted. Hizbullah rockets are inaccurate and only have a 50% chance of landing in a 100 square km range of where they are aimed. Needless to say, Hizbullah are not using them to target strategic sites bc they are useless for such a purpose. Given the added fact that many of the areas where the rockets are targeted contain NO military bases or strategic facilities, this becomes even more marked. Hizbullah is aiming for civilians, not military/strategic sites. IN CONTRAST, Israel is trying (and has succeeded) to hit launch sites, launch cells and weapons' caches. Additionally, they bomb buildings bc it makes ground fighting much easier later when there are fewer buildings for terrorists to hide in. In other words, IDF IS targeting strategic/militant targets Therefore, when they hit civilians (who, by the way, they first warn - an unprecedented tactic among militaries of the world) it is an ACCIDENT. Summary: Hizbullah operatives, who target civilians caused death by murder bc they are targetting civilians. Israeli civilians are not collateral damage; they are the focus of the attack for Hizbullah. The, yes, tragic, civilian deaths caused by the IDF do qualify as collateral damage bc they are not intentional. YES, ALL ARE DEAD, however, this is not the same bc the underlying intentions are also KEY. They are important in helping us understand who is playing ethically and who is not. The Hizbullah, who are TARGETING civilians are clearly grossly less ethical.
22. The IDF is so unorganized and its intelligence is so-->
Observer ,   Canada   (08.04.06)
flawed that, now they are seeing Potatoes as Hand Grenades, Cabbage as Land Mines, Banana’s as Katusha Missiles… Will probably hear..”it was a mistake. sorry..” from Israeli IDF commanders. What goes around comes around, certainly some one out there in Lebanon will NEVER sleep until he claims revenge for his family that you just obliterated…for a head of lettuce. WTG, USA started this war through you, got you suckered in and now your left to find a way out. you are next door and they are 10K km away…take your guess who’s gonna payback first. Your time will come…”an eye 4 an eye” remember….
23. yet another glorious victory in Olmert's Folly
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (08.04.06)
The targets get more impressive - apartment buildings, a hospital, fruit pickers - but has the IDF hit Godzilla yet?
24. #2
lee ,   israel   (08.04.06)
#2 dont believe everything you read.THat is one of the biggest mistakes, and tactics in this war. Be aware!!!!!!!
25. The press?
Sal ,   Florida, US   (08.04.06)
This war will be won by whosoever the press sides on. don't forget it.
26. the end of israel
lebanon 1st ,   jounieh   (08.04.06)
this war is not about israel. it is about the neocons new middle east. it is a stupid us plan that has mobilised shias and sunnis and now will mobilize catholics around the world against israel. well done mr pearl !
27. Rooters
J.C. ,   TN   (08.04.06)
#15-They aren't the least bit gullible, they are complacent. Lebanese officials have replaced palestinian sources. The god of this world is on a rampage, he knows he has but a very short time left. He controls the worlds media and influences most of the earths populace. Anyone that does not see thru the reports coming out of palestine and now lebanon, does not want to. I knew what really happened when the picnicing palestinians blew themselves up without having Isreal investigate the story. the same goes for Qana and now the syrian and lesbo farmers.
28. Swiss, #18
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.04.06)
Really? Was Switzerland facing an existential threat from an enemy that wanted to destroy it? Looks more like it was collaborating with a chum. Spare us your sanctimony.
29. To 19....
Al ,   Salt Lake City   (08.04.06)
Finally someone makes sense. Some comments. Israel will never see peace unless 1. It is no longer a country or we stop giving away billions of dollars and technology. 2. Iran gets nuclear weapons. 3. Some how Israel wins the hearts or at the very minimum gets mainstream muslims to understand and agree to coexist. This will undoubtedly require Israel to make amends to the displaced Palestinians among other things.
30. Isreal Sucks
Patrick Stephenson ,   Coquitlam B.C.Canada   (08.04.06)
What a waste of life and yes they were FARMWOKERS not everyone is hezbola why dont you so-called civilized people who support isreal move there. Maybe you should look into what the zionist think of the rest of the world and maybe you wouldnt jump in bed with the devil as fast as only a SHEEPLE CAN.
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