For first time: Hizbullah targets Hadera area
Ahiya Raved
Published: 04.08.06, 23:58
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1. Only 400 huzballa members?
Peter ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
I dont know if they are going to post this message. 10,000 IDF + warplanes + tanks + 24 days of war to kill 400 huzballa? This a real defeat for israel coz it seems they can destroy building and bridges, but a fact they did nothing with huzballa.
2. Why has damascus been free of retaliation?
Arie ,   Afula   (08.04.06)
3. Obliterate Lebanon Now!
Mahmoud ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
just yesterday respectable PM. Olmert & Mr. Perec told Israel people that 70% of Hizbollah rockets are destroyed,maybe it is friendly fire HAHAHAHA
5. Now turn Lebanon into darkness soo
ERIC... ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.06)
that they cant see there hands in front of them.One millon dollars for the were abouts of that lunatic.You will be doing Lebanon a favor.
6. I support eliminating hizbollah
joe ,   brussels   (08.04.06)
I am a jew Lebanese , we left lebanon because of the arab israeli conflict. I dont support the zionism , but i am with war on hizbollah , but israel shoot stop shooting on christian areas in lebanon. You are making of them pro hizbolllah. Those pple you should eliminate in Lebanon , they provide cover for hizbollah
7. War
AK ,   T"A   (08.04.06)
We are clearly losing here. How can the PM state that the Hizbullah have had their capacities reduced. Tonight they will hit Netanya and furhter south. Maybe the IDF should just stop this war. We were in Lebanon fighting them for 18 years, a one month war will not defeat them.
8. #1 - Hezbollah are cowards and hide behind children
Zionst   (08.04.06)
It's would be much easier if the IDF acted like the Hezbollah scum and fired indiscrimitately. Carpet bombing would have killed all of the Hezbollah by now. If the IDF were willing to wontonly kill civillians, there would be 10,000 civilians dead and no more rockets coming from Lebanon.
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
previous PM Barak & Sharon did know what may happen if invade Lebanon because they were wiserthan the idiot Olmert who is causing suffering to 2000000 israel people such as to lebanese.
10. only 400 hizbullah!!!
samir ,   new york   (08.04.06)
these israeli generals remind me of bush and rumsfiled, they declare victory before the war starts haha. honestly all israelis should look around them, millions of shiites in iraq, many more millions in iran and the millions in lebanon and throw syria in the mix then you have a parking lot used to be called israel...throw olmert out before its too late
11. Nasrullah appears to be keeping promises!!
Mark   (08.04.06)
It appears that Hizbullah leader is fairly restraint in his statement. unlike his counteparts in Israel. He has not been making any empty promises so far. I'm afraid, Tel Aviv may indeed be his next target.
12. Lets be honest about Israel
Egyptian-French ,   Cairo   (08.04.06)
I’m an Egyptian well half anyway, I don’t think that Israel should be wiped of the map, but if you want to get technical about this Israel should Not exist and by the way I am not religious, I know there will be a lots of Jews screaming Oh well we were there 3,500 years ago well before Christians and Muslims were there and that is true I never said otherwise BUT that was a long time ago!!!!! The fact is that some 60 70 years ago Israel didn’t exist and that it was the Romans who smashed Israel Not the Muslims and it was the Germans who killed 3-4 Million Jews Not Muslims, if anything during world war II Jews in Egypt were living a good life there were Jewish Ministers even Roads and streets named after Jews which still exist, sure now Jews are all gone and hated but that is only because of what they did like kill load of Arabs when invading in 48 and then invaded the Sinai in 56 when the English and French ordered them to and by the way Nasser at the time did not threaten Israel with destruction I’m not saying he loved them but didn’t have anything planned for Israel sure there were a few water problem and miner stuff nothing serious, he only wanted to attack when the Israelis as usual do what they always do and did and will do. And another thing it is true the Egyptian army only managed to take 15% of the Sinai in 73 but that was there intention and it was a Victory if you compare the two militaries and it was the reason that eventually Israel had to give it back, lets be honest if it wasn’t for 73 do you think that Israel would have given the Sinai back, No Way!!!! I know Israelis love Sinai. And so it was a victory! At the end of all this what I want to say is that don’t forget who oppressed the Jews in the passed oh yeah and don’t forget companies like IBM who made millions in selling punch cards to the Third Rich on how to eliminate Jews and much more. So try and respect the people around you because in the end they are they only people who will benefit you. I know Arab countries need more political development and much more, but that is no excuse for what Israel is doing don’t forget that most of the Israeli population is from Eastern Europe I mean just look at the PM and the whole lot of them, don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against Immigrants I’m mixed my self but you have to understand that you are a guest in the region, one more thing I just want you to know is that I don’t hate Jews even though I’m half Muslim half Christian I believe that there is good and bad in every society no exception. I welcome your comment: P.S. Hezbullah did start this BUT it targeted military solders and you still have loads, thousands of Arab prisoners not to mention the land mines you planted in Lebanon and don’t want to tell where they are and the Shaba Farms. Kind Regards Mr. T. Wally
13. Top priority: rocket launchers
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (08.04.06)
Me, you and everyone who cares about Israel is asking: Why is it so hard for the IAF to wipe out the rocket launchers? I understand that smaller Katyushas (the normal ones) can be fired in a matter of seconds and its launchers can be hidden behind a bush, but what about the medium- and long-range ones, those who resemble a Scud? They certainly need a quite large logistics in order to be fired, perhaps a special pad, a truck etc. There´s been already more than 3 weeks of continuous bombing and shelling and rockets are still falling! I fervently pray for each and every launcher to be found and completely destroyed soon, Israelis cannot be held hostages by Hizballah terror!!!!!
14. # 6..... funny liar
Hassan ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
I dont know who you are and where your coming from,,, keep dreaming ,,,, u dont have to say that your jew to support ur opinion" we in Hizbullah belive in freedom of speech and opinion" .... if you are true lebanese(I doubt that) i ask to look further than your nose and analyise deeper in your fantic tiny brain,,, the whole world is confirming that lebanon/Hizbullah are winning ,,,, to you and people like you i say ,,,we have done great without you,,,simply we dont people like you.... Hassan from Bint Jeibel.
15. Dear T Wally
Israeli   (08.04.06)
Same anti Israel crap,just written nicely. (we call it,,,,same sh..t...diffrent decoration) Nice try.
16. # 8
hassan ,   lebanon   (08.04.06)
I will not call you my enemy ,, i will say my friend.... its clearly that you see with one eye or you do not see at all,,, are you watching the news ? what did your Golani do so far?except going pulling back home with tears and face in mud... thats where Hizbulla men did ,, we are proud of our Hizbullah and our leader Nasrallah ,,, and we will win,,, we are winning now ,,,,its lebanon stupid we die standing and will never stop fighting your stupid ,ignorant and arrogant Goverment..... when i see our children in peices ,,, i pray to god to keep yours Safe.... trust me i do .... we are proud and we are peace lovers ,,just give us our land and PoW and mine maps,,and u will live in peace... Hassan from the south of lebanon. longlivelebanon.
17. Nasrallah is a serpent
Nasrallah doesn't tell the "truth," as you put it. He wants to sacrifice Lebanon to further the needs of other countries, like Iran. He has Shit'ite domination of the Middle East as his raison d'etre. If he has any power after this war is over, he will use it to exterminate as many non-Shi'ites as possible. Does anyone in Lebanon still want democracy? If this guy wins, you can just shelve that idea for a couple of decades. You pathetic masses in Lebanon who support this maniac are asking for a future totalitarian state controlled by Sharia law and a fanatical dictator. good luck with all that!
18. #8 -- MUST READ
No, they don't hide behind any children or any civilian... how many times I have to say this? If they do, please give me some evidence that support your claim or shut-up for good... you claimed it first so prove it, fair enough! BTW, evidence doesn't mean more lies and talks, give me video or something accountable… and I’ll look into the authenticity of this video as well…
19. how easy "shocks" can be?
Tunisian   (08.04.06)
20. Only 400 Hizbullah members?
Nick Hazard ,   USA   (08.04.06)
All of southern Lebanon is Hizbullah. Some are descendents of Iranian and Syrian operatives.
21. Hizbullah targets Hadera area
tomorrow Lebanon gets hit much more Lebanese are so dumb
22. rockets death destruction.Anything good will come out of it?
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.04.06)
I doubt it. This whole mess should have been avoided from the beginning. The kidnapping and amubhing of soldiers does not justify a full scale war where two countries suffer dearly. This should have been dealt with locally. Now Israel is of course to deep in the mud and only UN can rescue it from its own stupidity.
23. #1...little peter....
DR ,   florida, USA   (08.04.06)
You people never seem to learn why Israel is having a tough time do you? If Israel wanted to really take over Lebanon and kill everyone, you don't think they could do so??? Are you that dumb??? Israel is the only country which shows morals in the whole region. Iran and Iraq killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and for what? Syria killed thousands of it's own people in Hama, oh, wait they probably didn't teach you about that, did they? Wake up and get real...your people are a bunch of whining losers and that's all you'll ever be. Sorry!!!
24. Go on mr T wally
hassan ,   Lebanon   (08.04.06)
why dont you listen or even try to analyise Mr T wally opinion, you israel's(no shame on that,,dont get me wrong) you always hide behind this enti samis or enti Israeli crap,,, just think deeper look to the big picture...... U not chosen people you and your people are just anything and what goes around comes around,,,u cant build wholy land with such mood or such attitude,,, open up and come up to our level... Hassan,, talk to me if you wnt on
25. Do Me a Favour
David ,   Vancouver CANADA   (08.04.06)
Do Iran...................... Do Syria.................... DO THE WORLD A FAVOR. Please.........before its too late.
26. lets be funny about israel
a burke ,   half n half   (08.04.06)
im a human, well half anyway, and i am a guest on this planet but i can see the israel pm mr omlette and rice and pretzel are making a meal of it, ps:muslims were enlisted in the german army and the then grand muffintea of shlem were on the side of the germans , pps: love thy neighbour as thyself. kinder regards. A . Burke
27. tommorrow Naasralla will die
john ,   usa   (08.04.06)
remeber this .
28. #12.wally I still have all your shoes---]
ERIC.. ,   ISRAEL   (08.04.06)
Remember when you Egyptians all ran away .You write like a moron and you are a moron.You can never beat us.GOD said my people cant live with these people in EGYPT,they are morons.Soo we left and GOD took us our home too ISRAEL.
29. arab hatemongers are afraid to post on arab sites
30. Need to destroy Hezbollah
zvi ,   los angeles USA   (08.05.06)
Israel must not accept any ceasefire until it has thoroughly defeated Hezbollah and destroyed its future as a threat to Israel. This is a prelude to the greater danger of Iran. This war must be won as a matter of survival of the Jewish People This is a grim fact but it is a fact . AM YISRAEL CHAI / NETZACH YISRAEL
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