Arab-Israelis protest ‘Israeli aggression in Lebanon, Gaza
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.08.06, 22:24
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1. Try Barakeh
Avraham ,   NY   (08.04.06)
Barakeh should be tried for sedition. Enough is enough, where are the remnants of your pride, Israel?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.04.06)
against Israel. The rabid Jew-hate of ethnically cleansing 10,000 Gaza and north Samaria Jews violated Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, broke Israel's Basic Human Rights Law and Clause 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Patriotic Jews, including children, are brutally beaten and jailed. Jewish taxpayers who pay Arab MK Bishara's salary are FORCED to FINANCE TREASON! Arab Israeli MKs who are openly genocidal to Jews and support the violent overthrow of Israel are members of Israel's government! No other nation on earth allows such treason. Will Jews revolt against their forced financing of treason and Arab MK hate incitement to a second holocaust of Jews? From article on the violent Arab Muslim Israeli riots in 2000 'Let's investigate everything' by Yaron London, 10/2/05,7340,L-3150205,00.html The report offers a history of Arab demonstrations and protests that over time have become evermore extreme. The report also mentions several individuals that contributed, through words and through silence, to the progression from legitimate protest into a violent, destructive riot. Leaders of the Islamic Movement, wrote the Or Commission, fanned the flames by accusing Israel of planning to destroy the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount, and openly sympathizing with Hizbullah and al-Qaeda. MK Azmi Bishara (National Democratic Assembly) has said the Shiite militia should be a role model for the struggle with Israel, and has called several times for an intifada against Israel. Arab-Israeli leaders should be investigated The Or Commission- including one Arab justice and another member considered an important expert in Arab culture - rejected Bishara's evasive comments, and had this to say about the part Israeli Arab leaders played in the October, 2000 riots: Individuals such as the leaders of the Supreme Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee, the Islamic Movement, and Knesset Members Tibi, Bishara, Dehamshe and Zahalka were full partners to the outbreak of riots in October, 2000, and therefore also bear responsibility for the deaths of 13 of their brethren." The following is part of an article from, Sept. 25 2005 'Column One: Israel's disengaged establishment' by Caroline Glick: "...recall what happened five years ago. Following months of increased violence and extremism in the Arab-Israeli sector incited directly by the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Islamic Movement and the Arab members of Knesset, violent riots seized the Arab sector of Israel in October 2000. During the week of riots, Arab Israelis threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli civilian cars throughout the country. Israeli motorists were dragged out of their cars on Highway 65 along Wadi Ara and beaten. An Israeli motorist was murdered when Arabs from Jasser a-Zarka threw a rock at his windshield as he drove down the coastal highway..."
3. betray
dan ,   tel aviv   (08.04.06)
you are betray your country . The arab in Israel want rights but don't want to be civilians keeping laws in Israel, helping Hamas bomb here. how can you support somone like Naasraala when most of the dead civilians here are muslims or druzes. it's not make sense. I wish all arabs will not be in Israel in which place muslims are there is only hate and war.
4. Just a little Animus there Barakeh
Sandman ,   Ann Arbor- USA   (08.04.06)
Desending into the deeps of disingenious rhetoric by Arab MK's seems to be pandemic. Using Occam's Razor one would think that this pathic little man conspires with your enemies. Why would a "these men of such good will" men like Barakeh ot Tibi travel to seek audience with Nasarallah....Ummh I got it they full of AMIMUS for you.
5. Arab MKs
Jane   (08.04.06)
No more Arab MKs. They are unworthy. All Israelis unite at times like these except them. This is when it is all crystal clear.
6. Ynet gives more column inches to Bishara than to the PM
michael ,   tel aviv   (08.04.06)
there is at least one article in Ynet every day on the subject of Arab MKs and I don't know why. At least 99% of the Jewish population would like to have them thrown out of the Knesset and if possible out of Israel as well. Please Ynet - try to limit the articles on this subject !! Left wing, right wing, middle of the road Jewish MKs but not this anti-Israel bunch. Thanks Mike
7. These people do not belong to Israel!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.04.06)
When will Israel finally understand that and send them to where they belong? They spew in the hands that feed them! THEY MUST GO OUT!!!! Israelis will have only peace and calm to live their lives the way they should and deserve when these enemies are out! No people or Country in this world should acept to cohabit with those who bring suffering to them. Suffering is made to be eliminated!
8. 2000 arabs?
arie ,   afula   (08.04.06)
Sounds like the overwhelming majority of the Israeli-Arabs support the IDF and its actions against terrorism. Every country has its traitorous elements, and we are no different. Let them move to beirut where they will be happy
9. If they are not loyal citizens,
Herut Zion ,   UK   (08.04.06)
what are they doing in Israel?
10. Israel is in self-destructive mode. Can someone please help?
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.04.06)
11. #5 - All Israelis?
Khalid   (08.04.06)
"No more Arab MKs. They are unworthy. All Israelis unite at times like these except them." Even the Jews that protested in Tel Aviv? More than once?
12. Why there is no jihad in Finland ?
Pierre ,   Paris, France   (08.04.06)
In 1939 despite of a non-aggression pact signed with Finland, Staline feared that Germany would eventually attack, and with Finnish border just 32 km away from Leningrad, Finnish territory would have provided an excellent base for it. In autumn 1939, after Germany's attack on Poland, the Soviet Union demanded that Finland agree to move the border 25 kilometres back, which was refused. Following the Russo-Finnish conflicts (1939–40 and 1941–44) Finland was forced to cede the Finnish part of Karelia. The land included the city of Vyborg the country's second largest, and much of Finland's industrialized territory: nearly 10 per cent of prewar Finland, i.e. 46,000 km². Now, please compare 46,000 km² with 25km² of Shebaa Farms.. The territorial loss undergone by Finland was huge = 5 times the surface of Lebanon. Much more than that, these territories represented the best of Finland's industrialized area. And so what? As far as I know, no Finnish kamikaze was going to blow himself up on the Red Square in Moscow! So, who the hell can justify this stupid crazy islamic hysteria initiated by Hezbollah for miserrable 25 km² which by the way belongs to Syria ? It's an islamic joke, isn't it ?
13. israel-jewish country
gil ,   ramat gan   (08.04.06)
there shouldn't be any arabs in knesset . the country should save the identity of jewish country and must do it . Israel isn't country as others it is country based on religon of jewish people. there isn't any discrimination those who doesn't like it shouldn't be here.
14. arab hatemongers are afraid to post on arab sites
15. Arab MK's
Pirvu Ovidio ,   Venice/Italy   (08.04.06)
Now guys let's not get carried away. The difference between Siria, Iran and Israel is that Israel allowed arabs to have 12 seats in the Knesset, while Siria and Iran have done nothing of such sort. This means that ,yet again, Israel proves that it wants to give his trust to all his citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity. And this is unbareable for Siria&co. On the other hand if the arab MK got over what his owth and his imunity allows him than justice must follow his course and the accused stand before a judge with the posibility to defend himself. I know is not easy to accept my point of view but we must keep in mind that Israel is a democracy and a civilized country which can't allow herself to get in a vigilantes binge. This is the difference between us and them, so keep a cool mind nd let's direct our energy in supporting the guys on the line of fire. We all need them to be victorious. Shalom
16. Stop this useless killing
R2d2 ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.04.06)
Israel has proved its resolution and power in this war and "made its point" already. It has stricken a significant blow against terrorism, especially in the Northern Border. However, let's face it -- Hizbollah will not be defeated by Israeli force. We will never be able to kill every single Hizbollah leader, or kill a significant enough nimber of their fighters, or destroy all their far, medium and near range missiles. So why not stop this useless bloodshed, which is killing so many innocent civillians on both sides, and call a ceasefire? Must we wait to be told by the UN what we already know is the only way out?
17. Israeli Arabs must be deported!!!
Mark ,   Usa   (08.05.06)
They refuse to defend this country. They need to leave Israel.
18. Israeli Arabs: Fend for yourselves
Mark ,   Usa   (08.05.06)
They must not be allowed in any bomb shelters. Why? They like to see their towns bombed.
19. Arabs are not civil.
Mark ,   Usa   (08.05.06)
Ertok   (08.05.06)
21. ALL traitors out of Israel -Peace Now, Btzelem, and Arab MKs
Elel   (08.05.06)
22. hey finland ???
cyrus ,   nyc, ny, usa   (08.04.06)
thank you for the history lesson. you're absolutely right. "who the hell can justify this stupid islamic hysteria initiated by HA for a miserable 25 km2 " ???...and let me ask you :" who the hell can justify this stupid crazy jewish hysteria intiated by the zionists for 2 miserable, captured , weak and idiotic slodiers " ???
23. twisted image..
d ,   israel   (08.05.06)
this is but a deformed image about israeli arab citizens, we've been living with our fellow jews for more than half a century and we share the same destiny. (yes we do, there have been casualities from both sides in this war we are at)you are missing a point, we do not exist here by a mere coincidence, we've been here since before israel became a state. if you ask me, as an arab citezen, what i want is peace (which will be achieved by doing JUSTICE to all sides). please note the the KM arab memebes, for the first time in israel's history has joined the gov coalition lead by Rabin at the time, when peace was about to be achieved ( and we all know who has messed it up, hint: extremists, not only did they not resent a peace operation, they have messed the opportunities ( it was in 1996 i think we are in 2006 now. anyway, thinking about what's happening now, i think the israeli people would have been better off electing someone more wise and accomplished for a country leader.
24. democracy
frenchjew ,   moscou   (08.05.06)
arabs israelis have the right to demonstrate and support arabs.unfortunately there are no jews anymore in beytrouth to support israël, no one can demonstrate in beyrouth in support of israël.Here is the reason of the war.(translate from french)
25.  supporters
Raymond ,   Australia   (08.05.06)
So where are the 2,000 supporters protesting the killings in Iraq,It is about time both side are judge the same.if they had disarmed none of this would be going on GOOOO Israil. Iran should be next
26. Another Anti-Israel Plant
Robert ,   RSM, USA   (08.05.06)
This guy seems to have conveniently forgotton who started this conflict and their method . . . killing innocents with rockets. why should Israel listen to this enemy of their lives!
27. to 11
tFighterPilot   (08.05.06)
that demonstration was made out of a small group of ARABS (mostly), communists, anarchists and uri avneri.
28. 22, take your hatred away!
yoel   (08.05.06)
2 poor soldiers? Every single life has value, and we need to defend it. Israel accepted not to retaliate in the past, just after Oslo agreements when there were suicide bombings. We called them "sacrifices for peace". Now, we realize there is no peace, and we still mourn for those deads. It seems for you a jew (sorry, a Zionist) doesn't have enough value. You are unsignificant, and I will not spend more time writing anything else for such racist "person".
29. Israeli Arabs must show allegiance
Judy ,   Jhb South Africa   (08.05.06)
Israeli Arabs must show allegiance to Israel, especially now, or get out! There is no other country on earth that would tolerate the treasonous comments of Bishara and ilk. It is time Israel stood up to its fiftth front: "Either show allegiance to the State of Israel or get out!"
30. # 6 Michael
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.05.06)
It is good Ynet publish about them,because in doing so we can know what is going on and discuss about it untill the problem is solved.
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