IDF’s next destination: Sidon
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.08.06, 15:10
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1. israeli's military outposts in Golan are not sirian targets
daniel ,   France   (08.05.06)
it is not a secret they are israeli's military places , you know. oh, it was a secret? sorry
2. in fact
sharif ,   bekaa,lebanon   (08.05.06)
for all Israelis, let me teall u that whatever ur army tries to do, Lebanon will not be yours, u will always loose because u do not have a case, sidon, beirut, wherever u want if u love ur sons do not send them to Lebanon they will return in coffins.
3. daniel , France
4. IDF warns Saida!!!! be aware in Nahariya!
Lebanon forever ,   Saida - Lebanon   (08.05.06)
more and more failures for the IDF. Now, they ask the people of Saida to flee! This is a big mistake bcoz the people of Saida are mostly Suni, and so repeating the same scenario as before warn to flee then kill them in the road in order to make more pressure on the lebaneses will have only one result: unify all the Sunis in Lebanon and everywhere else with Hezbollah... so if ur brave IDFs are so deseparate let them go and hit the civilians in Saida. anyway, once Saida is hit, Nahariya will be attacked by Hezbollah!!!!! Olmert go and resign. Your dirty game will be over very soon!!!
5. Daniel
Gpup ,   USA   (08.05.06)
You and the rest of the terrorist friends/supporters should take your propaganda elsewhere. Until UN resolution 1559 is complied with Lebanon and it's people will continue to be pounded. Terrorists do not put thousands of missiles and build tunnels and hardened bunkers without the knowledge and support of Lebanon. Iran's puppets will soon have all their strings cut off . Hezbully cowards hide amongst civililians. The deaths in Lebanon are a direct result of Iran and Siria's support of terrorism. We continue to pray for the people and military of Israel. May G-d give you strength, courage, and wisdom during these troubled times. Thank you Israel.
6. katyushas
sam ,   ny usa   (08.05.06)
drop incendiary bombs on hillsides the smoke and fire will slow down the katyusha crews and maybe blow up some rockets Good luck. Victory. Sam
7. the stupid gouvern. of Olmert is loosing
Khaybar X ,   Germany   (08.05.06)
it is clear no case , now war win . Lebanon is becommin a Vietnam for the IDF (loosers)
8. What the Lebanese don't get
Da dude   (08.05.06)
Besides the importance of grammer and puncuation. (I'm not perfect and don't expect it, but sometimes when I attempt to read responses I want to scream at the very poor quality). The simple fact is that Israel doesn't want Lebanon. We just want to destroy it, so we get some quiet and that way were left alone.
9. Wow
Chris ,   LA   (08.05.06)
The military analysts are either liars or they are the dumbest people I have ever seen. So if Huzb Allah rocket lands in Syria that drags Syria into the war?? Ridiculous, please stop the propaganda already this is becoming laugheable.
10. #7...Stupid English
Jim ,   Canada   (08.05.06)
Where did you learn English?...If you cant talk straight, pls. dont try...Lebanon is Crap now, and youre winning?....Where's your military knowledge?...Wake up, youre still dreaming...going to slap your head to wake you man...
11. 7 Khaybar X , Germany: You got serious brain damage
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (08.05.06)
Can you actually understand English - it looks you are illiterate Do you read any news apart Arab Rubbish now the other question is What actually do you do on this website here - apart from posting rubbish
12. cheers to u #8
antiterroist ,   israel   (08.05.06)
13. Sunnis, Shias, you can all go to hell
Everyman ,   Everywhere, USA   (08.05.06)
Everyone who supports hezbollah is a target. You think that a few dead soldiers will change Israel's conviction - you're wrong. You think that the threat of more Hezbollah support from people who hate Israel enough to let terrorists use their house to store weapons will change Israel's conviction - you're wrong. You hate Israel more than you love yourselves and your children - you're not only wrong, you're dead. Keep it up Israel, america is behind you.
14. #10 -- is this a language school or news site!
when you don't have point, please keep your mouth shut, and don't confuse us
15. #9 ... Chris, Let me explain it to you.
Rickmd03 ,   Baltimore, USA   (08.05.06)
If Syria finds that rockets are landing inside its territory that just might piss them off. Syria just might launch an attack on Israel even though Israel did NOT launch the rockets. Do you get that? Hezbullah shots at Syria (over Israel) but Israel gets the blame. Devious of Nasrallah, yes?
16. #2 Nobody wants your country. You can have it.
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (08.06.06)
Just so long as you understand it is your responsibility not to attack other countries. Attacking other countries is bad. Okay?
17. #14
Pat ,   USA   (08.06.06)
It's an Israeli website that just happens to be in English. Arabs and muslims who don't understand how to properly use English should post on an islamic website instead of spreading their terroristic lies on this board.
18. Number 7
Raymond ,   Australia   (08.06.06)
You have got to be jokeing if Israil is loseing what is Lebanon doing. They are the one calling for a stop in the fighting,Surrender before it is to late Wait keep fighting your doing so good (NOT)
19. Number 7
Raymond ,   Australia   (08.06.06)
You have got to be jokeing if Israil is loseing what is Lebanon doing. They are the one calling for a stop in the fighting,Surrender before it is to late Wait keep fighting your doing so good (NOT)
20. 14 Nameless Bug again Come to think of it YOU should shut up
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (08.06.06)
21. 9 Chris , LA : The laughable idiot is YOU
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (08.06.06)
obviously you cannot think and relate to facts - so shut it up
22. flyer
Mil ,   Beyrut, Lebanon   (08.07.06)
Within your area criminal terrorist activity is being carried out in the firing of missiles towards Lebanon. We will use full force against the terror gangs starting very soon. For your own safety, you must immediately leave the area and move west over the sea. Whoever stays endangers their lives. (Signed) The State of Lebanon.
23. Blame Hizbollah
Ricky ,   Lexington   (08.07.06)
According to Nasrallah: ‘If we searched the entire world for a person more cowardly, despicable, weak and feeble in psyche, mind, ideology and religion, we would not find anyone like the Jew. Notice I do not say the Israeli.’ Sounds a lot like Hitler. Hizbollah and Iran should be wiped off the map. One ICBM into Tehran would put a stop to 90% of terrorism worldwide. Nuff Said!
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