Police: Anti-war protestors threw feces
Avi Cohen
Published: 05.08.06, 23:10
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Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (08.05.06)
2. Amazing, these people
Keith ,   NY,USA   (08.05.06)
They will fight against their own people but not fight with their country to stop the attack that is killing them. Im talking only about the protesters and in no way am i talking about Israel. This country along with America are the only ones that do somthing when they are attacked. Come on protesters. Start pointing your agression in the right way and help in a good way.
3. saving ur Ass
Samir ,   Beirut   (08.05.06)
they want to save ur IDF ass ,,,,by the way they still weeping in Ayta elshab?
AVINU   (08.06.06)
SHAAAAAAAAAME,SHAAAAAAAAAME , ______________________________ ______________________________ ______SHAME OF YOU ___________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________
5. I get anguished!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.05.06)
It is beyond me to understand these people! Don't they see that a heavy infrastructure was( and IS-G'od forbid) being build in the neighbor countries to KILL THEM????? Don'these people see this simple clear fact? Do the want to send doves to their murders??? How can someone be so stupidly blind? Israel has NO OTHER WAY then militar strength to defend itself. At least by now. Future belongs to HaShem,but we need to help HIM by protecting us from being slaughtered( G'od forbid again),in order to keep existing to serve HIM!
6. And as always...
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.05.06)
... protests against Wisdom run with red flags in hands and feces in brains. Why Wisdom some may ask. Because to destroy enemy before it destroys you is very wise and healthy attitude toward life.
7. Feldman should not receive any government aid!!
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.06)
8. They threw themselves?
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (08.06.06)
9. to #3 nothing will save yours...
Evgeniy ,   NYC   (08.06.06)
...believe me even when war is finished , Israel will get all of you "big targets”, another word for your “big time losers”, one by one. They will join black september. Do you know who I'm talking about? No? So you children wouldn’t give a shit who nasrallah was, and why he’d be blown up. And in Israel democracy we have, so leftists will march Israeli streets when they want, not your every war losers. And if Israel decides it will march your streets and I suspects a lot of Lebanese will be glad to see them instead of hisbollah.
10. Those "pacifists"
Ana   (08.06.06)
This reminds me of a demo in Madrid a few days ago, attended by some 2,000 people. They said it was for peace. However, a pacifists showed up with a banner which read "Don't let them fool you. Those who vote for Hamas and Hizbollah dont want peace". The other "peaceful" demonstrators went wild and the police had to protect the guy for him not to be lynched.
11. that's life
sure you were all so proud when those people imegrated to Israel .... now not anymore ... and why .... because they don't follow blind like dogs what is the master says .
12. If You Would Have Protested Last Year's Judenrein Expulsion
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.06)
of Gaza & Amona, the war wouldn't have come about. This war in Gaza & Lebanon is ALL YOUR FAULT!!! You better start protesting Olmerts silly new plans of expulsion, if you don't want another war. Or better yet, protest the expulsion of last years Gaza and have the Israelis retake these cities that realy belongs to them in the first place.
13. At least some sane people are left
Aryeh Kupferber ,   Netanyah   (08.06.06)
Some people who are not carreied along by the tide of artificial gung-ho slogans which are flooding the country, produced by big corporations who dont forget to add their logo. This damn war is killing more innocents on both sides of the border every day. stop it NOW! WE NEED MORE ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATORS!
AVINU   (08.06.06)
Hamas rejects Red Cross request to visit Gilad Shalit !!!!!!!!!! When you go to protest that ? ________________ HOW WE KNOW IS GILAD SHALIT STILL ALIVE ?????????? Why they refusedto allow Red Cross officials to visit him ????????????
15. Faece Throwers: Rub their faces in it.
Da Sphincter ,   Let it all out   (08.06.06)
No excuse for this kind of behaviour it is uncivilised, but of course completely un-astonishing. Scum who do this should have their own faces rubbed in it - a childish punishment like this can only be fitting. (What were they protesting about anyway?)
16. warring jewish
Abramovich ,   Canada   (08.06.06)
we all blame extremists for all our problems. After reading all the feeds back from diffrent readers i found unfortunatly Israel is full of extremist thinking followers.The only thing is they are not actions extremism so far like alquaeda or others.But I think the heatrest is eating those decoration democracy as the members of alquaeda in the caves. The difference is the civilized appearence. We cannot fight till the end of the time.We have to have peace with our neighbor .The peace is necessity for Israel and our action now is full self souicide.
17. Shame on you
Uday ,   NZ   (08.06.06)
It is a shame to see this in Tel-Aviv. I was wondering why did they not do this demonstation in Haifa, this virus is now going on in UK & EU. A message to you: "Ask not what Israel will do for you, but what you can do for your country for the freedom of democrocy" Show a little bit of loyalty
18. #3 your ass is under fire
uday ,   NZ   (08.06.06)
It looks to me that you are a hisballa member. Till nasrallah to get out of the rat hole and face the Israeli army. Don't be a chicken, enough of hiding in the skirts of women. Your words do not work and stop hiding behind innocent citizen, It seems to me that you are the information collector on all the news and reporting to Hisbollah on where the rockets are falling and how many people are getting killed. You time is close to end.
19. They see themselves Middle Easterners NOT Europeans.
Tunisian   (08.06.06)
The best part of it: "Twice the number". With more like- minded people we will get somewhere away from this madness.
20. so brave of you!!
ruth ,   london,UK   (08.06.06)
i know it must be hard to go out there and demonstrate when an entire country is pressurizing and brainwashing you to belive that this war is justified.If i had have known you were demonstrating today in tel-aviv then i would have come home for the weekend to join.pls dont stop talking out.stop the silence.there are other ways.this is not the way.not our way.i am ashamed.why arent the israelis shown the true picture of all the killing and destruction going on in lebanon.what in heaven sake justifies this??? what kind of answer is it to say that if we dont destroy them,they will destroy us...?why are we deepening the hatred??wasnt it bad enough already?? is lebanese blood less than ours?? surely all the hundreds of dead and dying children are not guilty of hizbullahs crimes???
21. They are SAVING UR ASS pple!!!
Kim ,   London   (08.06.06)
what r u affraid from? dont u have freedom of speech in ur country? These pacifists are saving ur ass... they are cleaning ur image all over the world!!! Everyone saw, what the IDF did in Qana - Lebanon.. everyone saw those massacres. This is a pure SHAME ( killing babies , killing UN forces ... )
22. demonstrators=TERRORISTS
J.D.Thurman ,   Dalton, Georgia, USA   (08.06.06)
Participants of protests against the IDF are as much on the side of hezbollah as those who are firing rockets into Northern Israel. Zohar Milgrom you are a craven COWARD, and should not be allowed the privilege of wearing the uniform of the second most honorable military in the world:the IDF.
23. lebanon war
efi g ,   Berlin   (08.06.06)
Give the terrorists hell and send them to their virgins.
24. Biased report meant to show anti-war activists as lunatics
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.06.06)
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.06.06)
26. #20 brave of you
Uday ,   NZ   (08.06.06)
I agree with you about having peace and understanding. It is time for you to understand that hizbullah is not peace loving like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab peace loving countries. These people hate democrocy and supported by Iran for the demolision of Israel. The hizbullah movement is supported by Iran with 200Million dollers (As per US inteligence) for the demolition of Israel. This is terrorist group using Lebanon as a front for its purpose. I have pictures of the "Religion of Peace Demonstration." held in london, with banners such as "Butcher those who mock Islam" "slay those who insult Islam" "Behead those who insult Islam" "Europe is the cancer Islam is the answer" "Islam will dominate the world" "Freedom go to hell" "Europe take lesson from 9/11""Be prepared for the Real Holocaust" These protest were not publised in any news paper as this may harm the moderate Islamic world. The moderate Islamic world are also paying this price but if you do not face it now the price will be much much higher, it is simple economics. It is going on in India as well.
27. Just More Left-Wing Kooks
Gershon ,   New York USA   (08.06.06)
Don't let these Communist drug addicts bother you. They don't represent most Israelis, they only represent themselves. They, like other global leftist vermin, take their orders from the global capitol of left-wing kookdom....London. So let me them carry their red flags with hammers and sickles, snort cocaine and toke pot joints, they will achieve what they always do -- Nothing!!!
28. thank you
eio ,   CT - USA   (08.06.06)
this brings hope again that we, lebanese, and israelis will reach a stage where our countries will be good neighbors. I have always beleived that war only brings more war and hatred no matter what the victories were. I can't stand seeing my country being torn and my people displaced, ill, and hungry. I can't stand see civilians die, whether from Israel or from Lebanon. Human beings are human beings after all, despite all racial, religious or ideological backgrounds. I pray for peace and It gives me hope when I see people demonstrating against war in Israel.. and at the same time I hope we have no arms in Lebanon but in the hands of teh Lebanese army, and NO one else.
29. Why do they not demonstrate in Nahariya?
Josef ,   Switzerland   (08.06.06)
... just send all of this Idiots to Kiriat Shemona to parade around the main street, but keep them out of the shelters.
30. something stinks
lawrence ,   zefat   (08.06.06)
i always suspected tose leftist pacifist tel aviv types were full of they have confirmed my suspicions.
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