Doctor volunteers for reserve duty, killed in Lebanon
Published: 06.08.06, 10:09
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1. why is ait al chaab still standing?
gadalyah   (08.06.06)
the idf sends its forces into this maze of houses where the insurgents are armed with anti tank rockets.the insurgents know the village well so the idf is at a disadvantage.flatten the village so we will have no more neighbours or casualties.
2. My condolences to the families of these heroes
Jenny   (08.06.06)
3. i agree with # 2, jenny
gerd schulz ,   germany   (08.06.06)
4. How many soldiers died,because we did not
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.06.06)
destroy the enemy villages totally.They should have been levelled.Better to kill a thousand lebanese than one soldier of our's wounded.
5. When will u understand - eye for an eye
Hish ,   freedom hall   (08.06.06)
To all hatered people who made above comments. When u will all undrstand, when you kill people your people will be killed, when u bomb cities, your cities will be bombed. Is this very hard to understand. You killed now more than a thousand, and your death toll is reaching 100 and more. Do you think that you can kill and feel safe. Don`t even think about it.
6. We do understand an eye for an eye
Kachol Lavan ,   Netanya, Israel   (08.06.06)
That's exactly why we are giving Hezbshita (Party of satan) a wooping kick in the butt after their provocation a few weeks ago. Nasrallah would not do it again if he had the chance to turn back the time.
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