Reuters admits altering Beirut photo
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 06.08.06, 20:00
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1. There is no limit the MSM will sink to, to defame Israel
Elle   (08.06.06)
But slowly we are uncovering the truth.
2. Hizbollywood
We had Pallywood with Mohammad al-Dura, the Gaza Beach Hoax, the Jenin Massacre hoax. Now we have Hizbolly wood, with the Qana massacre hoax (28 bodies instead of 65, the rest of the bodybags filled with old carpets, and staged photos), the socalled downing of an F16 that was a zilzal, the socalled sinking of two Corvettes, they NEVER shoot from civilian areas, they NEVER got any weapons from Iran, they haven't lost more than a few dozen fighters and all the hundreds of hezbolla fighers the IDF killed in combat were innocent civilians (in fatique and with weapons, but ok)... It's a crime the international media cooperates with them in their lies. Can we now get some real news from Lebanon?
3. manipulation
Sam ,   USA   (08.06.06)
Maybe thats true. However, the savage destruction of the civilian infrastructure throughout Lebanon is REAL as well as the killing of innocent civillians. Wake up and stop decieving yourself and your public.
4. How much did paymaster Iran paid Reuter
John ,   NZ   (08.06.06)
5. Jealous
Peter ,   Paris   (08.06.06)
Guess you people are jealous, guess, the whole Hollywood, US & Western countries biased and one sided Medias are not enough for Isrealis propaganda. Wake up you blind brain washed. the photos about the Destruction and killing of innocent children & women are an unexaggerated realities. those photos will hunt your inhumane conscious every time you close our eyes or go to sleep
6. May the pictures are fake
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.06)
May be the pictures are distorted or fake but the deaths and destruction are real. So stop picking your noses and open your eyes.
7. Lies
Mike ,   Milwaukee, USA   (08.06.06)
So your saying the Qana was a hoax huh? listen to your stupid argument. 28 dead instead of 56. so killing 28 civilian kids and women is ok? is that what your saying?
8. Reuters
Djaz├»ri ,   France   (08.06.06)
It's all zionist propaganda which is doctored. Hou're jus surprised because Reuters don't write exactly what zionist spin doctors ask it to write.
9. Lebanon is a TERRORIST state with terrorist govt
Marco ,   Rome, Italy   (08.06.06)
Who else would had Hizbollah in the govt? And look at these so called photographers staging "massacres" and smoke. The propaganda machine of hizbollah dosent sleep i guess.
10. Next Oscar Awards MUST include Hizbollywood+Paliwood entries
Alan ,   SA   (08.06.06)
11. Best Actor for Oscars is actor with beard and Red+ helmet
Alan ,   SA   (08.06.06)
12. #5 - are you a comedian ? or steeped in bias ?
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.06.06)
It is well known to everyone who isn't totally steeped in bias that most press supports the underdog and that the Palestinians milk (and cheat) the media for all it's worth. So stand up and be counted - are you steeped in bias or were you joking ? We're waiting ...... and in case you didn't see it ..
13. peter in Paris
chamuda ,   Denmark   (08.06.06)
what can we expect other than this from an anti semitic frog eater
14. #7 -of course people have been dying - in Lebanon and Israel
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.06.06)
there has been a battle going on .. but Hezbullah (and Muslims in general) are very stupid to fabricate news. Even the Arab media discounts them and now wants proof. They now ask 'where are bodies of the Israel soldiers you killed?', and 'where are the photos of the ship sinking?' etc.
15. Truth in War????
alice ,   australia   (08.06.06)
In every war the truth is distorted. Both sides are spreading false strategic information. But I think the most important thing to consider is that Hizbollah's aim is to wipe Israel of the face of the earth (and for those who dispute that please explain just why they have been sending missiles into Israel for the last 6yrs) whilst Israel's aim is only to defend its own country. They do not aim to kill civillians, no Mike you moron, no one is saying killing 28 civilians is ok. If you did your research you would know the Israelis dropped down fliers letting the people of Southern Lebanon know they would attack and gave them time to evacuate (knowing full well they were also giving Hizbollah time to evacuate). Meanwhile Hizbollah's aim is to kill as many civillians as possible. And Peter you fricken moron open your eyes... Would you not want France to defend itself if it was under attack? Did anyone say that when the Germans tried to invade in WW1 or when they did invade in WW2 that France had no right to defend itself. The Israeli's just want to live in peace with their neighbours. What is your problem???
16. but the deaths and destruction are real
you started the war, you bear the consequences
17. Poison
Laura ,   London   (08.06.06)
Thank God for blogs and people with the guts and knowhow to analyse the 'data' that comes out of Lebanon. Keep it coming - all the dirt that the media dish on Israel is not enough - they have to publish photographic lies to back their statements. I should know, in England we have to lap it all up from the totallitarean media state circus Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out
18. I have seen better fakes done with MS paint!
19. Clever analysis but, what $&!!@! difference does it make?
BouSameer, cardealer ,   Lebanon   (08.06.06)
This area has already been turned into a sandbox. Your "expert" analysis of these pictures is .... an excercise in futility
20. Another picture alike here
Such a shame   (08.06.06)
21. @Bousameer from Lebanon
Suzanne   (08.06.06)
No-one doubts that building have been levelled. The problem with faking pictures is 1. you put the other side in a worse picture than already done (yes, that is called propagnda and as an independent news agency you are supposed to leave the propaganda to the officials of the country, right?) 2. when caught; you will not be believed anymore, causing the real civilians becoming the victim eventually of your own propaganda. Just like the moment I saw two Palestinian suicide bombers pretending they were fishermen who needed some help and when the Israeli marine came close they blew themselves up. Now,.. do you think the marine will help fishermen in need the next time? They will think twice. This is exactly the same with press photos. And parading with dead people for propaganda use is even worse.
22. #6 & #7 Accomplices of Terrorists Are Just as a Guilty.
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.06)
The Israeli military are not bombing any "innocent" civilians in Lebanon. Those civilians who perish by the Israelis are NOT innocent civilians AT ALL as the world makes them appear, but they're part of the terrorist group, thus they deserve to be killed. Those who harbor terrorists and conceal them are criminals! Women and children and hospitals who allow terrorists to hide in their midst and allow terrorists to shoot from there, are part of the terrorists groups. Think about the following scenario. A thief or murderer after committing a serious crime, escapes and hides in a private house. The owner protects him and doesn't allow the police to capture him. Isn't the owner a partner of the crime committed?... Don't fool yourself and don't try to fool others!
23. Anti-Israel Press
Damon Besinsky ,   Ein Sarid, Israel   (08.06.06)
Reuters...Just another example by the largely anti-Israel media. Israel sheds its civilian and military blood fighting a war against a barbaric terrorist organization out to annhilate Israel and Reuters with their lies and deceptions leads the pack. SHAMEFUL!!-DESPICABLE!!
24. What else have these ARSEHOLES manipulated?
Ertok   (08.06.06)
This is a DISGRACE! We are supposed to trust these people! This SHOULD NOT STAND! Where are all the PROTESTERS NOW?
25. To Chamuda # 13
Peter ,   Paris   (08.06.06)
You are funny & childish, and worst you are using the same stupid , chap "anti semitic" labelling & westerners victimization techniques, that are obsolete. The funny part is that , due to the repetition of your same intox, lies & propaganda, you became convinced of them. On the other side, i did not know that you people are that fanatics, racists and hating the whole world, the Europeans including the French . (btw how the hell they are still feeding you in denmark)
26. No 7
No that is not my point. Even one civilian death is deplorable and so are 28. The point is they use dead babies for their propaganda, blowing up the numbers to 65 and lieing all the time!
27. Number 8
Nice try. The photographer is Adnan Hajj, famous for his hezbollah photography.
28. Israili Habit
Mohammed ,   Saudi Arabia   (08.06.06)
Actually, this is the problem of Israel state. If someboday will tell the truth he will be considered anti-Israel. If you think that all of these are only manipulations, why don't you open the media for the people to see the truth. Do you think that all media in the world are manipulating. If you want to be sure that it's right or not, see it from another angle, just turn your TV to international chanels which are considerd nuetral. Again, don't believe your media all over the story.
29. #25
Laura ,   London   (08.06.06)
C'mon Peter be reasonable - everybody hates the French
Eliana ,   Raanana   (08.06.06)
Does not surprise us... does it? See
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