Women reservists who scare Hizbullah
Miri Chason
Published: 06.08.06, 13:30
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1. ynet's investigative journalism at its best
2. kol hakavod
3. kol hakavod
4. Wish I were young enough to do that!
ChayaqBat Yam ,   unienglish26@hotmail   (08.06.06)
5. Let's See if The Women Have More Guts to Carpet-Bomb Them.
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.06)
6. Beautiful statements!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.06.06)
I would die for Israel too,if needed! But I would like to add that I wish this battle is going to be the last hard battle,and that ,from now ,all preventive means-politicals,strategicals,diplomatics ,defensives,pro-actives and militars- will be taken ,firmy and courageously,in order to strengthen more and more Israel's position in the ME. I know it is not easy,but it is possible ,through internal unity and firm and tough positions against enemies ,even before they dare harming Israel.
7. and kids scare the Israeli soldiers
Muhamma Rashed ,   Dubai, UAE   (08.06.06)
And the stone throing kids scare the Israeli Soldiers. You are just pathetic.
8. Why don't IDF soldiers "know how to operate mortars"???
Nick ,   NYC, USA   (08.06.06)
9. Great heart warming article
Talula ,   Israel   (08.06.06)
Well done ladies!!!!!
10. #8 has a good question....
Karen R ,   USA   (08.06.06)
Are our guys really as out of training as this soldier says? Has the army really been goofing off this badly? Remember - both kidnapping incidents were partially due to orders and procedures not being followed. Or maybe the army has just gotten into assuming that the air force can do everything and they can slack off? Perhaps part of the shaky results the IDF is getting in this war is due to lack of training. Something to look into when things (G-d willing) get a little back to normal.
11. Brave beautiful women !! Kavod
a woman past soldier   (08.06.06)
12. Dying for Israel is the stupidest thing you can do
Adamush   (08.06.06)
The idea is you make the Hizbollah fuckers die for his.
13. The woman of today!
Josie ,   Israel   (08.06.06)
14. Real men Vs. Cowards
Muhammad Rashed ,   Dubai, UAE   (08.06.06)
After Hizbullah gave the Israeli army the run for its money and showed how impotent it is when in real fight, you are trying anything to lift your morale. Carpet bomb them, yes, act like a coward who uses high technology and immense fire power to cover for their impotence and cowardice in real man to man fights.
15. Hareems!!!!!
davinci ,   londres   (08.06.06)
American bombs do not scare hizbollah, you think women do! the lebanese will beat the jesus out of the coalition of the losers (usa and israel), it is just a matter of time.. based on political analysis..
16. hahahaha
abby ,   michigan   (08.06.06)
omg i can't believe this, can it really be? looooooooooooooooool i guess it's time for israel to call for the rest of the housewives to join in and cover their soldiers' behinds THEY NEED IT LOOOOOOOOOOL
17. Rock on ladies hehe
Dave ,   NY, USA   (08.06.06)
we need more women to defend this piece of land, our men are doing a louzy job
18. Offer my support to your cause
Chris Mitchell ,   Austin, Texas, USA   (08.06.06)
As an American I would just like to in some small way offer my support to your efforts to defend your countrys right to exist and and live a peacefull life without constant attack on your people and borders. I very much admire your spirit and wish you luck. If I were not too old and minus one kidney I would come there and offer my services to your efforts for peace. Please keep up the fight and dont loose faith in your right to live free. Thanks for the chance to say this.
19. #7 Muhama
L Reich ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.06.06)
Who's pathetic here, kids who should be in school and be protected by their families- or equal rights to women who rise to the challenges of their country, as opposed to women being buried up to ehir eyes under some shmattas.
20. Israel protected by hareem?
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (08.06.06)
this gives us an extra motive to kick your asses and enslave your women.
21. To Muhammad Rashed
David   (08.06.06)
It is a myth that Hizzbollah is defending Lebanon - just the opposite! They have not deterred us from occuping Lebanon, AND we have strong women joining us in our effort.
22. Unbelievable - what year is this?
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.06.06)
How dare "fingernails" and "beauty treatments" make into a war article about soldiers. What were you thinking? Have you nothing better to report here? Were you that desperate for filler? You turned something that could have been significant into a Betty Spaghetti story from the 1940s. And the male soldiers on these women's teams proved they are as backward as the forces they are fighting.
23. your 72 virgins
these Israeli soldiers who happen to be women will be the last thing your pathetic Hezzbollah cowards see before they get a bayonet up their gay asses
24. #7 Nice try, Rashed. But you know the answer.
Haifa, Israel   (08.06.06)
Unlike your murderous buddies, our doctrine is to avoid hurting children - it is a last resort that scares any civilized human being. You and yours clearly don't - or won't - ever understand that.
25. #14 - you sound desperate to convince yourself
26. to #14 Real women Vs. Primitive arab macho
Dan ,   Tel-aviv   (08.06.06)
Women in Israel vote, drive, do military service and work. It's 200% more chance to get economic stability, academic excellence and develop high technology. The idea is (among others) to make a lot of money, buy a lot of weapons, and stay as far as possible from those virile muslim machos when we carpet-bomb them. It's not cowardice, it's called productiveness (you know, this thing that some people not living in oil-exporting countries put effort in).
27. Still: real men Vs. cowards
Muhammad Rashed ,   Dubai, UAE   (08.06.06)
No matter what you say, you the Israelis know very VERY WELL that it is real men VS. cowards. It amazes me that such an intelligent people on multiple levels like the Israelis (and I know it first hand since I worked with Israelis when I was studying in the US), it amazes me that they deteriorate to idiot Zombies when it come to the Arab Israeli conflict. But I guess arrogance is a very dangerous disease that destroys the brains even of the most intelligent.
28. Re: Sharon/#22
Morris ,   Albany, NY   (08.06.06)
Sharon, I think the purpose of those statements was to illustrate the fact that, at the end of the day, these women have not simply become ersatz men, but have retained their femininity and are capable of returning to society unaffected by their masculine environment.
29. Re: #14/Muhammad
Morris ,   Albany, NY, USA   (08.06.06)
Muhammad, Your logic is severely flawed. By using technology, Israel is striving to protect its armed forces from any undue harm. Please, just because your nations and societies may have failed to modernize and evolve, it doesn't mean we have to voluntarily revert to a lesser form of combat. Get with the times, or get defeated. Thankfully, I think you'll keep getting the latter. And besides, you're still flat out wrong: I don't see your "valorous" Hezbullah doing much more than holing up in Lebanese cities and putting civilians in harms way. Or maybe the civilians aren't even civilians, it wouldn't surprise me... Sure, there have been a few attempts at cross-border raids by Hezbullah, but that's it, just a few. It's nothing compared to the Israelis who have repeatedly crossed your border and charged your cities. That's the bravery, because they know Hezbullah has the significant territorial advantage. And look what this is about: shooting rockets into Israel. That's hardly your manly "hand-to-hand combat," huh? You guys are pretty pathetic...
30. Real Men...ahemm #14
Rita ,   California, USA   (08.06.06)
Putting rocket launchers in your mama's kitchen and your wive's gardens doesn't make you a real man. Strapping explosives to your kindergarten age children is exceptionally depraved, and well....unmanly. Don't you big men brag about sacrificing your children? Don't your children represent little time bombs to you? Don't you big men rejoice in the successful targeting of women and children? Aren't your most successful moments when you've hit some unsuspecting, innocent from behind, without warning? We just had a big, strapping jihadi walk into a Jewish Center and shoot.....unarmed women doing clerical work. Now THAT'S A MAN! The US and Israel are better than you, and will always be better than you. Is that why your culture is so miserably unhappy? Do you imagine you will be suddenly content if Israel no longer exists? You would still be YOU--failures on the world stage.
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