Iran plans to expand nuclear activities
Associated Press
Published: 06.08.06, 13:15
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1. Absolutely not
harissa ,   italy   (08.06.06)
Iran cannot manipulate nuclear power. For that they first have to come out from the stone age.
2. IRAN will eventually
have to be destroyed
3. Photo Caption : Ahmadinejad checks for blood on his hands
4. Bomb Iran and save the world
Ashan ,   Israel   (08.06.06)
5. Iran has right to expand
Agop ,   Yerevan   (08.06.06)
Logic says that Iran should expand nuclear activities as it is under contant of USA and Israel.. Israel has already 300 weapon of mass destruction and USA already killed 50 thousand in Nagosaki by WMD. If bullying states have, then why not Iran should not?
6. Cannot allow a monkey to play with fire
John ,   NZ   (08.06.06)
7. na
war ,   na   (08.06.06)
Oyoy oyoyoy Please somebody stop Iran They might want to blow us up or something?!
8. HArissa
HArissa ,   Qatar   (08.06.06)
you must be maroccon Jew to be named like that.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.06.06)
Emotional expressions and hatred aside..........logic says that Iran has every right to persue the Nuclear Technology and is a signatory to NPT as well.And with growing crisis that we are witnessing in the Middle East,why should Iran be left behind?I mean, what logic is being applied here?
10. Clown of Persia
andre widodo ,   jakarta,indonesia   (08.06.06)
Ladies and gentlemen,,,we present it to you,The Clown of Persia...Mahmoud Ahmadinejad....Mr.Bush,Mr.Blair and Mr Olmert don't negotiate with him...just shut him quickly.
11. #2 I agree with you. No doubt its coming.
Ertok   (08.06.06)
12. answer to#10
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.06.06)
Irrespective of how you describe President Ahmed Nejad...................the 2 clowns will have to negotiate with him,friend.Dont include Olmert.
13. Logic - Agop from Yerevan (#5)???
R.D. ,   Houston, USA   (08.06.06)
Logic would have bloggers such as you screened for publication. If you had but a shred of your vaunted 'Logic,' you might have noticed a difference between the actions and words of leaders of Israel on one hand, and those of the monkey from Iran, on the other. Have you heard any leader of Israel issue the threat "Iran must be destroyed?" Has any leader of Israel used his nuclear capacity to destroy another nation? Logic tells me Israel poses no threat towards any nation willing to let it rest in peace. Logic tells me Iran will use its first A bomb to annihilate Israel. Your comment about the US using weapons of mass destruction against Japan as the actions of a bully only shows the consistent, empty depravity of your 'logic.'
14. Zion, drop yours NOW!!
Keith ,   NY,USA   (08.06.06)
Israel, you know that if Iran does this what it means for you. Don't even let them get any closer. Bomb their facilities or it is the end for you! A premptive strike is without question the right thing to do. I am sure that the US won't allow this satanac regime to get their mits on an A-bomb but you better not take that chance. They already said what their intentions are concerning your exsistance.
16. More captions
Ray ,   Somehow, Somewhere   (08.06.06)
- Ay, ay, ay, that was some very greasy kabob! - Ali promise me this beard black would not rub off! - I still cannot figure out the part where you "See all the people." - You know, a Baby Ruth does look very much like a goat poop. - "The Surgeon General has determined that opium smoking causes psychosis." Now he tell me. - Look, I can make a little rocket with my pinkies! - Why must I be only one in family with opposable thumbs??!!
David ,   paris (France)   (08.06.06)
18. Agop from Yerevan
SR ,   NYC   (08.06.06)
Hey Agop. Hai es? Then how come you're so stupid? You already forgot about 1915? Or Nagorno-Karabakh? Why are you expecting civilized behavior from Iran then? Go read some smart history books, ara.
19. Mahmood from London
SR ,   NYC   (08.06.06)
Mahmood, London UK (Brrrr, the very sound of this juxtaposition is chilling) Logic here is very simple. Only responsible established democracies should be allowed to have nuclear technology. Plus Russia, of course - it's not a true democracy but it has proven itself to be more or less responsible with nuclear energy. There rest should be subject to strict non-proliferation controls. That's why Iran doesn't have a right to engage in nuclear research. especially when it doesn't believe in the right of existence of another UN member state. Isarel, of course, has a special status. It is surrounded by 1+ billion Muslims who would like to see nohing beter than its destruction. The Arabs have nothing to fear from Israel's nukes, if they behave.
20. Iran & Israel
SR ,   NYC   (08.06.06)
Here's one scenario of what awaits Iran should it become a clear and present danger to Israel's existence. As we speak, there are several Israeli submarines parked in the Persion Gulf, armed to the teeth with missiles, some nuclear- tipped . Should Tel Aviv or Jerusalem be hit with any Iranian-supplied missiles, Irsaeli submarines will fire a salvo of conventional rockets at Teheran and Iran's nuclear facilities. If that's not enough, well no one wants to see what could be next .
21. Iran and Israel
Cyrus ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.06.06)
Besides content free and emotional comments here in this forum mostly posted by americans and people in the middle of no-where, I have an awkward question to ask: what made you think that the Persians would give up their right to defend themselves against the real threat from the Uncle Sam and its allies? Startegically, Israel is Iran' s only competitor in the region. Israel was and is enviest of Iran even back then when Shah was in power in Iran. Persia existed for such a long time despite its enemies and will continue to do so.
22. H-Bombs and Missile Defense
Canadian Dude ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.07.06)
Don't fear guys, Iran can't win this one. Even if they manage to destroy large portions of Israel with A-bombs, they won't have enough to destroy it all- most of Hiroshima still stood in WW2 after all. That, and Israel has excellent missile defenses, and its massive arsenal of H-bombs and neutron bombs will wipe out anyone they choose in the middle east in response. Iran would not like it if their missiles are knocked out of the sky, or if Mossad caught them smuggling materials into Syria, because they'll be wiped out and Israel wouldn't even be touched. So Ahmadinejad, back off, nuclear war is for noone! If Iran even tries attacking with nukes, I will join others in colonizing it after it's blown to kingdom come. That's a promise you can take to the bank.
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