Pictures from a war journal
Keren Ann
Published: 06.08.06, 15:50
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1. Direct contact with Elinor Milchan
Raöul Franco ,   CINACINNATI, OHIO   (02.28.08)
Howdy; I love to have the opportunity to make contact with Elinor Milchan; we have a little film project about Moshe (Moses), that we love to have a direct contact with her first. Would it be possible, furthermore is there any chance to involve her (with her love for music) in a autism project, we happen to have done a research on resulting in a decrease on autism complications, furthermore we FEEL autism can me resolve. There has to be as a implementation of a very early (3 to 5 months) medical activity to eventually diminish some the the typical autism (leaky gut) conditions, unfortunately the solution is possible but it is FEASIBLE. Thanks Dr. Raöul Franco
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