NIS 1.7 billion from gov't offices – to defense
Gad Lior
Published: 06.08.06, 15:11
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1. First order of business
Haifa, Israel   (08.06.06)
Yank the gravy train out from under the parasites who either lied their way over here under the poorly managed Law-of-Return - and who turned out to be anti-Semitic - or those who glorify their lack of contribution by saying they "serve G_d". And some political advice: protect the welfare monies for our Arab citizens who really need it - we can't afford to screw them in the name of the afore-mentioned.
2. I think the treasury harmed the I.D.F.enough!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.06.06)
We did not have money for the anti-laser missile system.Nor for the Trophy system for armored vechicles.Just give the money they need.Stop the child allowance to families that never served in the I.D.F. No more elderly olim and no more money for communities here that do not serve in security forces.
3. Rather raise the VAT
David ,   Karmiel   (08.07.06)
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