Kfar Giladi casualties: Reserve soldiers
Ynet reporters
Published: 06.08.06, 20:58
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1. IDF
Alain ,   Montreal   (08.06.06)
He, the IDF told us that they destroyed all the rocket launchers that were firing rockets into Haifa. Weird situation.
2. condolences
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.06.06)
But at least we know that Israel is not afraid of letting the truth be known.
3. lies
david ,   haifa   (08.06.06)
firts the said 12 civillians and now it turnes out to be reservists .why all these lies mr olmert , why is this misleading propaganda, but i konw why ,just to hide ur government massive failure. shame on you.
4. Finally
Chris ,   LA   (08.06.06)
Finally the Israeli and western media cought up to the Arab media and admitted every single one of the dead were soldiers. Al Manar and Al Jazeera both reported this half a day ago.
5. Lebanon must pay for this crime
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.06.06)
Israel must take revenge on these murderers. Israel has exercised excessive restraint so far and the result has been excessive loss of Israeli lives. Much more severe action against Hizbullah and Lebanon should be taken - this has become not just a military necessity but a moral imperative.
6. an other IDF unintelligence, this congregation
Franck ,   paris (France)   (08.06.06)
Michel ,   Hamburg   (08.06.06)
believe me, it is better to stop
8. #1
They didn't say that. =/
9. news given by reporters
Hetty Peleg ,   Israel Ramat Gan   (08.06.06)
watching the news amazes me how come that there are so many details are revealed which should be hidden from us and others Why is the tikshoret not more careful and thinking about those watching We have to be careful good and bad are watching the news
10. olmert what yowu do!?
jose ,   venezuela   (08.06.06)
ceserfire now
11. TO chris
michael ,   london   (08.06.06)
Listen maybe out of respect to their families they did not want them to hear on tv.Also it shows that the israelis are not covering things up
12. Soldiers
Aziz ,   Egypt   (08.06.06)
So they are not citizens afterall.. They were soldiers, therefore in the time of war, a legitimate target.
13. Crime of What????
Tony ,   Beirut   (08.06.06)
Those gunners were preparing themselves to kill Lebanese civilians like Qana and the others.. What do u expect ..Roses after you killed 1000 and injured 3000..
14. to #9
Ali ,   Canada   (08.06.06)
lol they wish they do but actually all the news u see are first reported by arab news ;) only God knows what is really happening and not revealed due to the unability of the arab news reporter to be at the good place always. anyway even thoug i wish that u stop this war but i wont ask u to do it coz u'll think we r scared of u. we r not but going this way i'm wondering how long it will take before it will be ur turn to go to the front lines instead of sitting in front of ur puter the best u can do is to stop this war, release our prisoners, leave our land and pay back for all the destruction u've done so far and for all the victims parents and hope that we will forgive u one day
15. #9
Lyn ,   Arizona   (08.06.06)
I agree - too much information is given out and broadcast via CNN, FOXnews, and even online sources. Be careful what you allow the world to see and hear. My condolences to the families and friends of all those who lost loved ones in the most recent carnage in this war. May Hashem comfort you and be with you.
16. Wish their families strength
Ryan H ,   Ashdod Israel   (08.06.06)
We all know that this could have been any of us. My heart goes out to the families of these brave men, who died trying to restore peace to the region. May the enemies of Israel be smitten
17. Hezbollah sux
Adam ,   Portland, USA   (08.06.06)
To Michael in London. That makes no sense, as saying civilians died in a small Kibbutz would mislead families of kibbutzniks. I don't think it was intentional , just misinformation. I spent some time at Kfar Giladi during the '90s border war. Israel gave them a chance when they pulled out in 2000. They won't be fooled twice.
18. More being killed
Nathan ,   Alabama   (08.06.06)
Mr.olmert don't you have enough of killing and getting these young soldiers and childeren killed and injured . you war is a losing one , go and tell your superior ,bush we can not afford to lose our young peoiple for your . IDF GO HOME NOW.
19. Shame and condolences
Alex ,   Earth   (08.06.06)
My sincere and deepest condolences to the mother and father, wife and children of every soul whether military or civilian Lebanese or Israeli lost during this senseless war; which one day will prove to be a disgrace to our civilization and our values.
20. STOP this horrible war now!! No more bloodshed!!
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.06.06)
21. Government conspiracy
Aron ,   US   (08.06.06)
It is not acceptable, impossible, never happened in our history. Trust me, there is a conspiracy. We the Israelite are treated as fools. Olmert, wants to stop the War, that is why precious IDF lives are being wasted and publicized. The WAR will not stop, but we demand real people to lead a real government.
22. It Looks Like You Gonna Need Much More Reserves
Maxine Jolie ,   Dallas, USA   (08.06.06)
23. 12 soldiers killed
susan ,   mevasseret, israel   (08.06.06)
a real tragedy for the entire country. my heart is with all the families and friends.
24. I can tell you are from Germany
Sheila ,   Denver, Colorado US   (08.06.06)
Where are you getting your information? Yes, stop Hizballah rockets....
25. #14 ali
m ,   lebanon   (08.06.06)
israel do not need yr opinion or yr yalling things!!even all of us here suffering from this war. but we prefer thousand of time that israel wl hit us than living with u stupid shiit!barberians!betrayers!!we need from israel one atomic bomb to bit u all in one time,and after that we wl live in peace!!
26. #12 Aziz
Jane   (08.06.06)
Our soldiers are our citizens. Terrorists killing anyone is terror. Do you support the Muslim Brotherhood killing Egyptian soldiers? Do you support Al-Queda attacking Egyptian soldiers?
27. #14 Ali
Jane   (08.06.06)
It is you who should pray the the G-d of Israel does not come down upon the heads of all of you. We do not need forgiveness from terror garbage.
28. I thought they only targeted civillians.
Khalid   (08.06.06)
29. Looks like your little war isn't going so good
John ,   USA   (08.06.06)
is it now?
30. #5 In case you haven't notice - revenge is what Israel does
Proud Grandpa ,   (08.06.06)
from day 1. The endless cycle of blood can only be broken by statesmen who are not motivated by revenge. Olmert, granted, does not qualify.
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