Haifa: Rocket hits anti-war newspaper
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.08.06, 02:43
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1. I'm sure he gave Nasrallah the addres.
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
The only mistake he made is not being in the office. He should go back to the toilet of south lebanon where in belongs.
2. ..Israel, 'which fights in service of Americans'..
Raydo ,   Somehow, Somewhere   (08.07.06)
That's right, Dr. Sod. America has conspired with Israel to take over Lebanon so we can gain control of the world supply of hummus. We're addicted to the stuff and we'll kill for it. Once we have all the hummus we're comin' after the parsley. So, surrender now or die!!!
3. Great answer Mike
Harissa ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
Da Sphincter ,   Unloading,right here   (08.07.06)
He's got it all wrong. It's HIS mob that's in service of Hizbollah - against the rest of the country and democracy worldwide. I bet he cant wait for Islamic redemption.
5. In Iraq, It's Israel vs Sunnis and Shias
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (08.07.06)
If it were not so serious, I would have had a good belly laugh at this imbeciles statements. Let's see, somehow Israel is responsible for a Hezbollah rocket hitting the paper. I suppose Israel is also at fault for causing the death of Israeli-Arabs who are killed after a Hezbollah salvo of Iranian (and Syria) rockets. Maybe Israel is also at fault for all the worlds problems (and wars), since the battle of Boomplatz (Boer War) in So. Africa. I know the Jews really pushed Germany in attacking the Krauts needed some bagels for their franks. Yes, the War of 1812 and 1776 was fomented by the was the French-Indian Wars., and our bombing of Kosovo, had to be Jewish instigated. I mean, with such dumb Arabs, how can anyone expect peace in the M.E. But then again, some fools say, "No blood for oil". That's about the Iraqi quamire..with 5t (trillion) dollars worth of oil buried in Iraq...maybe that's a Jewish hoax. too. This is all nonsense, if it weren't so dangerous and serious. I wonder, hmmm, what if Israel uses it's atomic over Damascus and Tehran...then lets see what retarded newspaper people think about conspiracies.
6. best news today!.... #2
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
oh, i got a good laugh out of this news item. maybe there's a god after all. ... #2, i'm sitting here laughing. tooooooo funny. these people are so incredibly brainwashed.
7. LMAO "Blames Israel" No sht. Arabs never take responsibility
RA   (08.07.06)
8. stop the war
john ,   united states o   (08.07.06)
if olmert wants to fight send him to the border
9. You have to love the irony here.
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (08.07.06)
The headquarters of the newspaper of the communist party in Israel. Why not do something more useful with the building and make it a garbage compost plant.
10. Brilliant deduction: ask Israel to stop a war Hezbollah star
Dr RJP ,   Florida, USA   (08.07.06)
The Israeli government should revoke this guy's citizenship immediately and deport him to Lebanon!!
11. as opposed to Hezbollah...
Greg ,   New York City   (08.07.06)
...who fight in the service of Iran and Syria. lol good job...Saad. doof.
12. Only worried about stupid Arab archives?
Samuel ,   NJ USA   (08.07.06)
Those archives & all archives are not as important as one life, you worry about that stuff vwhen people are dying? You should be ashamed of yorselves. Oh I forgot you are a communist Arab Jew hater & traitor. Why The Hell did you Ynet print this? It is an insult to all those dead and injured. Before you print this nonsense you should have a full article, & obitury about every dead or injured JEW.
13. #2 haha thats great!
Jim ,   USA   (08.07.06)
excellent response, if I do say so myself!
14. All subscriptions are cancelled.....
James ,   Toledo Oho USA   (08.07.06)
This is just Nasrallah's way of showing he's pissed off for not getting a free subscription. I guess this war has some high points. I can't wait to hear what Jay Leno does with this. Thankfully nobody was hurt.
15. No2 Mr.Smart
Shadi ,   Montreal - Canada   (08.07.06)
You and US are addicted to oil , oil that happened to be found close to the land of humus . some say that the existance of Israel was not possiable if the oil was discovered in Alaska , and so we would be living so happily with our humus without "Israel".
16. more propaganda
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.07.06)
here is yet another arab victory in the propaganda war against israel. this is a clear (and irritating) example of the alienation of israeli arabs. instead of encouraging their equal participation in all aspects of israeli life, they are often marginalized and discriminated against. the most obvious example is their "exemption" from army service, but there are many others. such actions are short-sighted and wrong, since a democracy must give equal rights to its citizens, even those like dr. saad who disagree with the government's policy, turning israeli arabs against the state will prove to be very dangerous.
17. Was this really a "rocket" attack
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (08.07.06)
Why do journalists just accept whats given to them Anything in the Middle East needs a second opinion. Therefore what proof is there that the latest Haifa attack was a Hezbollah rocket?
18. Blame Israel - of course!
Shalom ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
Where else in the Middle East would his communist paper be tolerated? Only by our stupid democracy. I get more and more annoyed each time I hear all the anti-Israel rhetoric by our "left wing" friends (read fiends) be they Jewish or not. If they don't like Israel as is - kick them out - I suggest Iran or Saudi Arabia - perhaps we can even get a collection together to finance them!
19. #15 say what?
Mark ,   USA   (08.07.06)
try making a little sense...grammatically and logically
20. #2 That's Correct
Pat ,   USA   (08.07.06)
America and Israel must have full control over countries in the possession of chick peas and parsley. BOTH COUNTRIES DEMAND IT!!
21. What makes Israel different
Michael ,   USA   (08.07.06)
I am not surprised at the editor's comments...after all, that is exactly what makes Israel different from all of its arab neighbors. Israel as a democratic government, tolerates all types of dissent and opinion...even those critical of the government. Citizens protesting against the war? Of course. But just remember the next time the question is posed what values do the US and Israel share in common? Or, what do you mean Israel is on the front line of our fight? You will not hear about such things on the streets of Teheran, Ridyah, or Damascus, where it is illegal to critcize anything... let alone the so called leaders.
22. #15 Mr Shadi - "very interesting: but stupid"
Ertok   (08.07.06)
You Arabs never cease to fire up the old conspiracy generator. Great story! Are you also into Holocaust denial? From memory, you guys have never left Israel alone for 5 minutes and the basis for the creation of a Jewish state had NOTHING to do with OIL. Israel is miles away from where the oil is. If you've got anything that I can read about this theory - love to see it , could be amusing to say the least.
23. #15, except for the humus there is no oil in Lebanon. And...
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (08.07.06)
I wonder if it occured to the newspaper in question that an anti-government statement like that anywhere else in the region would have dire repercussions. I guess Israel's freedom of speech is another "service to the Americans."
24. Dr Saad
Sandra Ruch ,   Toronto   (08.07.06)
Dr. Saad is a very brave man who represents truthfully the Arabs of occupied western Palestine. I have been with him many times and he always made me feel good. He is right, this isn't Nasrallah's doing - it is Israel that is the cause of this war and in fact all wars. If only Israel would stop its hateful aggressive land grabs there could be peace in the middle east.
25. Direct hits
Sher   (08.07.06)
Somehow I don't think the ideologies of Al Ittihad and Al Manar have much in common, so it's not surprising he didn't have a message for Nasrallah. Sobering to see the abusive messages hurtle in like Katyushas every time an Arab citizen of Israel is mentioned. They get them from all sides don't they?
26. something wrong with the water in Toronto?
JPS ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.06)
Sandra Ruch says "this isn't Nasrallah's doing". Um, Sandra - do you read the newspapers in Lebanon? July 12? this year? Hezbollah attacks Israel, kills soldiers, kidnaps soldiers, fires anti-personnel katyushas at Israeli civilians. Israel then shoots back. Is the fresh Canuck water addling your brain? Een the UN says that Hezbollah started this war - so that means Israel controls the UN, right? So it was really the UN that started this war and all wars, and if the zionist powered-UN would stop its hateful attempt to control the world then there would be peace in Scarberia, eh? If only the Sandra Ruchs of the world would stop lying about what's going on, maybe we could think about how to get to peace. With rhetoric like hers, peace ain't gonna happen.
27. Israel wants to occupy Lebanon to have its water resources!!
28. dear #8
Oren ,   Kailua, Hawaii, USA   (08.07.06)
olmert is an israeli. he served time in the idf.
29. Dear Mayor: LEVEL IT
Israel forever!   (08.07.06)
Scott ,   Auckland, NZ   (08.07.06)
...IS THERE? No way (as others have said here) that this guy or anyone like him could say what he likes under any Arab regime.
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