Lebanon urges UN to demand Israeli withdrawal
Associated Press
Published: 07.08.06, 00:34
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1. Next resolution : invoice to Israel for Lebanon's destructio
Franck ,   paris (France)   (08.07.06)
It is the new idea : f you oblige the one who distroys to pay for the rebuilds, you will have no more wars. The invoice for Gaza and Cisjordania is coming soon. Still in discussion, very burocratic UN but good ideas to come.
2. Could the Urgency be...
ilana ,   usa   (08.07.06)
Lebanon and the US cannot take anymore embarassing findings such as staged "disaster areas" caused by Israel or perhaps more altered photos meant to elicit sympathy for Lebanon and the agenda to gain more land from Israel? Israel needs to step up operations and ake out Hezbollah and other factions who seek her destruction - wherever and whomever they are!
3. Wait and see ....
Hans-Jörg Marby ,   Markdorf, Germany   (08.07.06)
... how Israel deals with this matter. You ain´t seen nothing yet!
4. The Lebanese Government Bears Responsibility
Erasmus ,   New York, USA   (08.07.06)
By rejecting the draft UN resolution, the Lebanese government has sided with Hizballa and now bears the responsibility of all human losses on both sides of the border.
5. Nabih Berri Should Be Put Under Arres
Libanius ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.07.06)
The Lebanese Speaker, Nabih Berri, who vehemently rejected the UN agreement should be arrested the next time he comes to the US. He is a Hizbullah supporter, and his militia was involved in the 1980's TWA hijacking. Mr. Berri owns property in Michigan which should be confiscated by US authorities.
6. To #1, send the bill to Hezbollah
Canadian Dude ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.07.06)
Nasrallah already promised the Lebanese he was going to pay for the damage. Maybe if terrorists were forced to pay for the wars they start and the damage they bring, in exchange for continued sympathy from the "civilized" world, it would discourage them. Yeah, as if they really care. If not Nasrallah, let Iran pay, since that's where Hezbollah gets all its miraculous "charity" money anyway. If Iran's oil profits are all drained by the nonsense it starts, maybe they'll be discouraged from doing it again.
7. Lebanon can't come out the winer here.
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 they got in return from lebanon terror and more terror. This time however they crossed the line. They killed and kidnaped 2 men. For this they will pay and pay dearly. To say that Lebanon is not responsible is for a father to say that his infant son is not responsible for killing his sister. For Lebanon to say they did not know that Hezbollah did not inport thousands of missles is simply a lie. Lebanon its time to take responsiblty if you dont you dont have a right to live. Israel will destroy you for that reason alone and it would be the right thing to do. I ask all you smart people this, can you imagine if Israel say its the IDF that did we (israel) is not responsible. Grow up the man called a lady be a man if you truly want a country roll up you silk shirt and start fighting the hoodlooms that play in your back yard.
8. #1 buy a clue and get your deluded frog head out of the pond
Daniel ,   Washington   (08.07.06)
If anything, Israel should send a bill to Hizbullah, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. Hizbullah for the damages it caused throught Israel with it's thousands of indiscriminant rocket attacks on civilians, (including kindergartens and playgrounds, Druze, and Beduin villages as well as Haifa and other cities) Syria and Iran for supplying Hizbullah with the rockets used in the attacks and the monies for supporting and keeping Hizbullah as a war machine within another country's borders. Israel should bill Lebanon for causing it to police their counrty so they would not have another civil war should they have actually removed Hizbullah on their own. And for the destruction of the Israeli rockets used to free Lebanon from in internal army not of the government. Lebanon should also pay Israeli families compensation for lives that were lost wresting Lebanon from Hizullah. France has a bill to pay as well. What happend in the Ivory Coast? How many lives were lost and civilians hurt when French forces moved in there?? The one thing I will say is if Israel really wants to make difference in the region it will offer to help Lebanon rebuild as a joint effort. I wonder if either side would go for that?
9. To #1: why don't you stay home and do what you do best?
sssssssssssssss ,   Los Angeles   (08.07.06)
Play football.
10. Stand tall, Israel....USA is with you!
Ronin ,   United States   (08.07.06)
Don't let the media fool you. The vast majority of Americans are with Israel and support your actions. If only our government had the intestinel fortitude to treat terrorists the same way instead of being so worried what France and Germany will think. Keep fighting, Israel, until all the Islamo-fascists are destroyed.
11. To Pres. Jacques Chirac
HBendor ,   New York USA   (08.07.06)
The Truth Regardless of your feelings about the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians and Arab neighbors the next two sentences really say it all: * If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence * If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.
12. The REAL Problem
David ,   Vancouver CANADA   (08.07.06)
It isn't the "dudes" in Lebanon which Isreal has to fear........not at all........... It's the "SUITS" behind their microphones a buttons at the UN.
13. It's funny how
Raydo ,   Somehow, Somewhere   (08.07.06)
they don't urge the UN to enforce resolution 1559.
14. #13 -- the funny is
please visit this page: then after you read carefuly, tell me how many of those resoltution does israel applied
15. No to withdrawal
Brod ,   USA   (08.07.06)
Israel should never pull out of Lebanon without a Peace Treaty. So long as Lebanon continues to be a haven for Islamist-Jihadist terrorists to operate and shoot their rockets at Israel, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself from external aggressions and threats. The intention of Islamist-Jihadist terrorists such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Al Queda, the Ayatollah, etc is to wipe off Israel. Hence, these forces should be decimated in order for Peace to thrive in the Middle East and the world. All their craps about occupation is just an excuse for their violent behavior and hatred toward Jews and Christians. The fact is the Arab Islamist-Jihadists are the occupiers of Jewish historic and biblical land. Hence, Israel must never relinquish its historic and biblical land to the savages. The savages will only use it as a storage and staging ground for their Katyushas and other high tech weaponry to attack Israel. Looking at the map of the Middle East, Israel is only a tiny speck of land being surrounded by the vast swath of fanatical Islamist states and forces who are threatening to wipe off Israel. The West and the rest of the Free World must stand behind Israel--the only bastion of democracy in the dark world of the Middle East. The greatest threat to world peace is Islamist Jihadism that is sweeping the Arab and Islamist countries. In order for the West and the Free World to ensure world peace, such a dark phenomenon must be stamped out before it contaminates the world.
16. Lebanon asks???
tony ,   PARIS   (08.07.06)
Israel will comply once the UN is prepared to create a buffer zone..Does the Lebanese government really take Israel for granted??,Israel retreats and the Hizbullshits carry on firing rockets??israel must not move an inch from Lebanese territory,until the Hizbullshitters have layed down their weapons..and released the IDF kidnapped soldiers;and Nasrallah brought to trial for crimes against the Israeli and Lebanese people...
17. UN Ceasefire
Chuck ,   Parsippany USA   (08.07.06)
This is just further proof to the Arabs that, despite anything they may do to Israel, any Israeli response/defense will be curtailed by the international community once Israel gets the upper hand. There was never any UN notice of 6 years of Hezbollah rockets being fired into Israel. The Arabs know the int'l community will protect them against Israel.
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