Even Russia agrees with US-French draft resolution
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.08.06, 10:36
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1. the rockets are 30 miles N of border
alan ,   frisco   (08.07.06)
Stop when you get 30 miles of the border into the launcher-rich zones deep in Hezi territory. Unless you do that, you are right back to pre Barak days. Olmert has a heavy duty to do better than to bring us to a worse situation than when Barak took over.
2. Even Russia Agrees With UN Draft Resolution
Terry Mathis ,   Goulburn   (08.07.06)
Try to help a 'government' and what do you get.. Hizbollah! Hypocrites abound in the whole region. Go figure.. - Terry Mathis
3. I am so pleased about Russia, France, the USA and the UK
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.07.06)
There is one flaw in the plan: Lebanon, which is Hezbollah, Syria and Iran don't like it. Are Presidents Putin and Chirac going to tell Siniora and his allies to play nicely with the other children? Let's face it folks. The UN is a defunct organization. The main goal of this dying monster was to PREVENT war and violence. Can anyone please show me one instance, even a teeny weenie one where the UN has prevented some belligerency? The only thing it has done is cover the ass of His Competent Idiotness, Kofie Anan!
4. Only France and US may make peace on this terms
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.07.06)
Unless terms are agreed between parties to war, it is useless. They agree to draw a path in the name of United Nations. What nations? I believe United Nations are not decent body and with such a draft approved atrocities done by Israel in lebnan. Terms should include 1. A severe condamnation of Israel's use of excessive force and targeting civilian points-Abusing defence rights in forcing political ends.Declaring Hizbullah as Starter and provocator party. 2. Full Compensation by Israel of all destruction done except for those on border areas apperantly used by Hizbullah. 3. A n international War Tribunal on those decision makers about civilian targetting. 4. Returning all occupied lands including Golan heights and a formal apology by Israeli Governmet because of occupation. 5. Giving an absolute date to Hizbullah and Lebenan to dissolve Hizbullah militia and possible joining to Lebanan Army under special Forces but fully under Lebanan Army control. 6. Deployment of international force having necessary means and resolve to confront both Israel and any militia and guerilla movement accross border and also to shot down any Isreali Jet or Army incursion if Israel were to try any further use of force.
5. Vlady my boy.....
Pat ,   USA   (08.07.06)
You need a strong dose of coffee to get your attention...or, at least a strong dose of reality. It's time for Russia to stop backing Iranian leaders who keep making statements about wiping Israel off the map. Even the Russian midget Vladamir knows this is innappropriate behavior......or at least one would hope the midget does! My suggestions to Vlady; put on some very thick soled shoes and join the real world! Backing terrorists will only get more Russians killed (remember Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.). And yes, after Chechen terrorists killed Russian civilians, they are definitely included on the list of terrorists in my book! So come on Vlady, my boy, put on those elevated shoes and start understanding; support of Iran, Syria and the hiz isn't good for Russia know better!
6. Shebaa Farms
yes ,   anytown, Earth   (08.07.06)
What do the residents of Shebaa Farms want? Why do we never hear from the consortium of farmers that live and work there? They should have the choice as to who they want protecting them and which government they want to be part of or ruled by.
7. Ynet is all out of the Loop again ........ look at timing
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (08.07.06)
I wonder at times about Media Reports: here it says .... overcame a significant hurdle Monday..... Oh really ??? It is at this moment I post New York UN - only 6.30 am Monday only .... Someone tell me me how they can talk about Monday here ?! Ynet ... get facts right and timing this is a disgrace
8. Siniora and the Draft
Moe Chile ,   London, Canada   (08.07.06)
If Siniora would instead, work with the Israelis, the United States and other vested parties, instead of walking the thin line with Iran and Syria, then his nation would see vast results from the former in terms of bringing Lebanon into the 21st century global arena by helping to integrate the Lebanese economy more in line with what is already shaping up in the Middle East, a Middle Eastern Union so to speak, consisting of Egypt, Israel, and Jordan amongst other nations. This would bring vast investment and rapidly enhance an already richly beautiful country in terms of culture and history, into a dynamic of prosperity and and openess of which it has not truely achieved as a result of being occupied by Syria for a great number of years. He would be freeing his country from the yoke of Islamist governments and from being a toy piece on the fragile plane of the Middle East. Siniora has the opportunity now, to move his country into a new direction, a fresh start. He has the opportunity to loosen the chains that have bound Lebanon. Let us hope that this will be the way it works out, for all of us.
9. New name for Lebanon
Israel   (08.07.06)
Lebirasyria - seems they should just annex themselves together and be done with it. Poor Lebanese people. Their neighbours have to approve everything in their country.
10. From the current state of things the only draft will be
May ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
the one that an IAF missile creates as it hits its next target.
11. Strange reasoning, David from Israel.
Ciderlout ,   London, UK   (08.07.06)
I find your comment strange. The UN has never prevented war - though it has perhaps prevented nuclear war and this is important. If the UN were to act against every inter-state aggressor then a UN force would have been obliged to attack Israel after it launched its assault on Lebanon. And I also think there is a massively misplaced fear of Iran. In the 50s with quickly growing nuclear weapons Washington and Moscow repeatedly talked about the utter defeat of the other. Pragmastism bound their hands, however, until the inevitable collapse of the USSR to liberal capitalism. The same is no doubt true of Iran. Iranian extremists like their president are obliged to satisfy Right-wing Islamicist proles by making such statements as "Death to Israel" yet when it comes down to the crunch Iran would never jepordise its own existence for the sake of killing Israel (apparently within Iran their is a very UNpersecuted jewish community). If China was to take US rhetoric as seriously as the West takes Iranian rhetoric then they would have initiated their own preventitive war against the USA. To my mind there is no ethical dimension in the fear of Iran (do they extra-judicialy murder their own citizens?) but simply the wish to live in a world uniform to the interests of the west... with a steady supply of oil to our militaries and economies.
12. re: ciderlouts response strange reasoning
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (08.07.06)
The historic analogies with uS russia and china are not really analogies bexause the most important factor is left out of equation: radical islamic Culture. The other protagonists were not interested in destroying the planet to make way for the coming of the mahdi. If you read more about ahmadinejad you will find that he beilieves that the mahdi is coming and he must play a part in instituting the chaos that is slated to precede his coming. The suicidal martyr complex of radical islam was also not a part of previous analogies.
13. Fouad Siniora and Abbas, weak when strong are needed !
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (08.07.06)
these people hang on to their presidencies by agreeing with all the internal opposition but ultimately they are both totally useless and should resign. Sitting on the fence does nothing but delay what would otherwise happen. All out war or a chance of peace !
14. Israel should NEVER give up land!
keren ,   sao paulo   (08.07.06)
Let's repeat again and again: Israel CANNOT hand over land! Please,think just a bit in long term views.Israel would be released ONLY by now from its heavy war pressure,but in short or middle terms,every thing will start again, with Israel more and more vulnerable ,captive in small and small land. Please Israel,DO NOT GIVE UP ONE INCH OF LAND,in any hypothesis. This is a tricky deal AGAINST ISRAEL. It is like a wolf diguised as sheep.
15. Re: only france and US may make peace on this terms
John ,   Austin, USA   (08.07.06)
If those tems were put on the table then i think we should add a few more to help Israel swallow that pill. 1. Severe condemnation of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and all other countries who finance terrorist groups that start outbreaks like this. 2. Full compensation by Lebanese Government for all damage done to Israel by rocket attacks as well as compensation for all ammunition used by Israel to keep Hizbullah in line. 3. An international War tribunal for all officials in Iran, Syria and Lebanon who in any way supported Hizbullah. 4. Due compensation for said land at prices set by Israel and a promise from all neighboring countries that no more demands will be made for Israel to give up land. This promise will be backed up by a nuclear weapon placed in the capital of each of these countries that will be detonated upon breaking of promise. That sounds fair dont you think? Now lets see who else would like to add some ridiculous demands to further complicate the peace process.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.07.06)
The UN Resolution could prevent future Israeli self-defense operations including destroying new rocket deployments. In the world war fought for Islamic subjugation of all nations, Islamists know when they attack Israel, the U.S. EU and UN will pressure Israel to reward her terrorist attackers with Jewish land - a powerful incentive to endlessly attack Israel. The historically Jewish land of the Golan Heights in which Shaba Farms is located and on which Israel has military outposts on the strategic hills, was captured by Israel in a war of self-defense from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War. Israel is again in a war of self-defense and is pressured to gift the Shaba Farms to Lebanon - rewarding Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Syria and Iran, for whom terrorist Hezbollah are fighting the proxy war against Israel. No nation has ever returned land won in a war of self-defense. A UN international force will endanger Jews. The UN share the same fanatical hatred of Jews as the Islamists. Three IDF soldiers were kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah in October 2,000. Article by Maariv International, 'UN accused of collaborating with Hezbollah', 12 September, 2004: "The families of the three IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah have accused the United Nations of involvement in the abductions... ...a high level of cooperation existed between UNIFIL personnel and the Hezbollah. Without this assistance, they claim, the kidnappers would not have been able to obtain UN license plates and uniforms, which they used during the ambush and kidnappings. According to their statement, UNIFIL personnel were used as a diversion in order to draw the soldiers to the ambush point...UN officers witnessed the abductions but did nothing in order to help the Israeli troops... In July 2001, it was revealed that UNIFIL soldiers filmed Hezbollah operatives as they were transferring the three IDF troops, about 18 hours after they were kidnapped, from a distance of barely 20 km from point of abduction. In addition, it became evident that several UN soldiers knew that the Lebanese terror group intends to kidnap IDF soldiers from the area of the Shaba Farms and had even been paid off by the Hezbollah in order to turn a blind eye..." The U.S. EU and UN are relentless in pressuring Israel to give Jewish land vital to Israel's defense to Israel's implacable enemies - the U.S. EU UN Russia Road Map goal of a global Islamic terror state in half of Israel will reduce Israel to an indefensible 6-10 miles wide enabling a second Holocaust of Jews.
17. Shebaa Farms
Rami ,   France   (08.07.06)
To yes. First of all, the owners of the Sheba Farms are Lebanese! Secondly, they own the farms legally.
18. Even more reason to reject it!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.07.06)
19. god bless A & I
nash ,   port of spain west   (08.07.06)
Strength dictates fairness.No stong country would have accepted such a biasied and unfair resolution against them. Yet it is rammed down the pipes of the lebanese people. God bless america and israel.
20. Timezones, anyone?
Ryan ,   Fort Bragg, NC   (08.07.06)
Gabrielle, before you insult Ynet's reporting in it's reference to "Monday", I suggest you look up "time zones". Ynet is based in Israel. They're approximately 8 hours ahead of NY, if I'm not mistaken. If you're going to read international sources, be careful before you declare them a "disgrace" for not writing stories sensitive to your particular timezone.
21. whos the real terrorist?
guru ,   fairfax, USA   (08.07.06)
im neither a muslim nor a jew nor a chirstian, but people this looks like a religious war, on the front its the terror that israel and US act to be handling, is it not the oil fields?? why does'nt the US (present), europe (past) leave those muslims in peace
22. In All "Fairness"
ytba ,   usa   (08.07.06)
B"H Isn't it "nice" that Ms. Condoleeza Rice says "Neither side will get exactly what it wants." Which, translated, means.... Hizbakkah won't get to kill as many Jews as it wants, and Israel won't be allowed to stop them completely. Now, isn't that "fair?" Rice, the Barney Fife of American foreign policy, is clueless.
23. Israel
Howard ,   US   (08.07.06)
It's very difficult to make peace until your neighboring Arabs are willing to even accept your right to exist !!
24. Facist muslum # 11
Kissel   (08.07.06)
You have a good point about the UN. However, Hizballah attacked Israel first, so to correct your facist idiotic opinion, the UN would be in Lebanon, not Israel. Have fun in Londonastan you sick man.
25. Bush angry at Siniora
Robert Stine / Japan ,   Tokyo   (08.07.06)
How dare this puppet Bush be angry at this good, cool headed man in Lebanon, after Bush supplied Israel with the bombs to kill and destroy. God will punish America for these horrific crimes against humanisty. and Condsleezi Rice is not human. You are making so many enemies thru out the world, .. people hate Americans because of you
26. # 17. Sheba Farms
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio U.S.A.   (08.07.06)
As far as I know, the Sheba Farms like the Golan Heights used to belong to Syria. Check out a legitimate source.
27. You guys really make me laugh...
Alex ,   Spain   (08.07.06)
Invoking Israel's "right to exist" to justify all the killings of civilians, that must be the saddest joke ever. And then working out a "draft" that openly favors Israel and be "outraged" (sigh) when lebanese reject it...Oh yeah, keep it coming. There are apparently no limits to the hipocrisy of the West.
28. Even Russia agrees with US-French draft resolution
Terry Mathis ,   Goulburn Australia   (08.08.06)
For Alex.. ..the East as well. You would do well to study Alexander the Great, the Art of War, and Viscount Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.. and even the 'Wiccan Rede'. Oh, I don't hide anonymously, as some do. G'Day..
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