Haifa hospital goes underground
Ahiya Raved
Published: 07.08.06, 12:53
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Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (08.07.06)
because they like heroic operations in hospitals as in Baalbek,lol
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Barr ,   Ashkelon   (08.07.06)
Thank G-d the good guys are the IAF and thank g-d we are on their side. I would be feeling very worried if I were hizsatan. Imagine, an empty hospital with weapons stored in it-unheard of. Can they get even more evil? I guess evil knows no limits. Your Allah will punish all of you who do not follow his Quran. Remember, he said Israel is for the Jews. Do I need to quote for you? I can if you want.
3. Balbeck a hopital??? funny medicen AK 47??
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
Amazing when they filmed the so called Hospital dint see one sick person, not one doctor, not one pill or beds, hmmmmmm all you saw was AK 47's rocket propeled grenads, Mac 50 you muslims have a funny way of providing for the sick.
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scheleg ,   Germany   (08.07.06)
If Baalbeck was a hospital where hv been all the sick people, doctors, nurses etc.? the only thing I saw where weapons and ammuniton. Hopefully I never fell in a situation that I' need to go in one of your 'hospitals'. Might be then a strange experience.
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