Reuters admits to more image manipulation
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 07.08.06, 17:15
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1. Boker Tov Eliyahu!
2. Reuters 'pledges'? that doesn't mean squat now.
Israel   (08.07.06)
No-one will EVER be able to trust them again. EVER!
3. The real issue...
rickmd03 ,   Baltimore, usa   (08.07.06)
here is reporting not just pictures. The pictures represent how this organization has politicized its coverage of this current iteration of the ongoing Arab Israeli War.
4. this is stupid
z ,   Lebanon   (08.07.06)
well i guess it is their right to block the pictures or withdraw them since this contradicts with the moral of photography and journalism. but this picture showed nothing wrong, F16 are firing missiles all the time, so who cares if it was a decoy flare or a missile. Israel is firing missiles on everything, so where is the lie. do you believe these people they concentrate on crap in their media, like who listens to what the Israeli Neo -Gobbels saying. they lie on the public telling them that their soldeirs are wounded, after an hour one of the soldiers is dead, and in the end of the day 6 IDF soldiers are dead, at the same time Arab media give nearly the exact number at the same time the incidents happen. am not pro war and am also not pro lyers, what else do you want, i just keep asking this question to myself
5. "Fake but accurate"
cba   (08.07.06)
I see that z in Lebanon subscribes to the "fake but accurate" view of life. The reportage and the photos may be faked, but since they match your prejudices that doesn't matter.
6. The Answer
Jay ,   Boston   (08.07.06)
Read "Reclaiming the Temple Mount" a New book by David HaIvri order it today from A Must Read for all.
7. To #4, Z
E ,   California   (08.07.06)
What makes it wrong is that it is a distortion. If the plane dropped a bomb, then fine -- publish the picture. But when the picture is manipulated to present a slanted version of the truth, then it makes everything from the news organization suspect. Why didn't they just publish a truthful picture? Why did they have to tweak it? What else have they tweaked? P.S. Z, I hope you are staying safe.
8. And still no complaints
Arie ,   Afula   (08.07.06)
from all theoutlets that reproduced the picturesand what they MIS- represented.
9. #4
Arie ,   Afula   (08.07.06)
What is stupid is that your Staate started a war and now is bitching to the world at the consequences. Your PM should win an Academy Award for hi crocodile tears! as the imam says, shiite happens!
10. Qana must have also been edited
Please reccomend this talkback \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
11. Reuters are Rubbish
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
Reuters should get out of the news business and do something else more suited to their low morals.
12. To #4
jj ,   montreal canada   (08.07.06)
If you would have dissarmed hezbollah in the last six years, and stood up to terrorism we would not be in this war. Israel left Lebanon six years ago. Why did you allow hezbollah to hide behind civilians and use babies as canon fodder to further their agenda of clearing Jews, Christians and Sunni from Your previously beautiful country.
13. what about Qana
sabbageorge ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.07.06)
Can you tell me the exact figure that were killed in Qana? 58 or 27 after th same little handicapped girl was put in and taken out of the building 6 times?
14. Doctor what are you doing with those photos ?
Sean ,   MontrĂ©al, Canada   (08.07.06)
What a tempest in a teapot . Does anyone recall the now infamous speech by Ahmadinejad at the anti Zionist Symposiom at the university in Tehran ? It was the beginning of the media villificatio of Iran as a rogue nation preparing us for some very serious action. All the banners in the hall were in English. Last I checked they were speaking Farsi in Iran. Wonder where all the concerned bloggers were then ? It doesn't matter really because any discerning observer realizes the man has a deep seated hatred for Israel. Looks like the freelance photographer for Rueters was playing the same game . War is dirty.
15. Z (#4) Once more
Suzanne   (08.07.06)
Everyone knows that buildings have been attacked and that civilians have died. No one puts that into the question. What is important here, is the credibility of an INDEPENDENT and OBJECTIVE news agency. If you want to use your photos for propaganda purposes, then apply for a job at Al-Manar, but not at Reuters. Reuters did a good job by removing the photographs of mr Hajj and not accepting any more of his. I only hope for them (Reuters) that there will be no more photographers abusing their agency for propaganda purposes.
16. #4 WE care
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (08.07.06)
z, Reuters did not pull the photo because it's caption was wrong. The photo shows 3 objects coming from the plane. 2 are cloned. That is doctoring. It is fake. It is adding something that is not there to give a false impression in order to decieve others. YES we care! If you don't - then you would mind if we, in Israel, doctored a bunch of photos showing Hizbullah members sitting around drinking Whiskey, smoking drugs, torturing small animals while firing missiles from a top a local supermarket in S. Beirut? I'm sure it would matter to you then.
17. Re:this is stupid
Eric Mann ,   Holmdel, NJ USA   (08.07.06)
The point that you may be missing here is that when "propaganda" is substituted for "news" and this act is discovered, then the "news" in general becomes discredited. Do you remember the former Iraqi information minister, "Baghdad Bob?" If he told me the earth was round, I would be inclined to check it out myself. Mr. Haji does a great disservice to all Lebanese in that those of us in the West are used to more accountable media, may become less inclined to trust the true images of devastation in your country. I find it ironic that Mr. Haji went to all the trouble to manipulate images of destruction when it appears that there is no current scarcity, is he lazy or just plain stupid? We have our share of tabloids that doctor images and print wild rumors, they are not considered news, only entertainment; I fail to find the current situation entertaining.
18. Major Media keeps ignoring Reutersgate
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.07.06)
This is a great test and proof of how much maistream media is NOT reporting the truths it does not like. In short, how dishonest mainstream media is. Except for ABC News and the Washington Post, no one else is reporting about the Reuters scandal. Considering that Reuters admits their fraud, the silence of the media is deafening. CNN and Fox find "teenager kills mom accidentally during driving lesson" of more interest to the public than Reutersgate. Enlightening.
19. #4
Jewish American ,   USA   (08.07.06)
Your wrong Z, it does matter that these pictures were doctered up, because it brings into question the validity of every picutre (not just this Hajj guy's photos) comming out of the region (especially Arab photographers now). Just look at the examples in the artical above of a picture ran of beirut on july 24th, and then again on august 5th. its the same photo. If you actually looked at the july 24th photo, you would see people kneeling in the right corner of the building that most likely have cameras, and then look at the angle of the august 5th photo. not much more needs to be said. the arabs are running a propoganda war by lying about the damage and the war to thier people, the same way any fascist dictator would.
20. The media's uncritical acceptance of Arab lies
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (08.07.06)
The faked pictures are just one aspect of a more serious issue which bedevils reporting about Israel, namely the willingness of the media - and, by extension, their readerships and audiences - to believe, automatically and uncritically, the Arab narrative. So whenever the Lebanese or Palestinians claim a "massacre of innocent civilians" or similar, the claim is reported as fact. And of course nonsense concepts such as "occupied Palestinian land" are routinely mentioned as if they were facts. Some months ago the BBC's viciously anti-Israel Orla Guerin ceased to report from Israel. Her "farewell" message on the BBC website was extraordinarily (and, I'm sure, inadvertently) revealing in its thanks to BBC Arabic for providing her with the "news". The Reuters pictures don't surprise me because most of the reporting of the Hizbullah terror war has been a lie from the start.
21. Qana pics
Ginnylavender ,   Fort Worth, USA   (08.07.06)
I'm still concerned over the fake Qana pictures, which are what turned the world against Israel. I keep begging the USA news networks to run a story, but they don't. CNN, in fact, is still using the crawler saying 38 children died there. These pics are important!
22. Reuters and Arab empoyees
SR ,   NYC   (08.07.06)
Well, like it says in the Q'uran, a Muslim is allowed to resort to outright lies when dealing with infidels or dhimmmis. The uber-sophisticated Reuters should know that before employing Arabs.
PALLIWOOD seen it, been there
24. Beirut attack photo - bombed out building and woman in black
Jamie Shafer ,   Ridgefield, CT   (08.07.06)
Oh it's the same location all right but in the pic with the woman the photographer is at ground level and to the right of the first pic. Also the smokey haze way down the street is gone in the second pic.Perhaps taken on the same day but certainly later than pic 1. The sky is blue in both but that's normal in the Eastern Mediterranean in July-August
25. Dr Hajj+Reuters can alter the course of history with Photosh
Alan ,   SA   (08.07.06)
Pam ,   Arizona USA   (08.07.06)
'They call it news, they don't call it truth -- there's a reason for that.' Here we have Democracy at work, the little guys yanking the infotainment media's gold-plated chain. The Internet must remain free and uncontrolled.
27. Bombs are dropped from where??
Sattouf ,   USA   (08.07.06)
Beside the fact that the pictures were edited, does that deny the fact that Israel is bombarding Lebanon?...All those who were martyred were killed by either Israeli jets and artillery. This artilce is besdies the point!!
28. Palliwood better than Hollywood.
Alex ,   NYC USA   (08.07.06)
29. Rusty Shackleford???
Roy ,   Kalamazoo, MI   (08.07.06)
I'm not going to say that this is not the man's name, but it just so happens that on the popular American TV show, "King of the Hill," the resident conspiracy theorist Dale uses that name as his alter ego on everything from his taxes to ordering pizza. I'm not familiar with his blog, but I was a little shocked to see the name. As for the Reuters doctoring of photos, one must ask themselves: If they are so willing to allow doctored photos, which apparently are very easy to discover, are they also willing to allow doctored "news" reports as well? Sadly, I think most of us know the answer to that question.
Tony ,   Chicago, IL   (08.07.06)
This is exactly the kind of thinking that makes you people hypocrites. You lash out at Israel and America for lying to people to cover up their "heinous activities", all the while giving the Hezbollah propoganda machine a pass. This is just one incident in a massive Press Staging Operation that Hezbollah has been undertaking for years. The fact that they duped a supposedly reputable organization like Reuters only adds to how dangerous this is. (Who really thinks Hajj wasn't complicit with Hezbollah on this? Including the staged shots at Qana). The larger issue here is that Reuters, AP, and supposedly reputable American news media empower terrorists like Hezbollah and perpetuate the violence. Be careful who you call "Nazis," you people are the ones who (1) Forego press ethics as long as it fits your politics (2) Who condone murderous, terrorist, ANIMALS like Islamic Terrorists a pass. Why don't invite one over for dinner, once he unstraps his body bomb, maybe we'll find your brain and vital organs 100 yards away finally enlightened.
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