Reuters admits to more image manipulation
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 07.08.06, 17:15
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31. #18
Jewish American ,   USA   (08.07.06)
Ibrahim, I have seen your comments on a number of other articals on this site, and I cannot describe how great it is to see an Arab speak out against the mainstream of ant-Semetic and anti-Zionist Arab thought. Keep up the free thought, and I hope that more Arabs with counter-culture opinions speak thier minds. Thank you.
32. Wrongdoing is news. Unless.....
Truth Seeker ,   Salt Lake City, USA   (08.07.06)
The media and the USA liberals and the terrorists all have the same philosophy. Wrongdoing is big news...unless it is done by one of our own!
33. Reuters fakes it more than a jihadist's virgin!
Arie ,   Afula   (08.07.06)
34. Adnan Hajj, when r u picking up the check from Mossad?
Fictia nondumb Jew ,   Miami   (08.07.06)
VERY GOOD JOB. Destroy the legitimecy of anyone who we know is happy to spead lies by feeding him those exact lies...
35. Reuters = terrorist sympathizers
dan ,   dallas, usa   (08.07.06)
another attempt by Reuters to sympathize with terrorists -- they don't even permit use of the word "terrorist" in their so-called journalism. a futher stain on the already besmerched image of the main stream media.
36. Reuters and Photoshop: Alan in So. Africa
SR ,   NYC   (08.07.06)
You're not kidding.... My wife uses Photoshop to ressurect old damaged photos. Mr. Hadjj uses it to help destroy the Jews. KGB used photo -retouching to remove out of favor top party people from official photograps, often before these officials knew there was a problem . This was enough of a "hint" for a quite a number of such officlals to commit suicide before being arrested.
37. reuters - faking picture
susan ,   mevasseret israel   (08.07.06)
it's the 2nd time within 24 hours. their license to work from here should be revoked. we do not need dishonest reporters in jerusalem.
38. Digg this!
DT ,   YAM   (08.07.06)
39. At last the penny drops!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (08.07.06)
You can' t argue with the Arabs. They are too brainwashed with hatred against Israel and the Jewish people. Yes, a lot of civilians have been killed in Lebanon but when you see the "support" they have for Hezbollah, its not surprising. Remember, whether its Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan or Gaza, Muslims sanctify death. Everyone, it seems, wants to be a Shahid and they are programmed like robots in their "cause". The difference between Israel and the Arab world is that we really do try to avoid civilians but the Arabs hide behind them. The ball bearings in their rockets cause horrific damage and should probably be banned by the Geneva Convention although Hezbollah is not a signatory. There is another difference. Our dead don't get up when the cameras are turned off. Israel tells the truth which is sometimes not in her best interests, How easy it would have been to have said that 100 people were killed in Haifa last night. How easy it would be to wave miscarried fetuses around as evidence of Hezbollah butchery. Well, that's not our way. We respect our dead and our mourners. We don't exploit them.
40. power of image
curt trood ,   fairfield usa   (08.07.06)
Remember Hearst and Remington during the "run-up" to the conquest of Cuba in the 1890's..."you provide the pictures I'll provide the war". Without doubt, the war was already "on" in the lebanon...even more reason to be alert to propaganda via images. The aphorism that "the camera never lies" is not only untrue, but dangerously untrue at times.
Finally the truth is coming out about the ways of the leftist media...........why did readers have to point this distortion and outright lying to the media source, UP is just as bad, they are liberals who hate the US and Israel and any lies are justified if it tells their version of life. Dan Rather made up documents to try and remove a president during wartime, he should have been jailed.........Arafat was the number one visitor in the Clinton White House in 8 years, MAKES YOU WONDER WHERE THIS SITUATION WOULD BE NOW IF WE HAD GOTTEN THE TRUTH, GO BACK AND SEE HOW MUCH OF THAT REPORTING WAS ALL LIES..........It is the job of the NY Times, UP and Reutors to check their facts, not just throw the crap in our faces and see what sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
42. Lies started with that degenerate
Moshe ,   Boston, Mass   (08.07.06)
from the clan of Hashem. Or did they? I just wondering if the lies, destortion on backstabbing was part of their culture even before 6th century CE...
43. REUTERS and the Iceberg
myron ,   USA   (08.07.06)
Is this only the tip of the iceberg? It's high time that the American and Eurpean MSM stop using arabs as stringers.
44. Any Israeli Jews on Reuters Payroll?
David ,   NYC, USA   (08.07.06)
I'm just wondering if there are any Israeli Jews on Reuters payroll, or if they hire Muslims to do freelance work in Muslim territories while sending in their 'own' people to do work in Israel.
45. #27
Ary ,   NY   (08.07.06)
clearly you don't understand the game. the media and world outcry can effectivley change outcomes. if the media lies, then the world gets a distorted picture. Remember the jenin massacre??? google it if you forgot about it!
46. #4
tony ,   PARIS   (08.07.06)
Typicale,you guy's can NEVER accept that you are wrong,Here we have blatent Arab propoganda,staring us all right in the face,Black on white facts ,and all you can say is "F16 are firing missiles all the time"Are you that stupid and think that we all gob your arab propoganda,as easy as you arabs,or are you just being one very thick idiot..;For instance the Building that was hit by the Israeli air force to-day,65 people were recovered ALIVE,,yes I say ALIVE,,and your Siniora,was whiping his "TEARS" on the TV stating that there were 40 dead..Now whos throwing shit at the fan????It was your own rescuers that brought out these "WALKING DEAD"So you see Z;;from Lebanon;This is not X-FILES,and the TRUTH IS NOT FAR AWAY,ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES.BUT YOU REFUSE TO SEE IT. Oh and its quite a coincidence that the photographer is MUSLIM.May I suggest you stop just for a while to listen to your AL-MANAAR;I'm sure the truth will hit home;;;Sooner or later,you see when Israel says that a certain number of her soldiers were killed ,Israel does not say that they were civillians,like you know who,,We have respect for the Soldiers and the Civillians;;alike,but the truth is,you know not the word,respect,so no matter how many terrorists are killed ,you will tell all who are willing to fall into your propoganda trap ,that the dead are all civillians;;;That is where the difference is;;;..So stop asking these stupid questions;;;
47. NY Times used Hajj photo Saturday on Front Page
Legalize ,   NY, NY   (08.07.06)
It's a very powerful photo, still on their website: NY Times reporting fake news again.
48. re: the last penny drops!
Roboto ,   Austin USA   (08.07.06)
Considering the oft repeated statistic that 87% of the Lebanese people support Hezbollah, there should be no apology for untintentional civillian casualties. They have been warned, get out of the way, over and over. Have Hezbollah or Hamas or al Qaeda ever warned civillians.? I don't remember any warning to those in the World Trade Center, or Bali. I don't remember a warning before the infant Shalhevet Pass was fatally shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron.
Arne ,   Warsaw, Indiana USA   (08.07.06)
Another full blown liar in the name of main stream news and they wonder why we do not watch or believe their hogwash! Their folly ought to be investigated by the US Senate and House of Representatives and they need a healthy discipline applied. This is a clear proof of bias in the media and since Reuters and others agencies like AP all seem to share their lies together, they need to be out of business until they can actually guarantee they will report the TRUTH in the news! Rather-gate continues and has not been dealt with appropriately.
50. Objective Arab Media Professionals - Impossible Concept
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.07.06)
51. Slow Missiles.
Andrew ,   Murfreesboro USA   (08.07.06)
Mr. Hajj, obviously a complete idiot, added more "missiles" to his photograph of the f-16 that was actually firing off flares. One way to distinguish between the two is that after a missile is fired, it usually accelerates past the airplane and not lagging behind it. I hope one of those "missiles" falls on his head.
52. honesty
Frank ,   powder springs,ga   (08.07.06)
At least Rueters is honest enough to admit to a mistake and fix it, that will never be said of the Faux Paper Cowboy "W"!
53. #24
Mike ,   Longview, Texas, USA   (08.07.06)
You are missing the point. Nobody is questioning the possible manipulation of the original photo. The problem originates from the fact that Rueters used the scene as evidence of a huge bombing made by Israel on 24July . Almost two weeks later another photograph showing the same damage is shown as evidence of a "new" bombing that takes place on 5July. By doing this, Reuters gives the world the impression that Israel has once again bombed the city, destroyed another big building and is making this woman suffer. it would be like CNN showing video of what they claimed was a new hurricane hitting Louisiana two weeks after Katrina hit -- using previously filmed damage from Katrina as evidence that it happened and trying to make the us all think that it had happened a second time.
54. So what's new?
Harold Dunning ,   Portland Maine USA   (08.07.06)
Reuters has been the laughing stock of the journalistic community for years--for bias, lousy writing and silly stories. Nothing new hear except they got caught more quickly than usual.
55. Photo falsification
Travis ,   Dublin, USA   (08.07.06)
Heed my words, the fate of the world hangs in the balance and the weapon of war is now media. Freedom of the media is free societies great hope but also it's worst enemy. False propoganda from terrorists is given the same weight as any other source in the news. This must end or Civilization will fall. Unfortunately, I see no way this will happen and the world powers will be divided and fall once again to the barbarians. The great cycle continues. God help us.
56. British media fascism
Gerald ,   Johannesburg, RSA   (08.07.06)
For reasons which defy reality, the whole British media is incredibly biased against Israel. I find the BBC and Sky to be quite nauseating! The main reason is the leftist nature of that media. Those few who are not left suffer from "Empire" complex , which is just as anti-Israel.
57. Arabs Lying...What else is new?
RA   (08.07.06)
58. photo's
NCOOKE ,   new braunfels,usa   (08.07.06)
what a joke, another reason to quit watching and reading the news. it's all made up!!!
59. Zombie Squad
US Patriot ,   US Maryland   (08.07.06)
I bet they have a whole zombie squad with ambulances full of bodies ready to deliver to the scene of the next bombing just to up the body count!
60. doctored photos and doctored reporting
david ,   miami usa   (08.07.06)
when they rely on arabs who have agendas to report the news, you end up with doctored propaganda. they got caught with their pants down in these photos, but distortions in maniputed reporting is easier to get away with.
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