Reuters admits to more image manipulation
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 07.08.06, 17:15
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61. I was not the Qana photos- It was the live video
steve ,   la, california   (08.07.06)
Funny how the entire US media thinks that it is photos that are making Israel look bad, when it is the video footage which is not doctored at all. The rescue attempt in Qana was unfolding live on tv for most of the world. You see, most other countries allow you to see the video footage when it is happening. But here we only see photos, or edited clips, and ofcourse people try to make their photos look more amazing to sell them. There is no fact in any of these photos that distorts what has been happening. I have International news, therefore, I have seen live video footgae of the rubble being cleared with bodies in it,, i have seen live video footage of smoke clouds far bigger than those in the photo- repeatedly- The question you should be asking is why you have not? How many times has Israel knowingly distorted the facts regarding Qana?- at first they said the times did not match up, but the earliest reporting in the international media made it clear that the residents stated that the bombing occured around 1:00 am. Then they showed footage trying to pass it off as missles coming from that building which were from two days before and not even the same building. The difference here is that these photos are faked inorder to look more dramatic, the israeli distortions are faked to cover up war crimes.
62. religion is the answer...
DPbomber ,   Toronto, CANADA   (08.07.06)
...the this question... "Why do people mercilessly kill each other?" if you could convince them that the holy land was in antarctica they would be killing each other over there.
63. Solution for Israel.
Gerald ,   Johannesburg, RSA   (08.07.06)
Far from providing Israel with enough territory in 1948, the leftist British Gvt in 1948 gave a huge chunk of Palestine to Jordan, and a tiny, indefensible piece to Israel. To survive in peace, Israel needs the whole West Bank. The so-called "Palestinians" can be accommodated in a state of their own, carved out of Jordan. This should have happened in the first place. Alternatively they could be absorbed into Jordan. It was the Arab govts that deliberately kept the "Palestinians" stateless for so long in order to maintain hatred of Israel in the ME. After telling them to flee when Israel was proclaimed, so the Jews could be massacred. Some massacre! This whole issue would be resolved by this approach.
64. Reuters' mistake
J. Frazer ,   Pascagoula - United   (08.07.06)
It's not just Reuters. The Jihadist's have enlisted the Mass Media and are using them very well. In fact it may very well prove to be their best weapon. The American networks have been the best Ally of Al Quida since 9-11. Reporters will say anything for a by line and networks will broadcast anything for a headline, I commend Reuters for acknowledging the abuse and taking steps to prevent it in the future. I recomend not using any Arab originated photos or accounts. They cannot be trusted.
65. Reuters Photo Manipulation
Carlos Morales ,   Passaic NJ   (08.07.06)
z, lebanon asks what more do you want? The answer is the truth. If F-16 are firing missiles "all the time" in civilian areas, than there really should be no need to fake a picture of one should there.
66. #4, Z, you are wrong
Charles ,   Dallas, TX   (08.07.06)
The Israeli's are not lying about casualties just because they don't actually count the dead until they die. And the Lebanese "estimates" are not accurate at all. Just read the top two headlines in the far right column. The first one is an associated press report quoting the Lebanese Prime Minister. The Second one is a Reuters (gasp) report quoting that same Lebanese Prime Minister that turned out to be completely false.
67. Al Reuters
CPC ,   Orlando, USA   (08.07.06)
Is Dan Rather working at Al Reuters now?
68. What proves photos from israel aren't manipulatede as well?
The Phoenix ,   Lebanon   (08.07.06)
69. reuters / hizbollah alliance
ken ,   california usa   (08.07.06)
reuters are faking the photos and hiz are shooting the rockets whos next to join the alliance...maybe al jazeera well its all stupid. wait is it reuters or al
70. Muslims Religon of Peace
tim ,   PA   (08.07.06)
can you imagine if FoxNews did something like this, all the moronic liberals would be whining. Go Isreal kill em all.
71. connection
hesaysbooyah ,   Fresno US   (08.07.06)
Does the name Adnan Hajj have a certain Arab/Muslin ring to it?
72. It's not "What else is new?"
hesaybooyah ,   fresno US   (08.07.06)
Its "So what's new?" What else is new means that Arab lying is new. Actually, I figured it out. The Arabs don't "lie." They just get thinks upside down and backwards, like they way they read and write.
73. I figured it all out
hesaybooyah ,   fresno us   (08.07.06)
The reason the Arabs get things upside down and backwards is....that's the way they read and write.
TOM WILSON ,   FT.LDLE,FL USA   (08.07.06)
They reject reality and substitute their own.
75. Reuters
Allen Ridge ,   Annapolis, USA   (08.07.06)
It's just another day for our worldwide "free left-wing press". Can someone tell me who has "oversite" of the MSM?? We don't trust the BBC, Reuters, AP or the rest of the MSM they are corrupt left-wing nuts with a politicial agenda..... and it's not for Democracy for people worldwide.......sad but "perspection is reality" and the dirty MSM knows how to fool people.... they get the 2006 Joseph Gobbels award.
76. #61
Lu ,   OK, US   (08.07.06)
If the real time video of Qana rescue attempt exists, it would be already posted on the net. Please provide a link, or I would have to presume that you are a liar, sir.
77.  #4 z lebanon
carlos morales ,   passaic NJ   (08.07.06)
You ask what else do you want, i just keep asking this question to myself ? The answer is simple, we want THE TRUTH. If, as you say, F-16's are firing missiles "all the time", than there really would be no need to fake the photo would there? What is stupid is that for six years Lebanon allowed a foreign power to set up a proxy militia on lebanon's land, with the sole purpose of attacking a sovereign nation.
78. Reuters not writing for Western World
Steve ,   Phoenix, USA   (08.07.06)
These photos are a clear example that reuters is not writing for a western audiance. In the west we have so much freedom that the truth can be discovered. But in the middle east where truth means nothing Reuters fits right in. Once published the mission is accomplished wether truthfull or not.
79. Fox News-finally-reports Reutersgate
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.07.06)
AT LAST, mainstream media picked up the subject-Xox News has it on their videos, about both doctored photos.
80. Reuters
Mark ,   New York   (08.07.06)
Well, now what happens? Will the world's largest media outlets publicize this? Will the NYT carry the story of the doctored photos on their front page or anywhere in the paper for that matter? Will this Reuters statement be carried in places where the rest of the world can actually see it? The answer is no. They get away with it. No ramifications and no accountability. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what other lies and phoney pictures are being published. If it was not for the blogs and some sharp people we'd never know about any of it
81. Nothing is new with the LIBS!
USA ,   USA   (08.07.06)
The liberal media is nothing more than a bunch of liars and haters.
82. where is the media now??
RK ,   FL   (08.07.06)
Just show how the media is biased. Boycot C.N.N !!!! they will never admit to using Reuters frequently. This is the reason everybody who wants to watch fair sane and balance turn to FOX!!!!!!!!!!
83. If it was only Reuters
walkabout   (08.07.06)
More and more lies come out of Lebanon. In a meeting with Arab FMs on Monday, PM Siniora told them that 40 people were killed in an Israeli attac in Houla. Monday afternoon he informed that only one person was killed - not 40. Really makes me wonder how many lies have they got away with????
84. fakes on cover of time & u.s. news
bubba ,   miami fl USA   (08.07.06)
last week both time and us news ran fakes on their covers. they were the same exact shot, obviously posed, with 2 diffrent "malitiamen" guarding (with what appeared to be fake weapons) the site of an "israeli airstrike". it was a burning tire dump. why would IAF hit a tire dump? hezbo retards obviously set this fire to make a lot of smoke and to fool the brilliant journalist. i spotted these photos as fakes in 15 secs, yet, the highly qualified highly paid photo editors of 2 of the worlds top news mags didnt? i think not, anti israeli bias. shameless lefty rags.
Nannette ,   London, UK   (08.07.06)
If you were in any doubt, these scenes tell it all...
86. Arabs habitually lie and cry wolf (genocide) minutely!
enough of paliwood ,   stop the lies!   (08.07.06)
87. Reuters
Juan ,   Spain   (08.07.06)
I was always told Reuters WERE a reputable news agency. Were is of course the past tense! Don't let the truth spoil a good story!
88. #2/ "trust Reuters again"
You must be joking..."never trust Reuters again..."?? Why would any astute observer of Reuters' abominable behavior vis-vis Iraq "news coverage" have even begun to trust this propaganda outlet in the first place? Good riddance to Reuters...also the BBC. Kent
89. Free Hezbollah Ads on CNN
Tony ,   Chicago, IL   (08.07.06)
Did anyone catch that cheesy running report by Nic Robertson WHERE HE WAS LITERALLY (as opposed to figuratively) LED BY THE NOSE BY HEZBOLLAH'S PR SPOKESMAN??? Talk about free propoganda (with no vetting or opposing viewpoint mind you) the Islamic Fascists got at least $300,000 worth on the first shot, and at least $500,000 more every time they replayed it. As a former journalist I can say we're taught IN COLLEGE (FRESHMAN JOURN 101) that you are not to let politically oriented spokesmen USE YOU. Nic Robertson was either (1) Incompetent and ignorant beyond all definition (2) he sold his soul for access and good video to put on his resume tape (3) His sympathies for Hezbo. and Anti-Semitism bubbled to the surface. In any of these cases how in the world can we trust CNN, who neither censured him, nor presented a follow up story with Israel's PR spokesman leading their stupid reporter by the nose?
90. Reuters: Nasrallah secret weapon!!!
Ari ,   USA   (08.07.06)
World media, and the Lebanes goverment are actually killing more people than the Israelis, at least in the news. Arabs are known for faking the news, and after a month of fighting hezbullah PR weapon is starting to fail.
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