Survivors recall Kfar Giladi horror
Miri Chason
Published: 07.08.06, 18:09
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31. Zack
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
Oh, I know, the Vancouver Straight is a dreadful Zionist propaganda rag. Far be it from me to sully your pure (or is it pur laine?) mind.
32. Let the Lebanese Speak
NR ,   los angeles, USA   (08.07.06)
Zack, I know how hard it is for Anti-Semites to shut up (a la Mel Gibson), but just let the Lebanese speak for themselves. And for the most part, they support Hezbollah. They might not deserve to die for this, but they don't deserve to kill Jews either. If the Lebanese really wanted peace, they'd get rid of Hezbollah. No excuses. As for Israel's actions making more terrorists, well, the overwhelming evidence points to the fact that they get Jew hatred with their mother's milk. Sorry, but your arguments just don't hold up.
33. One year ago, exactly, I was staying in Kfar Giladi Hotel
AK   (08.07.06)
Not even realizing the evil menace just beyond the fence, in Lebanon. Little did I understand that those cement fortifications by the kibbutz fence where I strolled after dinner were for real and not an artifact from the past wars. We had driven all over the North, sightseeing. Metullah was such a pretty town overlooking the Hula Valley. I cannot imagine it destroyed, but it is so close to the border. Unfortunately, the whole of Israel is too close to the border they share with barbarians. I sincerely hope and pray that all the people living there are all right. This area is also the place where Jewish self-defense was born in answer to Arab and Bedouin atrocities against peaceful and defenseless Jewish settlers who came to redeem the barren land and work it. There is a small Museum in Kfar Giladi telling the heroic history of the place.
34. to our soldiers
Labriyut ,   israel   (08.07.06)
Pray for your speedy recovery and hope that by the time that u are well enuf to leave the hospital this war will be finally over..God speed..Sheteyu briyim...
35. zack
peacenik   (08.07.06)
Congratulations...that was already worded differently..we want everyone to live and let live..u just dont understand the Mediterranean mentality... Israel is out of Gaza and went out of Lebanon 6 years ago..I wud rather be going out on a family excursion than be bombed or bomb someone else..we are just not like that..we do care for people..we are not perfect..and yes there are some shmucks amongst us ..but we do not all think the same... the people i live with are arab muslims, I listen to them praying 5 times a day, we have no problem with one another believe me we dont..its everybody's intrepretation or misinterpretation of things, and the twisting of words, and the media hype that will do anything to sell a story. It is time every one did a bit of soul searching..the truth lies within ourselves.
36. Poor Zack - I fel pity for him, he is so...
Denny ,   Mexico   (08.07.06)
Poor Zack I really feel sorry for him: his shortsighted comments just show how big of a inferiority complex he has. I'm sure he twists in pain every day when he remembers Israel is a Strong, vibrant, democratic country, full of life and beauty, while the people he supports are so empty and unworthy that they are terrorists willing to die just to kill inocent people.
37. To H again
First of all, I'm not an Arab like you assert for some reason. Second while I may have never heard of Jewish "suicide bombers," I have heard of Jewish terrorist groups. Etzel is a very good example of a Jewish terrorist organization that perpetrated indiscriminate killings of Palestinians, before the founding of Israel. They also bombed the King David Hotel killing over 90 people, most of whom were civilians. There are still today small Jewish terrorist groups such as Kach and Kahane Chai that continue to carry out killings of Palestinians. However, you are right that Israeli Jews no longer really depend on terrorism, why is that? Because they have freedom, sovereignty, and the IDF to defend them. However, what do the Palestinian people have to bring them freedom, sovereignty, and the dignity they deserve - nothing. Terrorism is very wrong, but please think of the roots - not an innate hatred of Israel - but rather the desperation caused by the lack of freedom and a future. The occupation continues to kill Palestinians and Israelis and it must end. Palestinian parents do love their children and it is wrong for you to pass this kind of judgement on them. I traveled to Palestine and the many families I spoke to wanted their children to grow up in peace and have a future. In fact, when I asked children what the best way to end the occupation was, they said to get an education, not to use violence. There are many extremists in Palestine, but keep in mind they are a minority who want to see innocent Israeli civilians killed or who would want to send their children off to become suicide bombers. Please don't make generalizations about a population if you do not really know them.
38. What's wrong with the French, are they just to good for you?
Zack ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
Who said that I hated Jewish people? Did I say I hated Jewish people? You people just keep on putting words in my mouth. I say that I am against the killing of children, and then you make me into Hitler. You people are sick minded and can't handle it when someone tells the truth. I say my opnion and you respond by attacking my heritage. BTW I am not a French citizen, I am French Canadian. The Canadians (Which are both French and English) helped in the liberation of Europe and the defeat of the Nazis. Unfortunately, Zionists have adopted the methods of these Nazis. What is the difference between Hitler who killed the Jews, and Sharon, Peretz, Olmert, Mofaz, Perez who kill the Arabs?
39. easy to say in here #21
faisal ,   Hyderabad India   (08.07.06)
What u want to show in these web sites, I m never against the state of Israel , but i really dont like the way u peoples are trying to show that IDF can even kill childrens coz there will be future terrorists.Then why all this hell , nuke them all coz all are a treat to israel .. Ask olmert to give orders to nuke Lebanese and Palestinians . why to bother abt civilians coz all are terrorists.And if other countries raise up to critize you , nuke them too , better nuke all those who are against the State of Israel then be in this world with peace ..only pro Israel ...If u want to make killing of childrens legitimate then u will also get the same .Think abt it . saying others are terrorists is easy and its even easier to hide the real truth .. keep hate but let it not cross the limits or else humanity will be shamed on u
40. Zack, you are hardly a pacifist
If you were truly a man of peace, you would care if anybody is killed, not just Lebanese children, but everyone, including --YES!!--Israeli soldiers too. Your aggressive use of language belies your true intent, which has more to do with prejudice than peace, I can assure you! Your opinion would matter more if you could make a convincing argument with evidence to back up what you say. You imply that the lives of Lebanese kids are more important than the lives of Israeli kids who are being rocketed by Hezbollah (on purpose, mind you!) This is a feeble, transparent argument. If all you can feel is the pain for the Lebanese, then you truly do not want peace for everybody.
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
All i did is ask you a question and you go off writing a book about nothing, you must love to type nothing. But to the isue, I know many and i mean many arabs that are great people as a matter of fact one family lives next door and our sons play together. You say Israel should not have invaded lebanon in 1982, you are so wrong. we where terrozid by the then PLO bombs in schools, homes, and buses so you have no clue what your talking about. The reason this is hapening today is because we left lebanon in 2000 and trusted that the lebanes goverment would act like a goverment but the chose to back the Hezbolah as a result they are and will pay dearly for that today. The hatred that is spread is not by Israeli actions rather by Irans syrias pupet in lebanon, due to the type of system these countrys run the public does not know the real truth so they ofcourse back what they are told due to fear. The only sterotyping done is by arabs themselvs, when there is a camera around the pretend to be a brave terro shahed, even the syrian minister yesterday stooped to that level yesterday. Until the Muslims teach there kids the real koran there will be hatred and war through out
42. Zack
Eric ,   Maryland, USA   (08.07.06)
Do you know what Moral Equivalency means? What is the goal of the Israeli offensive? To ultimately live in peace. What is the goal of the Hezbollah, Syrian? Iranian? Jihadists? To destroy Israel and kill all the Non-Believers, Specifically Jews and Americans. (I am sure Canadians are Next in line) You are blessed to live in a country where no one threatens your daily existence. Beware, because if Iran, Syria, and Hezbolla wins you will be next on their list. In fact the more liberal you are the more they are disgusted by your anti-religious politics. You don't stand for anything and they are willing to die for their beliefs. You have nothing in common. Do we all cry for dead children? I hope so. But believe it or not there is such a thing as evil in this world and if you don't fight it will spread. Is Israel perfect? No! Do they pretend to be? No! Do they care what the world thinks Yes? Are they worried about what you Zack think? Why yes, unfortunately they are? Just beware because if Iran, Syria and Hezbollah win this war they will not care what you think. In fact they will pray for the death of you and many other innocent non-believers like yourself (including the innocent children you are worried about). Not only will they pray for your death they will take steps towards it first using proxies like Hezbolla and then using their own Nuclear Weapons to threaten you. You are blessed to live in Canada where you can put your head in the sand and pretend this is not true. Israeli's are not so fortunate. So maybe its time to stop being so ungrateful and thank the Israelis for fighting for your freedom!
43. No I haven't heard of a jewish suicide bomber
Sam ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
The answer is very simple; you do not need any, as you have bombs that can spread death from the sky, from land and from the sea. So no need to take pride in this ... wake up, realize that only when you start valuing every other human soul, will you be respected and loved by the world ... You have been taking advantage of being WWII victims way too long; one day, humanity all over will realize that you have caused much more pain that what happened to you in the past. Start thinking peace, moral justice, stop being victims; love people so you can be loved. Peace! Sam
44. #27 & 28
Do I get the real news? What do you consider real news - right wing websites that will never criticize Israel and always have to find some excuse for Israel's deadly attacks? Where has it been "proven" that Qana was a staged event by Hizbollah? While some pictures may have been doctored that does not negate the fact that Israel has destroyed many parts of Lebanon and its infrastructure. I'm glad that you in Kentucky can tell those people suffering in Lebanon - oh it's not that bad, cuz the damage isn't that extensive. Tell that to someone who has lost their house, loved ones, and entire livelihood. I'm sure your real news sources tell you that Arabs are nothing more than barbaric murderers, who just want to kill everything and anything that moves. However, I dare you to take a trip over to Palestine or over to Lebanon and see how friendly these people actually are. I'm not gonna deny there are many extremists, but most people are simply kind and peace-loving people. So, if you actually do ever take a trip over there and get to know Arabs then you can maybe stop relying on your "real" news sources and start relying on reality.
45. #1 Why?
Ophrah ,   EC   (08.07.06)
How come the Israeli media always mentions the hardships of Israelis and never the Lebanese? I will tell you why, nobody else does.....!!! Qana anyway was Palliwood... The photographer of the pics was caught photoshopping and his green helmet friend is showing up in all kinds of situation all over Lebanon.
46. #1 & 4
cdawg ,   boston MA   (08.07.06)
Here's the difference between Israeli children dying and Lebanese/Palestinian children dying. The Arab terrorists are aiming to kill Israeli children. While at the same time the Israeli's are aiming to kill the Arab terrorists, while the Arab terrorists are HIDING behind the Arab children. Therefor, in my very educated opinion, it is the Arab terrorists that are responsible for 100% of the children's deaths in that war strewn land. See the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line. In the past when the terrorists threw some women and children in-between those points the US and Israel and most other anti terror states would go in a circle in order to not harm them, but this time the stakes are too high, and it is becoming clearer and clearer to the world that the responsibility of the deaths lies with those that attack and hide behind Women & Children , not those that defend themselves and have collateral damage in the process.
47. What kind of world do we all want to live in?
nina ,   united states   (08.07.06)
I am appalled by the hateful things some people have said here, but I would ask one question: irrespective of what you think of Israel, does any one of you REALLY want to live in a world in which the likes of Hezbollah and Hamas make the rules? Think very hard before answering. Think about what you would really be embracing and what you would be giving up. Remember that Hamas and Hezbollah are not just in the Middle East; their tentacles are speading throughout the world. Think about the freedoms you take for granted, the future of yourselves and your children. Listen to what these groups actually say, not what you think they are saying. Look at what they do, not what the media tells you they don't do. Look at what their stated goals are. Then answer.
Mike ,   Israel   (08.07.06)
ww2 the french raised the white flag and waited to be libarated. then you go on in saying "i dont hate jews" your simply a Quebecoi moron you bring shame on your country men and shame to the men that are fighting in Afginstan.
49. #40, I am a pacifist, are you imagining things?
Zack ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
I am a pacifist but I don't support the poeple who kill children and innocent civilians. The people such as Peretz, Olmert, Bush, Blair, should all pay for their crimes. I also never said that Lebanese children are more valuable than Israeli children. I asked if the Israeli children were more valuable than Lebanese and Arab children. I don't support the killing of any child, unlike the Israeli Gov't.
50. Mike the Moron..what ever brought France into this
Zack ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
Mike stop trying to change the topic, stop trying to cover the true face of your government. Me being French doesn't make a difference. So what if I'm French, Chinese, German, Arab, Italian. Is this some new sort of racial profiling? Am I supposed to not speak because of my heritage? It is obvious that you are an Idiot. There is a big difference between a French person and a French Canadian. French Canadians live in Canada not France, the've been here before the English. Even our dialects are even different. I would like to remind you about the resistance movement Dougall started. So the French didn't raise the white flag. We are Canadians before we are anything else. So don't try running away from the truth by randomly saying things about French people.
51. To #44
Judy C ,   Lexington KY USA   (08.07.06)
And what do you think Israelis are? They do not demonstrate nor do they celebrate the deaths of their enemies. It is what is. The reality is that extremists threaten the lives of all people who just want to live in peace. The IDF did not cross the border until they were provoked to do so. You are blaming the victim, not the bully. Think where the blame belongs. Who crossed over the border of a soverign nation and decided to murder and kidnap? Think this through. I am sorry for the destruction. I am sorry terrorists want to present such scenes of horror that they commit the attrocities themselves. Get rid of the terrorists and live in peace! Arab Israelis live in peace with their Jewish neighbors.
52. Mike #48 re Zack
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
He is so totally foolish it is beyond belief. He wants questions answered, and when you point him in the direction of answers, he doesn't bother reading them. Then he complains you didn't answer his questions. I've stopped reading any of his posts. I suggest the rest of us do the same. He's kind of like Noam Chomsky with 2% of the IQ points. All he wants is attention.
53. Must Read This
Lebanese   (08.07.06)
You know what ! I am just a normal family man with two kids and have nothing to do with this war! But I can not stand anymore watching you killing my innocent people, women and children! You changed me into a great Hizbollah supporter.. now I am enjoying watching your people dying even if they are Civilians and I am wishing that Hizbollah would kill more and more of you even civilians ! Why? Because you are shame for human being and I am sure God was sorry to bring you to this world. Leave us alone .. go back to were you came from this is not your lands !
54. Mike the Moron
Zack ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
Wow Zack your and Idiot should be Wow Zack YOU'RE an Idiot.
55. BS Meter..Where are your answers?
Zack ,   Canada   (08.07.06)
56. Im a fool (Zack)
Zack, Canada   (08.07.06)
Look, I am sorry, I have spoken like a complete idiot. I know that muslims are trouble, and please forgive me. I love Jews really Zack, Canada
57. To Zack & His Kind: One Question - Answer Provided
H ,   Jerusalem   (08.08.06)
Who is behind ALL the terrorism in the world today? Here's the answer:
58. #40 to #1 Zack I reiterate:
"Am I supposed to cry over this and not the children killed in Qana? Am I supposed to weep over these soldiers if they were getting ready to go into Lebanon to kill some more children?" I am quoting you directly, and I say to you, ONCE AGAIN, a person who can truly claim to be a pacifist who wants peace for all WOULD weep over ANYONE who is killed. If you truly and deeply abhor all this killing, then don't take sides. I agree that Mike's post about the French was a bit harsh, but you are definitely on the defensive here, and it is because the callousness of your first comment has revealed your bias and has not been able to convince others that you really want peace.
59. H in Jerusalem ... don't waste your breath on Zack
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.08.06)
he won't read anything he considers "propaganda," except for Hezbollah material that is. He loves peace, don't you know, and worries about little children not being able to go out and play with their dolls today. Well, some little children anyway, certainly not others. You can be sure he's nowhere to be heard from, bleating on about peace and little children, when suicide bombers blow up schoolbuses.
60. H's link to littlegreenfootballs
BS meter ,   Canada   (08.08.06)
there's no "www" in the URL. Zack will be too stupid and lazy to figure that out for himself...and Hezbollah won't issue a press release to inform him.
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