3 Israelis evicted from paradise
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.08.06, 15:26
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1. Do not travel to Fiji...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (08.08.06)
or anywhere else where Muslims have control like this. I hope this security person gets fired and that Fiji wakes up and realizes what the hell is going on.
2. No More Holidays
Ivor Bolakoff ,   Moscow   (08.08.06)
Right then.... if they don't want us, WE DON'T WANT THEM. No more of my dollars will be spent in Fiji. Plenty of better places to visit.
3. Hostile country
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (08.08.06)
Hey, come to the US. We have beautiful places and our people are friendly. The customs people can be a little cold, but they are fighting the same war Israel is fighting now. You are welcome here.
4. reactions expected
peter ,   Paris   (08.08.06)
Reactions like that are normal, so What do you expect? You government attack & kill innocent women & child, they caused millions of refugees. they are causing the death of their own people & young sons. Isrealis Zionists kicked out a whole nation out of its lands & they have been oppressing them since. they are biased & blindly supported by the US ( a country & stupid administration hated more & more every where). Isreali propaganda is backfiring on you and showing their arrogance. The world population is not dum any more, they have access to medias and watching the un-justice happening in the Middle East, etc etc. Therefore, based on the above, don't you expect the whole world to hate you? Aren't you expecting this hatred to be interpreted in the form of aggressions against your communities, symbols, as well as, Countries supporting you? Wake up and ask your government tochange their strategies before it is too late, for the sake of your future generations. Don't forget the history & don't forget that you are a minority
5. I know
Me ,   Everywhere   (08.08.06)
I had exactly the same experience at TA airport. Twice. Nobody wrote an article about it. And millions of Palestinians are experiencing even worse thing everyday on several checkpoints in the westbank. YNET doesn't mention them. cheers, me
6. Demand a formal diplomatic apology, now.
Tahl ,   Israel   (08.08.06)
One stupid Muslem officer has ruined the dream vacation of these youngsters, and thoroughly humiliated them. Fiji is supposed to be paradise, a detached getaway, and not another battlefield of politics. Anything less than a formal diplomatic apology would be unacceptable.
7. Makes you think..........
Zeus ,   Greece   (08.08.06)
so now those three ppl feel like how 4 million ppl feel in the west bank and gaza...humiliated. then you wonder why ppl adopt extreme ways to resist the occuption and humiliation they go under every day.........i love fiji
David ,   Nicosia   (08.08.06)
10. Hatred towards Jews
Ehud ,   Hiroshima, JAPAN   (08.08.06)
I hate Olmert, Peretz, and IDF... They are causing all this hatred towards jews in the world. Look at Australia, USA, Venezeulla, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, And now Fiji..... STOP WAR NOW!! stop these atrocities, meaning less killing of innocent people is destructive. STOP WAR NOW!
11. I agree with 2. Boycott FIJI
Mark ,   Washington, DC   (08.08.06)
I'd like to see a wholesale boycott of this place too. They don't deserve money from the free, rational world. Let it dry up like a prune.
12. leave hungry fiji island..come to california
ken ,   california   (08.08.06)
by the way what did you go to a hunger riden island to do when you can come to long beach city mansion and spend all the time you need.
13. #4 how are the rioters doing in France these days???
14. #4
alex ,   australia   (08.08.06)
We don't forget our history, thats why we fight, and unlike you(French) who want to forget their history and therefore lie
15. to 4
stephanie   (08.08.06)
don't forget the history? If you are talking about Zionist kicking out a whole nation, than I seriously believe you don't even know what history is. Get yourself a couple of books and start reading, lots to catch up with...
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.08.06)
Is the Fiji government planning to ban Jews, Christians and all supporters of Israel's human right to self-defense? The Palestinian Authority teach through their mosques, media, summer camps, and public education system, that murdering Jews is a religious obligation. Human bomb killers of Jewish innocents are revered and considered heroes by PA society. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise: The Palestinian Authority hailed as heroes the terrorists who brutally murdered defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother, Tali Hatuel, and four little daughters in Gush Katif in May 2004. Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims celebrate in the streets and pass out sweets whenever Jewish innocents, including children, are murdered by human bomb killers. Effigies of burning buses are features of PA school pageants and summer camps. Streets and soccer teams are named after suicide bombers. Adults and children train in terrorist training camps. Terrorists have been captured at Israeli checkpoints, posing as ambulance drivers, doctors and patients. Terrorists have hidden explosive suicide belts under gurneys carrying sick children and in the garments of pregnant women. Red Crescent ambulances transport terrorists, weapons and bombs. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..."
17. Payback's a bitch
David   (08.08.06)
18. fiji
Gabriel ,   Lakewood New Jersey   (08.08.06)
Is fiji going to fire these airport personel
19. fiji
ameritraders ,   New York   (08.08.06)
Please let me know when these guys are fired fropm their jobs if not then its official Policy in Fiji
20. Nice
John ,   Canada   (08.08.06)
Here you go. Some fairness in this world. This is what you get for mistreating civilians in Palestine. You purposely humilate 3 million palestinians daily for absolutly no reason, so you deserve the same. I loved the part where the guy said "I don't look like a terrorist" cause the truth is :YES, EVERY ISRAELI LOOKS IS A TERRORIST. you dont need to look like it .. your passport is an enough evidence to prove it.
21. That's HELL, not paradise, what's nice about:
Talula ,   Israel   (08.08.06)
1. Being evicted from an Island, for being Israeli 2. Muslims immigration officers with major attitudes. 3. Armed police locking you up in a cell 4. Not being able to make a phone call Doesn't sound like paradise to me. They are better off the hell out of there. Plenty more proper paradise, Jew friendly islands to visit.
22. Fiji is our next resort
Abdulla ,   Arabia   (08.08.06)
don't worry fiji....we are coming to you to spend millions of dollars on tourism and infrastructure. God have given us enough money... Thank you God for your blessings.
23. well done!!
ricardo   (08.08.06)
this is nothing in comparasion with the humilation you do daily to the palestinians
24. beautiful
shlomo zwirski ,   Australia   (08.08.06)
Now they know what Palestinians feel like every day. Bravo Fiji!
25. Bunch of Idiots if you think humilating them is right!
jaques ,   paris   (08.08.06)
What a bunch of idiots you are (esp #4) if you condone this type of justice. Humuliating tourists is not justice, it encourages the conflict to continue. Who knows if these tourists had any part in the poor treatment of Palestinians? Frankly it doesnt matter. Let the maltreaters be prosecuted. No need to drag others into it. To categorize them, or any, with a blanket sterotype is to feed into the stupidity that prolongs this conflict. Wake up!
mohummud ,   gaza   (08.08.06)
27. really!
Freeone   (08.08.06)
it seems what goes round comes round! its amazing how Israelis react when they taste some of their own medicine..its pretty bad.
28. France Still as anti-Jewish as ever
Daniel ,   Washington   (08.08.06)
Peter Peter Paris theatre had a history and couldn't read her. Since the days of Dreyfus (who was exonerated) and probably before France has never been a good place for Jews. Peter is one of the reasons why this is the case. He fails miserably to recognize history. I would give him a lesson but what a waste of breath. Enough to say that in one thing he is right. Jews should stop visiting places like Fiji and France. Jews world wide should boycott French products. France has become another Muslim nation and would rather surrender to terrorists than defend itself. They would rather accuse Jews with malicious slander than look at their own crimes. (Perhaps you should examine the incidents of the Cote D'Ivoir more carefully among other foreign incidents). Jews were willing to wait for aid once. What they got was a Vichy Government that sent thousands of French Jews to Death Camps. Fraance wouldn't defend itself. ( I think they were afraid Germany might bomb their art) They certainly wouldn't defend their Jewish population back then so I can understand why Peter thinks the way he does. I am glad PM Olmert has come out strong. He is right in his statements that having offered peace and unliateraly withdrawn from territory all Israel got was more bloodshed. Enough is enough! If millions of Lebanese have to die it is sad, necessary since the terrorists hide among the children. Lebanon was not treated like Dresden though it could have been and justifiably so. I therefore will buy American, British, Canadian, and Israeli goods. But frankly the only good export from France was chesse and wine and the Americans now have that beat.
29. It sounds like a palestinan person talking ?
palestine ,   palestine   (08.08.06)
It sounds like a palestinan person talking , what happend to this world are we going crazy---------------------------------think about it
30. To Tahl:
Gilad ,   TA   (08.08.06)
So be it..No Appology..!! Don't worry, be happy..
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