IDF officials: Maj. Gen. Adam must quit post after war
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 09.08.06, 01:25
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1. Poor Performance of MGen Adam
Charlie Abzug ,   Harrisonburg, VA,USA   (08.09.06)
If the General is doing a lousy job, then it is Halutz's RESPONSIBILITY to dismiss him. Georgie Patton promptly removed from their posts any subordinate commanders whose performance was not up to par. The responsibility of the Chief of Staff is principally to support the grunts - the actual combat troops who face the enemy in battle, NOT to his croney whom he stupidly appointed to a critical post.
2. who will dismiss halutz?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (08.09.06)
and peretz and olmert
3. Olmert & Peretz's half war
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.09.06)
They started weakly and slowly and now decide a month in to raise force levels. Will these two clowns be held accountable ?
4. Soon to be "Chairman or Director Adam"
Adam Adamati ,   Israel   (08.09.06)
Don't worry about this general, or any well-connected Israeli.... There always seem to be VERY highly paid jobs waiting for them... think Dov Weisglass. No experience in the industry; NIS 150,000 per month plus pension and expenses... Generals are on the same gravy train!
5. #1
Bill Pearlman ,   Chicago, USA   (08.09.06)
I couldn't agree more. I can't imagine Patton, Macarthur, or Stonewall Jackson running the war like this. I don't know whether it's because an air force general is chief of the IDF or the fault is with the politcal echelon but why the half hearted assaults on Hezbollah positions from the south. Why not a cut across the country from the panhandle and coming down from the north. Something that catches Hezbollah off guard instead of what they're doing. What Israel needs is a Phil Sheridan in charge up there. What they seem to have is a bunch of Fredenhalls.
6. that is the result of the ex-dictator Sharon !
7. Gen Adam is repenting..Halutz wants consiousless Generals..?
Observer ,   Canada   (08.09.06)
8. #7 Observer
Mike ,   Canada   (08.09.06)
could you please refer me to the statement on which you base your conclusion? Or were you watching Al-Manar again?
9. Replace him, and move on with the offensive
RA   (08.09.06)
Israel cant afford drama, theatrics, or w/e else they are doing right now. Do what must be done to win the war. That is priority one.
10. #7 What in the hell are you talking about you idiot?
RA   (08.09.06)
11. Removal of General
KIffKefff ,   New York ,USA   (08.09.06)
Removal of General Adam is so typicaly Israeli. That is , people not taking responsibility for their actions. It has not been a hidden secret that the Goverment of Israel and it's defense establishment have been waffling back on forth about what to do in lebanon. They look like a bunch of Gumbys. The military leadership takes orders from the political echelon.But, the political leadership takes no responsibility for the wishy washy approach to the war. So, they handle the people's angst of a month of rockets by firing the local commanding general. Makes sense , no? Rak B'yisrael! Only in Israel the land of Chelm.
12. emergency unity government
meni   (08.09.06)
needed, olmert and peretz and halutz need to go. halutz - why they spent 2 weeks simply fighting the war from the air; olmert why they spent 3 weeks trying to wish hizbollah away; peretz, just simply a man who shouldn't be there. replacement -- effie eitam for PM and let him pick the restf. no more being vegetarians in a carnivore world.
13. Add 1 more to the price of Olmert's Folly
Jay ,   Los Angeles   (08.09.06)
[repeated subject yet again] OK, so this guy ain't dead, but he's still another victim of this farce.
14. Litani river
jose ,   tx   (08.09.06)
In 1982 israel was received with flowers by the Lebanese shia. There was no Hezbollah at that time, but israel overstayed their welcome and that is what created Hezbollah. This time around, israel can get tanks to the Litani but not because of is because the supply lines will be to vulnerable to attacks from the rear and the flanks. Hezbollah fighters know how to use antitank weapons. It gets better, israel's offensive force (IOF), are running out of "old" targets......Before Hezbollah captured the IOF soldiers they dismantled a spy ring of druze, sunni and christians...then Hezbollah moved their equipment around so you just can't find it anymore...hence the civilian targets that you keep hitting..... One Free Advice....change your ways! More hatred and wholesale killing won't bring you peace!
15. the generals
jk ,   brooklyn   (08.09.06)
they are having the same issue in israela s we had in the usa the air force guy tihnks his boys can win it from the air and the groundhogs say no we need jarheads to do it and since the flyboy is in overall charge he gets to make the call but the bottom line is they are all wrong with out the ground troops they cant root out the evil and they also need air support .. they wont get anywhere if they try to run an american style war
16. I remember
Nomi   (08.09.06)
the day his father was killed, on the Beaufort, I think. Such outpouring of mourning, etc. At the same time a young soldier was killed at the same place . He hardly got a mention, and I grieved for the the young man, not the older one. The older one had had a life, the younger one hadn't and never would.I felt sorry for the young child of the famous father , who would forever live in his shadow...trying to live up to an impossible dream...How we extravagantly idolize certain heroes and continue the dream even when theyre no longer with us and it leads to wrong decisions and wrecked lives quite often, for those left behind. We see it all the time, even now, in so many families...
17. To #2
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.09.06)
After this is over hopefully there will be a real commission and they will recommend a trail of the three stooges. When sharon appointed halutz to chief of staff,it was another tragic mistake of his.History will try the sharon prime ministry and erase what he did in his military career.
18. General must quit? Is this about war or ego?
David ,   Karmeil   (08.09.06)
All through history commanders have been changed. Major General Kaplinsky is aa experience general with knowledge of the area. The most import thing at this stage is to beat this murderous enemy and not to cause dissent in the General Staff. This s a war about saving Israeli lives not about the egos of generals.
19. To # 12, Meni
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (08.09.06)
You will be pleasantly surprised in due time, when you realize the true effects of Israel's air campaign. Their strategic planning was daring and ingenius. Hizbullah is not thinking about the war in "soundbytes". They have had YEARS to put in place what they have. It seems the public is accustomed to instant wars nowadays, but it is not so. Israel's Air Force has-and is-methodically denying them movement, supplies, arms. It is due to Israel's decision that there are still telecommunications in Lebanon-When Israel decides, it can take out the ability to talk on the phone within a few hours=no command and control. Hizbullah is living from what it has "on hand" right now, with nothing coming in. Iran and Syria are willing but unable to send anything to Hizbullah in Lebanon. THEN, Israel can concentrate on the actual Hizbullah guys in the fighting areas, and pick them off by air and by ground forces. Remember that there is an option Israel has not exercised yet-carpet bombing of a ribbon of land about 10 miles above the border.
20. Halutz == Halash
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.09.06)
Time for Mr. FlyBoy to parachute into the Kadima party. That's where his heart is, his brain pressed the ejector button long ago.
21. #18
Zip   (08.09.06)
Youre right, BUT you must have noticed, as you seem intelligent, that its once again, AS ALWAYS, our LOYAL friend the MEDIA making all this stupid fuss. MEDIA =NEWSPAPERS, READER TALKBACKS, TV RADIO. Our guys in the army, who are the ONLY ones that count (and not our reporters etc with their inflated sense of self importance) don't even comment., as they couldn't care less. Leave it to the media guys and dolls to undermine us all. It works everytime because we're stupid. Wait for the 5 p.m. tv programmes every day to undermine the country.They pounce on everything that takes place during the day that's likely to undermine our morale, and from 5 p.m. onwards tilllate p.m. that's their time to get their show on the road. Switch to fawlty towers, or mrs. bucket, anything except that crowd.theones with the troops up north are the worst "What! you left South Africa to come HERE?" chokes our loyal guy stuck up there every day...
22. to Ibrahim, #12
Visitor ,   from Palestine   (08.09.06)
your comment are not that bad, but you are missing the point. Each sortie, each bomb each shot ist costing the israeli society a lot of money the don't have. Each bomb - that the Hesballah absorbs - means "one settlement house missing" in palestine in the future. Each IDF soldier killed by Hesbolla (and the have arms for years to come) means a spark of hope for supressed arabs all around the area. Now, where it's clear that all Israel ever will continue to do - is death and destruction, the people in wealthy arab nations cannot deny the fact that they will be respectless bombed by USA or Israel if they won't be happy slaves anymore. On "carpet bombing". Israel has no capacity to "carpet bomb" anything. Only the U.S. has - by their old B-52 and their new B-1B. All what Israel can do - and it does already from day #2 - is to "burn down" stripes of land by exploding cluster munitions, they use the infamous CBU-87 in large quantities. By destroying roads, bridges and villages, they "deny mobility to themselves" in the first place. They create a rugged territory which helps the defendands. What is the point of destroying all roads and bridges to the litani - if I want to go there afterwards with my tank brigades - this is really stupid. Remember how real armies alwas race to use bridges and roads in order to fulfill their objectives - before the *enemy* destroys them. It looks like Israel did not work towards the mental capability of their soldiers to sustain against a real enemy - by concentrating on military toys of immense and useless firepower. Regards Visitor
23. to #22, the B1-B cannot be used for carpet bombing
it doesn't carry enough bombs...
24. Palestinians on here keep cheering for the Lebanese-WHY???
Catherine ,   Detriot, Michigan   (08.09.06)
Does it not bother you that Palestinians live in concentration camps in Lebanon? Why align yourselves with people that treat other Palestinians like garbage. This makes no sense to me.
25. More Arabs than Jews on YNET lately
Christopher ,   UK   (08.09.06)
26. Dismiss Halutz next
Jenny   (08.09.06)
27. Adam
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (08.09.06)
I support Adam. It's just an instinctive feeling that tells me Adam is the right man and Kaplinsky isn't. Uri Adam for Chief of Staff!
28. to #23, B-1B vs. B52
Visitor ,   from Palestine   (08.09.06)
According to fas & wiki, B-52 carries 51 MK-82, while B-1B manages to carry 84 of them, making it a more potent "carpet bomber". Regards Visitor
29. Remove him at once
Yakov ,   Haifa   (08.09.06)
He was appointed because he he supported Sharons family. He also has a lot of relatives in the oligarhy. He must be removed at once.
30. to # 19, Ibrahim, Saoudi Arabis
female ,   Tel Aviv   (08.09.06)
I'm impressed....maybe you can replace Halutz!! ;) Good talkback, makes sense
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